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Hometown: A Killing - What the Must Watch reviewers think

Must Watch reviewers Scott Bryan and Hayley Campbell share their thoughts on Hometown: A Killing, which is on BBC One, on Wednesday 19 June at 22:40 - and available on BBC Three's iPlayer channel.

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Scott says: "It's insightful... he's passionate about the subject and the people"

“It is about Huddersfield and how the community is being beset by problems in terms of violence, gun crime, shootings and other forms of criminality. This sort of investigates the reasons why.

“Mobeen Azhar goes in to speak on either side, some saying he was unlawfully killed by the police whilst others saying there was some form of criminality involved.

“It is a documentary that does really well on this subject if you have no idea about it. But, it is also quite insightful in terms of showing how a problem cannot be easily solved and how some things can take years and years, and also have a consequence on the wider community as well.

“I do like that fact he grew up in the area. He’s passionate about the subject and passionate about the people that live there. What I find with a lot of other documentaries is that you see somebody who has no connection to the issue whatsoever. They sort of just parachute in and say the word ‘why’ over and over.”

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Hayley says: "It felt more like a long drawn out crime podcast than a TV documentary"

“It is an interesting story to dig around in - the violence, the close proximity of the violence to people who are not involved.

“There was a bit where they were interviewing a little kid on the street who was explaining the drug system to the camera crew – which I just found astounding.

“In terms of how the documentary was put together – Mobeen Azhar moved away from the town when he was 18 and the first half an hour of it, is him still kind of proving that he is genuinely 'from the block'. There’s a lot of chatting with chicken shop owners, how he used to live next door, speaking to cab drivers. After a while, I started to think – 'I believe you’re from Huddersfield'.

“To me, it felt more like a long drawn out crime podcast than a TV documentary. There is so much that I would’ve trimmed if I’d had the chance.”

Hometown is on BBC One, on Wednesday, at 22:40- and available on BBC Three's iPlayer channel.

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