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BBC Radio 3 Controller Alan Davey speaks at the Association of British Orchestras Conference 2015

Jon Jacob

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Alan Davey is the Controller of BBC Radio 3.

Last night, in his first speech since taking up the role, Alan spoke to the people from the classical music industry at the annual Association of British Orchestras Conference at Sage Gateshead.

The speech is available on the Media Centre website. We've published an excerpt below. 

"Classical music – or indeed maybe we should describe it as serious, interesting, life-changing and complex music – as well as culture and ideas, are what the Radio 3 family is about. Doing in spades what we set out to do at my previous organisation, the Arts Council:

  • Creating great art and culture and putting it within the reach of everyone;
  • Doing so with a quality and care that does not discriminate and treat anyone as second class or entitled to less;
  • Through high-quality crafted broadcast sound, say to people that these great treasures are for you and here’s a way in for you;
  • Never dumbing down but providing everyone with the means to understand great music and culture for what it is;
  • Not just giving the audience what we think they want, but earning the right to be a trusted guide to new things and to do so in a spirit of generous authority;
  • Having an informal, but informed tone that wears its knowledge lightly;
  • That always has in mind the thrill of discovery and remembers the joy of hearing a great piece for the first time;
  • Ensuring as Helen Boaden mentioned yesterday that we continue to take creative risks and our talented Performing Groups are a major part of that, not least through their some 60 premieres a year – a major part of the BBC’s Music commitment.

That’s our mission and we need to use all our resources in whatever way we can to realise this in live performances, broadcast and online. That’s a powerful set of things to have at our disposal."

You can read the full speech on the BBC Media Centre website


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