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John Millner

Executive Producer, BBC Knowledge & Learning, Executive Producer, BBC Knowledge & Learning

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  1. Why has Bitesize changed?

    New school term, new BBC Bitesize. John Millner explains how the educational website has been refreshed in light of the new National Curriculum.

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  2. Digestible BBC Bitesize on the go

    John Millner introduces new innovations to BBC Bitesize, integrated into the Knowledge & Learning Beta site.

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  3. Learning and the BBC

    Why does the BBC, a broadcaster, involve itself in education? It's worth asking this question firstly because the answer isn't entirely obvious, and secondly because for those who need to market their product in the education sector, the presence of the publicly-funded BBC is controversial, to sa...

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  4. The pull of the North

    I'm a Londoner. I was born and schooled here, my whole family live here, I know it like my hand. As the song says, I love London town. Its diversity, its cultural richness, its size, speed and buzz, all make it a wonderful place to live. So why will I be going North when my job relocates to Sal...

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  5. Bitesize and GCSE results

    It's GCSE results week, and for 700,000 16-year olds in England, Wales and Northern Ireland it's a real rite of passage, marking the end of their statutory schooling, and a decisive milestone on the way to either continuing education or the world of work. Class of 2010 did better than any previou...

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