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5 live F1 in Bahrain: UNIF1ED...One nation in celebration?

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Jennie Gow | 17:22 UK time, Tuesday, 24 April 2012

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Crown Prince of Bahrain.

I left China with certain amount of trepidation as to what we would find when we got to Bahrain. The political situation in the country was obviously very unstable, but as a sports journalist and part of the travelling F1 contingent it’s not my job to pass opinion on a complex subject that I am only partially informed on. There are many people, especially in the British media, who have reported on the wider issues in Bahrain, but I will only ever report on things that I see and experience first-hand.

So how was it to work on the Bahrain Grand Prix?

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Up All Night: Hostile Environments

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Rhod Sharp | 15:50 UK time, Monday, 23 April 2012

Photographer Tim Hetherington (R) and writer Sebastian Junger are shown in this undated handout image during an assignment for Vanity Fair Magazine at

Tim Hetherington (R) and Sebastian Junger

A year after the death of war photographer Tim Hetherington in the siege of Misrata, he is still remembered. There are some fine examples of his photography that have been curated, including this little gallery at NPR. One of the best accounts of his life is by his colleague Brian Ross of ABC.

Hetherington's untimely and avoidable death profoundly affected his friend and fellow reporter Sebastian Junger. Junger was not with him when he and Chris Hondros were in the path of an exploding rocket-propelled grenade, and Junger is adamant that the groin wound that killed him was "not necessarily fatal."

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Mayoral debate: Newcastle

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Will Cooper Will Cooper | 15:36 UK time, Monday, 23 April 2012

By 5 live political reporter Matt Cole:

The box is soggy. Hardly surprising really given it’s barely stopped raining. But more on that in a moment.

Driving up to Newcastle from 5 live’s Salford HQ I passed Manchester, Leeds and Bradford, just to the of Wakefield - four of the other ten cities having referendums on having a mayor.

There are ten in all; Nottingham, Bristol, Coventry, Sheffield, and Birmingham making up the rest.

So the mission seemed simple: ask people in Newcastle what they know about Mayors and the campaigns for and against.

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Olympic moments that stopped the world

Michael Johnson breaks the world record for 200 metres at the Atlanta Olympics


By Eleanor Oldroyd:

When we ran our 'Olympic Moments that Stopped the Nation' programme on 5 Live Sport last July, with a year to go until London 2012, we had a fantastic response from listeners. It was a reminder of a very important fact - the glory of the Games is all about the sport.

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5 live Drive: Unemployment Blogs - April

Jo Meek | 13:26 UK time, Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Drive is following the fortunes of a group of young jobseekers who come from areas hit hardest by the economic downturn. Each of them is facing different barriers to finding work, but all are determined to find ways to change their lives for the better.

This month the group discuss how their hunt for for work has been going, and how the UK could learn from other countries.

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China F1: hot dogs, cold turkey and cucumbers

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Jennie Gow | 10:32 UK time, Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Nico Rosberg celebrates his maiden F1 win


I'm currently sitting by a swimming pool with a former F1 driver to my right and to my left, one of the drivers' personal trainers. This is not a good place to be as I peruse the menu and try to decide if ordering chips with my lunch would incite derision from my two pool buddies. Ho hum….prawn salad it is then (minus the fries).

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A Marathon task for Will and Rachael

The finish of the London marathon


Away from their usual roles reading the news and sport on 5 live during the day, Will Perry and Rachael Hodges are preparing to run the London Marathon on Sunday April 22nd to raise money for charity. Here they explain why they're testing themselves to the limit, and in Will's case, twice in the space of a week.


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The Masters 2012: the view from Augusta

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Andy Dill | 10:10 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Masters 2012 - a caddie cleaning a golf club


By Graham Mcmillan: 

This is the week in particular that it's a real privilege to do this job.  I'm sitting in the media centre at Augusta putting the final touches to our Masters coverage over the next four days with the first fairway stretching out through the windows ahead of me and warm sunshine covering every part of the course.

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