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Colin Murray's Gold Run: Bradley Wiggins and James de Gale

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Colin Murray | 10:15 UK time, Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bradley Wiggins

''It's a great life and I have learnt to love it. I have learnt to embrace it. I have learnt to stop moaning about what it has given me.''

The words of Bradley Wiggins, during one of the first Gold Run interviews conducted on our travels, and this Sunday - after what seems like a lifetime - it will finally see the light of radio.

It's one of those lines that, when he said it, I knew that I was getting a brutally honest answer from a man who put no time constraints on me. This despite the fact that he’s training or competing during almost every waking hour in the run up to the Tour De France, London 2012 and other gruelling competitions.

His generosity was mirrored by all of those - however many it turns out to be - who agreed to take part in the project.

Hearing over 100 living Great British Gold Medallists tell us all that it was great to win gold wouldn’t exactly make for a good listening, but on the entire journey not once did I think we were getting autopilot answers.

Instead, everyone I have met so far has opened up to the programme, investing in the project beyond what we ever anticipated: travelling from one end of the nation to the other, giving up entire mornings or afternoons (sometimes days), allowing me into private environments and telling me the honest to goodness truth about their experiences.

They have all asked after other gold medallists and enquired about the mission and the progress made at that time. And since our interviews many have emailed, texted and tweeted about the show.

In Episode 2, Rebecca Romero gave one of the most frank interviews I have ever had the privilege to be part of, and Darren Campbell from the Athens '04 4 by 100 relay team brought a lump to my throat with his description of the minutes from the end of his leg to finding out he had won the greatest prize on earth.

So, two blogs too late, I would like to take the opportunity to thank them 'in print', and give a few more teasers as to what to expect this Sunday, which is full of similarly honest thoughts from a wide range of Olympic heroes, past and present.

Anne Packer, 800m champion from Tokyo '64, takes us to a church that has so many emotional connections for her, many related to that amazing win. Jim Fox - a funny, amazing, inspirational man - allows us to reunite his Modern Pentathlon team from Montreal '76, answering my question ''how does it feel to have the boys back together after all these years?'' with a pause, and then the brilliant one word reply: ''Terrible''.

On a night out on the town with the rowing eight from Sydney 2000, Luka Gruber arrives unannounced all the way from Croatia, James De Gale tells us all about a glorious and tragic Olympic success story, and Christine Ohorougu turns me into an absolute fan.

And if you don't like Gold Run, I have just checked the TV listings and Country Tracks is on at the same time on BBC2. Great show. Peak District this week. I'm recording it.

Colin Murray's Gold Run is on 5 live at 11am every Sunday in the run up to London 2012. There will also be a podcast - Colin Murray's Gold Run Extra - with extended interviews from the series available after every programme. For the latest news, clips, images and videos from the series follow @bbcgoldrun on Twitter.



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