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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced for Octoberfest 2012 line-up

Fighting Talk at Septemberfest 2012 in Newcastle and Gateshead.


Octoberfest, 5 live’s free three-day festival of shows and off air events, is only a few weeks away now and we’re putting the finishing touches to the programme line ups.

One guest who’ll be joining us is Nick Clegg, who’ll take part in a special one-off show hosted by Shelagh Fogarty from 12pm on Friday 12 October. The Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for Sheffield Hallam, will face questions from 5 live listeners about the coalition government.

The debate is just one highlight of the festival, run in partnership with BBC Radio Sheffield, which will also feature many other 5 live programmes including 606, 5 live Breakfast, Fighting Talk, Richard Bacon and Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review.

There’ll also be off-air events too that anyone who can get to Sheffield will be able to come along and enjoy in the 5 live activity 'Igloo', which will be located in Tudor Square. On top of all that we’re also trying to break a world record for Children in Need (more details of this one will come in the next few days).

The shows will all take place in the Crucible and Lyceum Theatres and free tickets are available now.

Click here for full line up and ticket information.

Adrian Van-Klaveren is controller of BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra.


  • Comment number 1.

    I live in London, but could I please put in a serious bid for next year's Octoberfest (sic) to take place in Cardiff, or Glasgow, or Bristol, or Birmingham, or Exeter, or Norwich, or Ipswich, or Southampton? Anywhere but the North of England, because despite the powers that be claiming the north is ignored by the BBC, the rest of the country is downright forgotten.

    Amazing things go on in these places. Stereotypes exist which need to be broken by such attention the festival would bring. For goodness sake AVK please hear this and make a promise to the rest of the country. Edinburgh, Manchester and London get loads of attention, none more so than Manchester where it seems on some programmes everyone has a Manc accent and sometimes that's all they have to offer.

  • Comment number 2.

    The event details says:
    "Richard hosts his 5 live show live from Sheffield. Expect surprise special guests and some of the programme’s popular features including the Moan-In."
    I despair if the Moan actually 'popular'? That sort of trivial nonsense is one of the reasons I can't listen on a afternoon any more, so I've no idea who would want to see it live.

    I can understand having a live Fighting Talk, as an audience adds to the programme but I don't understand why is to be gained by having Breakfast in Sheffield.
    I listen to Breakfast to get up to date with the day's news and sport from supposed 'experts' and aren't remotely interested in the general public's view. I'd go down the pub if I wanted to hear that!

  • Comment number 3.

    What no programme from Sheffield presented by Victoria Derbyshire ? Couldn't you persuade her to make the journey to the north again, even though she is paid such a large salary ? Not that it bothers me that much,except for Rhod Sharp I gave up listening to this once great radio station months ago.I really can't abide 5live now and what why on earth the endorsement and promotion of the uneducated yob culture in the form of Robbie Savage continues everywhere you look or hear on the BBC is a question that needs addressing.I just hope that the recent remarks by the new Director General, George Entwistle, about the BBC ' can be doing better ' is specifically aimed at this
    poor excuse for a radio station and that at least some kind of standard of broadcasting or presenter is quickly raised and adhered too.

  • Comment number 4.

    My mistake .....I forgot to include the quite dreadful Colin Murray alongside my rant about RB.

  • Comment number 5.

    As the same rag-tag army of compromise, make-do and facilitate are marched up to the poor people of Sheffield in some kind of cheap PR/smell the regions policy...

    It might be better to spend the time addressing why VD is allowed to hide in London to read the Daily Mail aloud, why Anand & anyone who's ever had a child is in London still and why the studios are either empty or emanate end of the pier guff.

  • Comment number 6.

    Welcome2theMachine. You are being very unfair! Vicky's cover IS in the Salford studio. I just heard him say the immortal introduction: "have a listen to the people we are going to hear next from............" You couldn't make the argument for a compulsory script any better.

    I am waiting to hear whether there will be plans to come south of the Salford annexe, or north of it excluding where they have been before for Octoberfest.

  • Comment number 7.

    Wonderful. Another programme hosted (hoisted?) in front of a "live studio audience". Which means more garrulous yobbery from the presenters, ridiculous yah-boo comedic jeers for anyone who supports the wrong football team from the audience, and Colin Murray... again.

    But at least we'll get to see Richard Bacon die (metaphorically of course!) in public - always good for a laugh our Richard B.

    Why do Radio 5 (Live doncha know!?) insist on having these dreadful live audience broadcasts anyway? They bring nothing at all to the experience, and only drag the tone down even further.

  • Comment number 8.

    Rebelbrum ... well said. Add the tedious live from a coffee shop / wine bar overlooking he square when anything in Europe is on; let's go to a bar and speak to the sad sods who couldn[t get a ticket when Liverpool v either Manc team is on or the inevitable (as you say) Colin Murray proves what an idiot he is front of a live audience. Sad, tired radio station.


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