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The future of the England football team

Jo Tongue

606 editor

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When I last sat down in the 5 live studios with Glenn Hoddle we were talking about the role of the number ten for Glenn's Top Ten Number Tens programme.

While discussing the number ten role we found a distinct lack English names cropping up- especially current English players. The Premier League has them a plenty - Mata, Silva, Bale, Corzola, Coutinho - but none of those are English. So even though we watch creative players every week, when international week comes round, they all disappear.

What interested me most was Glenn talking about how he was coached and how he wanted our young players to be coached. He kept speaking about walls. Who remembers kicking the ball against the wall all evening after school? We had a path down the side of our house and would kick the ball against the kitchen wall over and over; trying to hit an exact spot, left foot right foot, left foot right foot. Glenn said at Spurs the first hour of training was against a wall. Tell me one team where that happens now. I'd love to see it.

Glenn's passion for England, English players and their progress was so evident in that chat that it was obvious we needed a programme to explore it. So on Monday at midday we will sit down to discuss The Future of The England Football Team. 

The programme comes at a time when we are looking at our game under an increased spotlight. It follows a weekend which sees an all-German Champions League Final. In the Bundesliga, homegrown players make up over 60%. That's the same percentage as in Spain's La Liga - the national league of the current World Cup and European Champions Spain. In England it's around half that. Is this the real problem with the England national team? It's just one of the issues we will discuss on the programme. 

As Editor of 606 I see so many calls from England fans bemoaning the perceived lack of passion from players in their country's shirt. Glenn completely disagrees with this and thinks the problems lie in improving the culture, the technique and the quality of the side rather than the passion of the players themselves. 

You can interact with the show by texting 85058 or tweeting along using @bbc5live. We look forward to hearing from you the listeners about where you see the problems with the England national side lie and what solutions you can offer.

You can listen to The Future of England Football by clicking here until Monday 3 June

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