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Hunters: What the Must Watch reviewers think

Every week, the Must Watch podcasters review the biggest TV and streaming shows alongside 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake.

This week, Hayley Campbell and Scott Bryan share their thoughts on Hunters. Amazon Prime Video's drama about Nazi Hunters in New York in the 1970s.

It's available from Friday 21 February on Amazon Prime Video.

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Hayley says: "Hunters is not as clever as it thinks it is"

"I thought this was much like the TV show Watchmen, where they’re using a real-life event to justify the formation of a group of vigilantes, and they’re also trying to make it a puzzle-box of references to itself. However Hunters is not as clever as Watchmen, and certainly not as clever as it thinks it is.

"I just couldn’t get past the fact that all the information about the US and the Nazis in the 70s felt really surface level and cartoonish and scenes that other better shows send up for laughs are done earnestly.

"If the same idea was done by the Coen brothers, it could have been done well, but this feels like it’s been done by fans of the Coen brothers and Quentin Tarantino so it’s just imitations of things that are already imitations of things... Hunters is just a bad photocopy of other photocopies.’’

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Scott says: "We cannot risk such history being distorted"

"It says from the start that it’s inspired by a true story, obviously like most TV shows this is based in their own heads and not based much on fact, but the blurriness between what is actually factual and what is fictional gets increasingly more troubling.

"It starts talking about friendships between people who are Jewish and have had relatives die in the concentration camps, and we then see flashbacks to the concentration camps and scenes which are purposely disturbing.

"There’s one scene where they’re playing a game of chess with people who are in the concentration camp, so they’re essentially pawns in this real-life game. There’s also a singing competition but there are tragic consequences if you leave the competition.

"These scenes are troubling because as a viewer you don’t know if these things actually happened or not. I had to do some deep research to see if these events occurred. I think that’s important, especially in light of us discussing Holocaust Memorial Day on the show recently, that we remember exactly what happened. We cannot risk such history being distorted.”

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Hunters is available from Friday 21 February on Amazon Prime Video.

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