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The summer of sport continues

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Adrian Van-Klaveren Adrian Van-Klaveren | 11:09 UK time, Monday, 16 July 2012

Olympic stadium

Despite the best efforts of the weather, 5 live's biggest ever summer of sport is well underway.

We've already had some tremendous football at the Euros where we covered every game live; it was a wonderful Wimbledon fortnight culminating in Andy Murray's first Wimbledon final which gave us one of the most tense afternoons of radio you could listen to.

We also covered events at the British Grand Prix both on and off the track, there's the Open at Lytham still to come and then of course, after seven years of preparation, it'll be time for the Olympics and the Paralympics.

What I'd like to do here is to share the six goals we've set ourselves at 5 live for the Olympics, which will be such an important part of our output over the next few weeks.

1. World class commentary and presentation capturing all of the key moments from the Olympics and Paralympics with drama, authority and passion.

There've been some great moments of radio commentary from past Olympics; we want to add to the collection and give that sense of being there across all of our programmes.

After Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden at Breakfast we'll have a different schedule during the Olympics with Victoria Derbyshire and Mark Chapman presenting 10 till 2 and Peter Allen and Colin Murray between 2 and 6.30. Mark Pougatch will present all the evening's action followed by Tony Livesey's late night programme.

We've got expert summarisers in every sport we're covering as well as the some of the best commentators in the business.

For the Paralympics Shelagh Fogarty, John Inverdale, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Marc Woods will lead our coverage of all the key moments.

2. A brilliant service of updates, round-ups and signposting so no one can be in doubt about what's happened that day and what's coming up. Our audience research suggests this is something of huge importance to listeners - we'll work very hard to make sure you're never far away from knowing what's happened so far that day as well as news about what's coming up.

3. Reflecting the excitement and atmosphere of the Games from every part of the UK. We've tried to start building the atmosphere with programme such as Colin Murray's Gold Run and Dave Vitty's Kids Guide to the Olympics. 5 live Sport is offering previews and features, while throughout the Games we'll have people across the UK both at the venues and wherever people are gathered. We also want to give you a chance to have your say about what's happening during the Games - Breakfast and in particular Tony Livesey's late night programme will be the main places where we'll try to do this.

4. The best journalism about the Olympics - leading the way with whatever news stories the Games produce. We'll be ready to react to anything that happens and use the flexibility and immediacy of radio to tell you about it accurately and crisply. And of course there are bound to be other news stories during the Olympics - we'll be there to cover those as well with fuller news round-ups each lunchtime and early evening.

5. There are more different ways to hear, see and read about these Olympics than ever before. We'll use our own website and digital content to supplement what we offer. We want to make sure that across the BBC we offer the best possible service so we'll be working very closely with our colleagues on tv, online and in other parts of radio so that we share the best moments and you know all that's on offer, never missing a thing.

6. Making the most of our new digital station, 5 live Olympics Extra. It's a special "pop-up" service on digital radio and online on air from July 25. It'll offer extended commentary on key Olympic action and will give us the chance to offer a choice of listening to different events. The main events and moments from the Games will be on Radio 5 live with Olympics Extra offering another channel for another sport. It will be on air with live commentary from the morning until late whilst at other times it'll offer highlights from the past few hours.

So that's what we're trying to do. It's the biggest event 5 live has ever covered - a huge challenge but even more exciting.

Have we got the right goals? What are you hoping to hear, or not hear, during the Olympics?

I'd love your thoughts.


  • Comment number 1.

    What am I hoping to hear or not hear during the Olympics:

    -I'm not looking forward to hearing Colin Murray and his almost inevitable attempts to introduce his flippant style to serious sports broadcasting. Hopefully Peter Allen will help to keep the quality high. I am at least glad that Richard Bacon hasn't been included so he can be openly dismissive of sport like he was at Wimbledon.
    I hope Eleanor Oldroyd hasn't been excluded from presenting in favour of Murray.

    -I am looking forward to Alan Green and his excellent rowing commentary. I know some people don't like his style, but past Olympics have included some of the best moments in BBC Sport history.

    -I'll look forward to the return of Inverdale for the Paralympics. It's a shame he's not on FiveLive for the main event.

  • Comment number 2.

    Here's a thought....will there be any room for some actual and important news stories on 5live ( the NEWS and sports radio station ) during this Olympics overload and where exactly does the new and expensive Salford studios come into the equation ? Most of the programmes and presenters seem to be still broadcasting and stuck in London and the south east, hence the studio webcam being switched off sometimes during these periods.Why are certain well paid presenters excused the journey and do they have to bring a note to explain why ?

  • Comment number 3.

    I am becoming increasingly irritated by the quippy need of Rachel and Nicky to continually try to find fault with the Olympics preparations. Is it impossible to be positive?

    As far as the pop up "our new digital station 5 Live Olympics Extra", presumably this is 5 LSE so why confuse everything and everyone?

    I love Mark Chapman, he can do anything well.

    We know everyone will do a good job but stop talking the country and London 2012 down.

    I want to hear positives!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 4.

    Sorry have i missed it or something? Where is the list of Presenters, Commentators, Guests etc you will be using for the Olympics? I am assuming Alan Green will also be used for the Footy? What about Mike Ingham,John Murray etc.

    Carrie your comment "Is it impossible to be positive? " ahh the irony, certainly made me laugh.

    As for the BBC generally talking down the Olympics, i suppose being a public broadcaster, they have to be seen to be objective, regardless of being host broadcaster.

  • Comment number 5.

    To answer my own Question;

    Radio 5 live presenting team

    Opening and Closing Ceremonies

    John Murray


    Kriss Akabusi, Steve Backley, Darren Campbell, Mike Costello, Allison Curbishley, Sonja McLaughlan, Katharine Merry


    Fabulous Flournoy, Chris Mitchell


    Steve Bunce, Darren Fletcher


    Alistair Bruce-Ball, Martin Cross, Anna Hemmings


    Simon Brotherton, Matt Dawson, Rob Hayles


    Pippa Funnell, Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, John Hunt


    Ian Dennis, Dion Dublin, Mike Ingham, John Murray, Jen O’Neill


    Craig Heap, Alison Mitchell


    Mel Clewlow, Alistair Eykyn, Sean Kerly

    Modern Pentathlon

    Pippa Funnell, Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, John Hunt


    James Cracknell, Martin Crosse, Alan Green


    Juliette Ferrington, Pippa Wilson


    Bob Ballard, Steve Parry, Karen Pickering


    Jonathan Overend


    Iain Carter, Annabel Croft, Jonathan Overend,


    Alistair Bruce-Ball, James Cracknell

  • Comment number 6.

    Good work Fed.

    This morning's Breakfast was an endless attempt by Rachel (excuse me) Burden and Nicky, who tried to joke their way through everything Olympics, the Terminal 4 guy who was put up for them blindsided them because why should we all just allow the BBC to talk down everything? Well done to him. Lesley for once wasn't in Penge, and she couldn't find any new arrivals who wanted to say anything bad about any of the arrangements, London or the weather.

    Just try to be excited. Please.

    I can't wait to watch the Triathlon, the cycling and some of the Athletics, and what I want to hear is some jingoistic support for Team GB instead of someone trying to moan. Salford isn't the centre of the world you know.

    By the way, the cameras weren't working in the studio again this morning, is no-one there? Or is it my computer?

  • Comment number 7.

    Oh great, Colin Murray. What a way to ruin a great sporting event.

  • Comment number 8.

    Carrie - 5 Live Olympic Extra is a temporary station for the olympics. 5 Live Sports Extra will be used for the cricket.

    mistered5 - Eleanor Oldroyd is covering the Judo for Five Live and commentating on Modern Penthalon and Synchronised swimming for teleivison.

  • Comment number 9.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 10.

    It's just as well Mr.Van-Klaveren, that you declined to move to Salford. You can now control of all that is Olympics, in your inimitable style.https://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/sep/20/bbc-victoria-derbyshire-adrian-van-klaveren

    Reading your interview with Vicky, brings into sharp focus some of the criticism of the Salford white elephant..pot and kettle.

  • Comment number 11.

    Glad to hear on Vicky's programme this morning that other people are fed up of negativity too.

    Some of the sports are going to be difficult to follow on the radio. "He is holding the weights, he is crouching, he has lifted it! Well done. Now let's see how he gets on with the jerk."

    I also don't see why Table Tennis has been missed off this list, isn't Kate (ex-Livesey) commentating on that?

  • Comment number 12.

    Verily, the creator...of Double Take, Moan-In & Teen Tunes with VD is amongst us - briefly. So:

    No doubt the Olympics will treated by the station with the same professionalism and commitment as it is towards Salford; which this morning, from London, saw over five minutes of dead-air instead of William Hague - before anyone but listeners realised. Missed that?

    If the Olympics were in Salford (!) statistically VD would turn up once. Would it be okay for her to wing-it from London with all the delays, hesitations, lost links and confusion that characterises the programme? I wonder. Probably, yes.

    Will we, like Wimbledon, golf etc. get twenty seconds of mangled, repeatative McNugget news all day from someone who can barely read? Here, the answer's yes.

    And will there be the usual filler - a couple who've driven from Swindon in a Camper'van' to propose in the carpark - for example? The answer is absolutely yes.

    And before you go - will the idents, trails, puffs, cross promotions and boorish back-slapping leave anytime for sport? Oh....oh, you've gone. Until the Sonys, then

  • Comment number 13.

    A bit disingenuous of George to say at the time 2012 tickets went on sale he didn't know he would be there for the BBC! He should and would have known every man and woman (plus a few more) on the sports staff would be there.

  • Comment number 14.

    Excellent coverage of The Open today. I thought it was much better than the Wimbledon coverage which tried too hard to mix 'celebrity' interviews with sport.

    And who would have thought that using sports presenters, commentators and ex golf professionals would be better than a Radio 2 DJ!

  • Comment number 15.

    Agree with comment No. 1 re Murray and Bacon. Just wish Eleanor Oldroyd could be used more. She is top notch! And Carrie is right about the negative slant esp on Victoria's programme on which point I made an observation recently (on facebook) agreeing with a caller to her programme who was getting annoyed with the continual negativity


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