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BBC Internet Blog - why it's important for the internet to remain neutral

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Laura Murray Laura Murray | 11:51 UK time, Tuesday, 19 October 2010

 "There have already been a couple of incidents where access to BBC iPlayer was seriously restricted at certain times of the day. But this is broader than the BBC safeguarding online access to the public services we provide. Along with many other organisations, we recognise the benefits and endless possibilities that come from everyone being connected - sites like theyworkforyou, Mumsnet, and Audioboo have become highly valued democratic and social tools for so many people, while others like Facebook, youTube and Skype have become essential parts of our everyday lives - all having emerged as a result of the open internet. It's exactly these sorts of services that inspire people to go online in the first place, something which we try to help people with through BBC websites such as /connect and initiatives such as 'First Click' - our recently-launched media literacy campaign".

Erik Huggers, Director of BBC Future Media & Technology has blogged today about internet neutrality. You can read the blog post in full and make comments on the BBC Internet Blog

Read Martin Wilson's blog about BBC First Click and Bequi Sheehan's blog about what Radio 2 are doing to encourage us to get online.

Laura Murray is Editor of the About the BBC blog

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