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Some thoughts ahead of the RAJARs


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  • Comment number 32. Posted by mistral

    29 May 2018 11:48
    31 Whyclosethearchersblog.
    I think the reception and clarity of sound is better on DAB too. Even tiny radios are better than the old 'tinny' sound from transistor radios. I am a fan of many things, Whyclosethearchersblog, Dab radios are one of them. I can listen to all my favourite programmes, even though I cannot comment about them on a dedicated blog.
  • Comment number 31. Posted by Whyclosethearchersblog

    29 May 2018 8:37
    Mistral and Bloglessarcherfan
    Thank you for your suggestion, I will bear that in mind when I am forced to use DAB
  • Comment number 30. Posted by mistral

    28 May 2018 23:50
    26 and 27 Bloglessarchersfan and Whyclosethearchersblog. I was going to suggest a solar powered radio too. I have a really excellent little freestanding DAB radio, solar, but the rechargable battery can also be plugged into the mains if neccessary. It is made by a company with the same name as Mr. Snell's christian name. Good R3 reception too.
  • Comment number 29. Posted by mistral

    28 May 2018 23:41
    I love DAB . Dab di dab di dab di dab, dab di dab di do dah etc.
  • Comment number 28. Posted by Bloglessarchersfan

    28 May 2018 20:00
    DAB: and when there wasn't enough sunshine you could wind it up
  • Comment number 27. Posted by Bloglessarchersfan

    28 May 2018 19:56
    I suppose DAB would work with a wind up radio. I had, until more recently a solar radio
  • Comment number 26. Posted by Whyclosethearchersblog

    28 May 2018 17:28
    Bolgless archerfan 25
    That would be good, but I don't think they produce a wind up version yet. I do try to limit my use of the worlds limited resources.
  • Comment number 25. Posted by Bloglessarchersfan

    28 May 2018 14:44
    Whyclosethearchersblog 24
    The DAB system seems to work in Norway. Perhaps the BBC will pay for replacement radios ?!
  • Comment number 24. Posted by Whyclosethearchersblog

    26 May 2018 7:54
    I am disappointed at the BBC's continued push towards DAB. I hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime .as a pensioner I would find it difficult to replace my radios
  • Comment number 23. Posted by Whyclosethearchersblog

    25 May 2018 12:37
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