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Fighting Talk's Big Day Out: our most ambitious audience show yet

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Jonathan Wall Jonathan Wall | 15:45 UK time, Friday, 11 May 2012

Fighting Talk's Big Day Out

It’s now just two weeks until Fighting Talk, our award-winning, Colin Murray-hosted Saturday morning live panel show, travels to Stoke for our largest ever outside broadcast in front of an audience of thousands.

Sometimes we take Fighting Talk on the road to broadcast live in front of an audience. Our biggest shows so far have been in front of 1,700 people in Liverpool’s Empire Theatre (which you can watch here) and 900 people in the Sage Theatre in Gateshead.

On Saturday May 26th we go one step further: we’ll have a crowd in excess of 3,000 at Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium for what we think is the biggest audience ever for any UK radio panel show.

It’s certainly the most ambitious live audience show 5 live has ever done.

The main reason we’re doing this is feedback from the previous live shows. When I talked to the people who came to the show in Liverpool, they didn’t just like it, they loved it. More than that, they said it was something we had to do – to take shows on the road around the country and to have our presenters and our producers meeting our listeners face to face.

“You should do more things like this” was the constant message.

I’m not sure Colin Murray and the Fighting Talk team envisaged that the next step would be to take over an entire stand at a Premier League football ground; they haven’t really forgiven me for giving them sleepless nights as the big day approaches!

If it goes as well as we hope, we may turn Fighting Talk’s Big Day Out into an annual event for 5 live.

As well as the usual radio show, Nick Hancock will present a special Stoke celebrity version of the show. Ash and The Enemy are also on the bill providing the live music.

You can listen live to Fighting Talk’s Big Day Out on 5 live from 11am-12.15 on May 26th, and the Best of Fighting Talk’s Big Day Out 6pm-7pm on May 26th.

If you would like to be there in Stoke with us on the day or want more information click here.

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Jonathan Wall is 5 live's deputy controller.


  • Comment number 1.

    For many months, as you would undoubtably say:"Across all platforms (radio,TV & web) this commercial endeavour has been plugged; interupting matches, programmes and any small coherence that may accidently occur on the station; before, during and after MOTD etc. - eveywhere. And yet, despite what people have told you that you "Must do it" people are seemingly reluctant to pay to stand in a tenth full stadium and listen to a hackneyed script and the same old people deliver the same old schtick.

    It is entirely possible that people prefer this programme to many/all others, but you confuse that with it being outrageously popular. The (equivalent) millions in advertising revenue, time and resources would have better been spent on concentrating on the core problems at the station (which we will see again this coming week) rather than courting some obscure record or award - which no doubt again you'll ask Murray to give you a shout out for commissioning.

  • Comment number 2.

    I see nothing wrong in the BBC plugging a Radio Show across all their platforms, it would be a bit pointless of 5live to take a show on the road,which people are not aware of, i am pretty sure once the show is live, it will be at near capacity or at full capacity.

    This is they type of show that people want to see, to meet 5live staff face to face, to get to see shows and be actually part of them, is a fantastic concept, 5live should do more of this, not just with the likes of 606 and Fighting Talk, but also other shows.

  • Comment number 3.

    Did the BBC have to pay Stoke City to hire the ground?

    Did the BBC overestimate the interest?

    Fed are you serious: " This is they type of show that people want to see, to meet 5live staff face to face......"

    I liked it with Vaughan, and O'Connell, but I cannot bear Murray. Too full of himself.

    Oh well. It's only licence fees.

  • Comment number 4.

    Gone are the Days, where you could only enjoy Radio wirelessly, as Jonathan said the people who attended the previous Fighting Talk want more of these type of shows, i dont know why you find that so hard to accept, Carrie?

  • Comment number 5.

    Sure, have it in a theatre, but a football ground? Yes I can see the fun and point of live shows, but the 606 ones were half empty in the studio theatre, you could see it on the photos on the website. So having, as the blog says, a few more than 3000 in a ground that seats 27,000 seems a bit daft. And trying to flog the seats (which of course may miraculously happen) constantly on 5Live is pretty tedious listening.

  • Comment number 6.

    Agree with welome2 and Carrie; it does seem a bit pointless to have so few people in such a vast space. I'm sick of hearing about it all the time, a smaller venue would have been better for the audience and the show participants too otherwise it will be a huge PR flop if broadcasting in a virtually empty stadium.

  • Comment number 7.

    All very quiet about the (non) awards on here.

    Derbyshire and Nolan? Must only assume it is their turn this year. Can't be for anything to do with broadcasting.

  • Comment number 8.

    I enjoy Fighting Talk. It's the only Five Live show that suits Colin Murray's apparent need to be constantly flippant regardless of the subject.

    However; please, please, please stop playing these trailers constantly throughout the day. It must be the most played trailer in the history of Five Live.
    Surely anybody who wants to go has heard about it by now?

  • Comment number 9.

    Jackstumps - spot on!

  • Comment number 10.

    Stumps, your constant cynicism towards anything to do with 5live has convinced me you must be a talkSPORT mole, i bet you are bursting at the seams that your colleagues Keys and Gray have won!!!

  • Comment number 11.

    Contrast my observations Fed with your slavish brown nosing to everything that is BBC and you'll realise that I am actually quite a reasoned view.


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