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Thank you for your comments

This is a short post to say, very simply, thank you. I've had a chance to catch up on your comments this morning and I am really grateful to so many of you for taking the time to get in touch.

Having set out proposals which included closing some much-loved services, I am not surprised that some of our plans have provoked a strong reaction. From what I've read, I don't see there's much I can add to what I've said previously about specific proposals linked to 6 Music or the Asian Network or what my colleagues Tim Davie and John Tate have posted over the week.

But I would like to reinforce a few points about the overall strategy - as I think it's really important people do not lose sight of the fact that our plans are about safeguarding the future of the whole BBC. Because the BBC's contribution to UK culture and society is bigger than the sum of its parts.

As a public institution we have a very clear public mission which we must fulfil to justify our existence. For us to be confident and ambitious into the digital future, we must be consistent in delivering that mission. And after a very comprehensive piece of work, I am convinced we need to make some changes to how we operate to guarantee consistency in the future.

Whilst I believe our proposals are right, it is also absolutely right that the people who own and pay for the BBC get their say before final decisions are made.

Now is your opportunity to get involved. The BBC Trust - our governing body - wants your input so they can take it into account when judging our proposals. We will forward your comments to the Trust, but if you really want to be heard you should also visit their site and complete the consultation.

As I said in my post on Tuesday:

"My ambition is for us to become more confident and proud of the fact that we exist to be different. Our purpose is not to make money, it is to enrich people's lives by capturing the essence of Britain today and making sure everyone can access excellence in programmes and content whoever they are."

And my ambition is for the whole BBC to be held up as meeting this vision, not just bits of it. The proposals I set out on Tuesday are just the start of an exciting new chapter for the BBC.

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