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First Click Friends - getting everybody online

First Click

Earlier today I gave a speech at the National Digital Conference to an audience of around one thousand 'digital champions'. It's been an inspiring day to celebrate the launch of a network of 'digital champions' - anyone encouraging family and friends to use the internet. I announced the launch of the next phase of the BBC's own First Click campaign to build on the successes of the last, and talked about future collaborations to broaden digital inclusion. My speech began:

I'm delighted to be joining Martha, Paula and all of you today to celebrate the launch of the digital champions' network and the next phase of the BBC's First Click campaign. At the BBC, we began trying to introduce the British public to the potential of digital technology back in the early 80s with the BBC Micro...

Read the rest of the speech on the BBC Press Office web site.

Mark Thompson is Director General of the BBC


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