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Louisa Compton

Editor, Newsbeat

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News and current affairs is an important part of BBC Radio 1's Service Licence (issued by the BBC Trust). The latest addition to Radio 1's news output - the new Newsbeat app reflects this. Here, Louisa Compton, Editor of Radio 1's Newsbeat introduces the new app.

This week we launch the new Newsbeat app for android mobiles and iphones. It's a key part of our drive to make Newsbeat more social and mobile focused.

Over half of 16-24 year olds say that smartphone is their preferred device to look at news websites or apps* and over the last year we've made huge strides in improving our digital offering. Around ten million people listen to us each week on Radio 1/1Xtra and we now reach millions of extra people a week online.

So what can you expect from the Newsbeat app?

A truly mobile experience, our app makes it easier to experience the full breadth of Newsbeat's content. Swipe quickly from story to story, navigate by using interactive cards that tilt and wobble under your fingertips. Enjoy slick visual effects on text and images. If you're really interested in one particular topic - anything from Star Wars to gay marriage to One Direction - you can browse all of our coverage by hitting the tags at the bottom of every page.

You can share stories at the touch a button, to any social network you already use on your phone: Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and many more. And when you do press share, you'll automatically get a great picture and a headline that makes sense, within your post.

Newsbeat is aimed at 16-24 year olds and our online offering will focus on these main areas:

  • deliver the best of our original journalism
  • entertainment news
  • social trends and big interviews
  • stories you really care about

Our relationship with you is key - you tell us what stories you want us to cover, and we listen to you. Stories are arranged in categories including latest, most popular, music, entertainment, tech, sport and - "you what?" - random stories that may take you by surprise.

We won't just be writing text articles. Video is key. We know you are increasingly watching videos on your mobiles and tablets and longer films at home later in the day. We are beginning to make some fantastic films and short-form documentaries and I hope you check them out on our new site as well as our YouTube channel. From our regular "sex or chocolate" feature to short form documentaries on drag kings or Generation Rent. We also do fantastic explainers on subjects like why we cry or how to get the best out of revision.

All the day's stories are automatically stored offline, so you can read them on the tube, or on the move without eating into your mobile data plan.We've also tailored our storytelling for mobile screens. The app takes the trending stories from social media and puts them in front of you directly, in the form of embedded tweets, Instagrams, YouTube videos or Soundcloud clips, contextualised with our commentary. It's a first for BBC News.

Don't worry if your phone doesn't run Android or iOS: our responsive website is designed to work beautifully on any device. I hope you like the app - we'll continue to improve it and listen to your feedback. Do download it for free and tell us what you think.

*Source: Ofcom Adults' media use and attitudes 2015

Louisa Compton is Editor of Newsbeat

  • Download the Radio 1 Newsbeat app for free from the Apple and Android app store
  • Newsbeat is also available online and is broadcast on Radio 1 at 12.45pm and 17.45pm daily.

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