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BBC Performing Arts Fund: Music Fellowship Scheme

Miriam O’Keeffe

Ever wondered how somebody becomes an opera conductor or who writes music for brass bands? 

Today the BBC Performing Arts Fund announced that it will be supporting 19 Music Fellows across the UK to work with a range of organisations to develop their careers.  Each Fellowship is worth £10,000.

One of the Fellowships is awarded to James Ham who will be working with Birmingham Royal Ballet as an assistant conductor. Birmingham Royal Ballet nominated James as they felt he was at the right time to receive bespoke training and support in order to develop his career.  Following an online application process and an interview, the Fund decided to offer funding to support him whilst he receives this invaluable training for his future career. 

The money raised through the phone voting on The Voice is being used to give these grants that will encourage and support the next generation of musicians, composers, conductors, songwriters and programmers. They will work with some of the most well respected arts and music organisations to receive mentoring, performance opportunities and commissions.

The Fellowships range from a singer working with Urban Development in East London to an assistant conductor with English Touring Opera; from folk to pop; from Belfast to Exeter and all across the UK.

This year the Fund will turn its attention to theatre, having funded music in 2012 and dance in 2011.  New community and fellowship schemes will be announced in March.  For more information, please see the Performing Arts Fund website.


Miriam O'Keeffe is Director, BBC Performing Arts Fund


More information about winners in the BBC Performing Arts Fund Music Fellowship Scheme can be found on the Media Centre website

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