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Locke & Key: What the Must Watch reviewers think

Every week, the Must Watch podcasters Hayley Campbell and Scott Bryan review the biggest TV and streaming shows alongside 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake.

This week they share their thoughts on Locke & Key, the latest comic book series to be adapted by Netflix.

It's a coming-of-age mystery, available now.

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(Photo: Netflix)

Hayley: "It's different but feels completely familiar - I thought it was fun"

"This show is based on a massively popular comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. Joe Hill also wrote the TV show and it has a The Haunting of Hill House feel to it, which is definitely on purpose because I know Hill is a huge fan.

"Also in the way that it is shot, it has a lot of nods to The Shining, presumably because Stephen King is Joe Hill's dad. He kept that quiet for many many years, and didn’t want to use that last name because he wanted to be successful because of his own talent.

"It is an old kind of horror movie story, and I think it has its roots in classic stuff, but I think it is its own thing. The reason I loathe Stranger Things is it just takes everything you think you like from other films and re-shoots it with the same outfits and goes, 'here, there’s more of that thing you like,’ and it feels cynical and horrible, whereas this feels like horror movie fans getting together doing another haunted house story.

"I think that is different. While it is a haunted house story, the keys take you out of the house - it’s not just ghosts in the building.

"It's different but feels completely familiar because it hangs itself on all of these things. You see a big creepy mansion and you know what world we’re in, except there’s lots of different worlds within this one world. So it's trying to go to other places. I thought it was fun."

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Scott: "Nothing happened for half an hour"

"When I started to play it, I thought I had accidentally pressed play on another show, and that I was re-watching some content that I had already seen rather than a new show.

"A family turn up at a slightly creepy house, go into the creepy house, a young boy is very inquisitive and finds something in the house and everyone else is dismissive of the little boy’s findings and are like 'I’m not going to listen to you because you’re the littlest brother.’

"Nothing happened for half an hour, and when it did I was like 'Oh OK, that’s great there’s plot now!' It never really leads anywhere that was in anyway insightful or interesting or particularly different.

"It felt for me, even though I know it’s based on a graphic novel that’s beloved, on a story that’s beloved and a writer that’s involved that’s beloved, it still felt as if Netflix went ‘right, we like Stranger Things, tick! Right, Haunting of Hill House, tick! Those work well for those demographics, here’s a show that is a mesh of the two. Lovely!'

"Is it a Must Watch? For me, no."

(Photo: Netflix)

Lock & Key is now available on Netflix. 

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In this week's episode the team also review The Pale Horse on BBC One and Visible: Out on Television on Apple TV+. Plus they are joined by Denise Van Outen from The Masked Singer.

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