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All about the BBC's new trial with Spotify

Karolina Joynathsing

Business Development, Digital Music

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As Spotify announces a partnership with the BBC, Karolina Joynathsing, Business Development, Digital Music, explains the details.

We’ve been experimenting with different ways of reaching international audiences with BBC radio output for a while now – whether it's through our own brands like the BBC World Service or through licensing our content overseas to third parties.

The latest example of this is a new trial with Spotify that will let users of the streaming service outside of the UK listen to a range of BBC speech radio programmes.

For a year-long period, overseas Spotify users will be able to listen to around 50 speech-only podcasts from BBC stations. These programmes are already freely available in the UK, so we’re running this trial only for overseas users. This means we can generate income for the BBC to reinvest in programmes for licence fee payers as well as reaching new audiences across the globe.

We do already offer our podcasts internationally through arrangements with third parties – like iTunes, Audioboo and Soundcloud – but this trial will allow us to test the commercial market for BBC audio in digital services overseas and will help inform our future activity.

Our colleagues in BBC Worldwide and BBC Global News Ltd are also partnering with Spotify to licence video content, enabling even more people around the world to access our great content on the platform of their choice.

You can read more on the Spotify press site.

Karolina Joynathsing, Business Development, Digital Music

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