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Peter Salmon

Director, BBC Studios (formerly Director, England)

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  1. BBC Studios - thinking outside the box

    BBC Studios - thinking outside the box

    Peter Salmon visits Birmingham to look at what BBC Studios have achieved in 2015 and looks ahead to wha's in store for 2016.

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  2. Re-generating BBC Production

    Peter Salmon reports on his recent travels around the UK visiting the BBC's production centres.

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  3. Hard Hat Time: Building BBC Studios

    Peter Salmon looks back on a busy month and ahead to an exciting future for BBC Studios.

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  4. Salford, England and BBC Studios

    Peter Salmon reflects on his career at the BBC and explains his new role running BBC Studios.

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  5. Why Birmingham matters to the BBC

    Director of BBC England, Peter Salmon writes about how the BBC in Birmingham contributes to the city's economy.

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  6. Gearing up for Digital

    Gearing up for Digital

    Peter Salmon heralds the host of digital opportunities the BBC is developing.

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  7. Rocking in 2015

    Rocking in 2015

    Peter Salmon highlights what the BBC will be doing in the North West in 2015.

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  8. Looking for gems

    Peter Salmon considers the great things going on in Liverpool.

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  9. BBC in the North East

    Peter Salmon rounds up recent BBC achievements in the North East.

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  10. BBC Bristol at 80

    BBC Bristol opened 80 years ago. In this post we celebrate its achievements and highlight some of the exciting events taking place in the city to mark the occasion.

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  11. God and Mammon

    Peter Salmon reflects on the weekend's Grand Depart, a visit to the Liverpool Biennial and looks forward to a summer of sport. 

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  12. It's only a game

    You could be forgiven for thinking sport was a national obsession this summer.  Lucky then the bulk of the UK's coverage is produced by BBC teams based at our MediaCity home in the North for BBC Television, Radio 5 live and our BBC Sport website.

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  13. Eye on the Prize - North and South

    BBC North now becomes part of BBC England, which will be run from MediaCityUK in Salford. BBC England will work closely with BBC Bristol and BBC Birmingham to bring our collaborative approach to fresh challenges right across the country. Peter Salmon explains more. 

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  14. Northern drama surge

    Peter Salmon trumpets all the exciting drama productions coming out of BBC North, productions that have already gained accolades and others that are still in the making. 

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  15. Spirit of the North

    Peter Salmon previews highlights in BBC North's calendar in the coming weeks - starting with Comedy Week.

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  16. Learning lessons – The BBC in the North

    Peter Salmon shares some exciting projects coming up for BBC North.

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  17. BBC North - A Content Bubble

    Peter Salmon looks back on BBC North's productions for the festive season and looks forward to some highlights in 2014. 

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  18. Balancing a prosperous London with creative renewal in the North

    Peter Salmon reflects on the how BBC North is contributing to a sense of creative renewal and how its effects are being felt across the country. 

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  19. All your birthdays and Christmases: the latest from BBC North

    Peter Salmon celebrates two year in Salford and a myriad of productions in the North.

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  20. Winning events and audiences

    Peter Salmon details events that are bringing the BBC closer to its audience.

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