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Aaqil Ahmed

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  1. Commissioning BBC One's 'The Battle for Christianity'

    The Battle For Christianity (Tuesday 22 March, BBC One, 10.45pm) examines the reasons behind a rise in popularity in Christianity in the UK, in a documentary which shows how confident, assertive faith is replacing traditional churches in the UK. In this post, originally written for the Independe...

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  2. Why Songs of Praise is visiting the migrant camp in Calais

    Head of Religion and Ethics Aaqil Ahmed explains why the Songs of Praise team has visited the migrant camp known as 'The Jungle' in Calais.

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  3. A new Songs of Praise

    As we enter the 54th year of Songs of Praise - BBC One’s inspirational Christian music and features series - you will notice that the weekly Sunday afternoon series will look a little different. From Sunday 16th November, we are introducing some changes that I hope will excite and please viewers both old and new.

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  4. The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperor, the story behind the documentary

    Commissioning Editor for Religion and Head of Religion and Ethics, Aaqil Ahmed reveals the process behind making a documentary for BBC Two about the Ottoman Empire.

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  5. BBC RE:THINK 2012: What Does Britain Believe?

    The BBC's Head of Religion & Ethics, Aaqil Ahmed, introduces BBC RE:THINK 2012 festival.

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  6. Religious programming on the BBC this Easter

    Easter this year on the BBC is all about passion. It's the name of our two big highlights and it's a reflection as well of all the effort that has gone into making this Easter a stand out in the calendar for our listeners and viewers. The year before I started at the BBC, there had been so...

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  7. Songs of Praise at fifty - and the use of BC and AD

    This Sunday at 5.30pm on BBC One the 50th anniversary programme of Songs Of Praise, Songs Of Praise: 50th Birthday Celebration transmits. Fifty years in broadcasting is an incredible achievement. From humble beginnings broadcast from the Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Church in Cardiff on October 1 ...

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  8. Religious Programming this Easter

    This weekend was the first weekend that I managed to venture into my garden. And, as I write, the sun is still shining and it is past 5pm - which makes more than a pleasant change. I love this time of year, as it marks the end of winter (and let's face it, it's been a long and cold one) and usher...

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  9. Christmas on the BBC

    Tatiana Maslany and Andrew Buchan star as Mary and Joseph in Tony Jordan's adaptation of The Nativity for BBC One this Christmas. With less than a month to go before Christmas Day (where has this year gone?), the first week of December has certainly blustered in with what can only be describe...

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  10. The Pope's Visit 2010

    On the morning of 28 May 1982, an Alitalia 727 aircraft touched down at London Gatwick airport. Minutes later Pope John Paul II knelt down and kissed the tarmac. What followed was an historic and demanding six-day tour of the UK that gripped the nation, and dominated the news both in the UK and...

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  11. Religious programming on the BBC over Easter

    It's been a little over eight months since I rejoined the BBC to be the Head of Religion and Ethics and Commissioning Editor for Television and my first Easter is fast approaching. Last year we got some criticism for our Easter coverage and, as I have already stated, I don't think the BBC got t...

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  12. Religion on the BBC

    On Wednesday this week, the Church Of England's Synod will debate a motion tabled by Nigel Holmes on the issue of religious broadcasting on television. The motion says coverage that was, "once exemplary, now marginalises the few such programmes which remain" and "completely ignored the Christian ...

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