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The Sport Relief Radio Assault challenge

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Will Cooper Will Cooper | 10:17 UK time, Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Radio 2's Matt Williams, 5 live's Rachel Burden, Radio 3's Tom Service and Radio 4's Jane Garvey

Radio 2's Matt Williams, 5 live's Rachel Burden, Radio 3's Tom Service and Radio 4's Jane Garvey

Last Friday 5 live’s Rachel Burden took on six other BBC Radio presenters in the Sport Relief Radio Assault challenge.

The Sport Relief seven were timed along a wet, muddy one-mile course all in the name of charity – and a bit of healthy inter-radio network competition, of course.

Lines are now open for people to vote for who they want to win: the person with the most votes gets seven minutes knocked off their time, the second six minutes and so on. None of the participants know how well they’ve done.

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You can look at photos of Rachel tackling the course in this gallery.

Click here for information on how to vote, and click here full for terms and conditions. Lines are open until 6pm on Thursday.

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Remember, it's not too late to sign up for your own Sport Relief mile. Full details can be found on the Sport Relief website.

Will Cooper is a senior content producer for 5 live


  • Comment number 1.

    I don't really understand how this raises money for Sports Relief.

    I have supported John Bishop as this was at least a big challenge and admirable at that.

  • Comment number 2.

    As the erudite Danny Baker, might say; " such self-regarding nonsense."

    Yes. John Bishop, a monumental challenge! https://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a369586/john-bishop-has-mri-scan-for-sport-relief-triathlon-injuries.html

  • Comment number 3.

    Time and time again...This has nothing to do with raising money and everything to do with self-publicity

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Carrie & RadioOn.

    As the Sport Relief Ts & Cs page states, 77.7p from each call goes to Sport Relief: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sportrelief/terms/radio-assault.shtml.

    And, yes, I think all those who took part in the Radio Assault challenge (which wasn't easy) will agree that John Bishop's effort was rather more ambitious!

    Still, part of the purpose of Sport Relief is to encourage people to participate in a variety of activities, however small or monumental, so we hope we can inspire people in some way.

  • Comment number 5.

    Incredible isn't it ? There must be hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of people in this country who raise money for charity or volunteer their services for free without the gaze of publicity but for some reason if you are a ' star of the media ' or think yourself worthy of being called somekind of a ' celeb ' then the whole world and his wife has to know about it.I suppose their ego's demand nothing less.

  • Comment number 6.

    Leaving 24.3 pence for BT!! No wonder they are so keen to man the phones at all your gigs for charity.

  • Comment number 7.

    Slightly confused by the comments here. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious as it all seems like a logical way to raise money to me. Dumb-struck by the cynicism/whining.

    The money raised by phone calls to support the eventual winner is the fund raising element to this exercise (attn: Welcome2theMachine & Carrie). Yes Carrie, well done on the maths, that leaves a proportion for administration I presume, but then that's a pretty usual business practice I'm led to believe...you know, not to lose money. Unless of course we ban corporations like BT/BBC from covering their administrative costs and insist that any partaking in charitable events must not only provide them with no profit but should also be at their own expense. Yes, I'm sure that will encourage participation no end.

    Binkie & RadioOn, to you I have to say; WHAT? Self-regarding & egotistical? If we put aside the concept of good faith entirely, and concentrate on the end goal of making cash for charity (which I assume you agree should be the end goal, that is unless you have some weirdly bitter aversion to that too?) then how better to publicise the event than to trade on your notoriety/audience as a radio presenter? Unless you suggest that these people are allowed to take part in fund-raising events, but must do so anonymously so as not to upset anyone with their great big giant egos? In which case, perhaps you'd like to make up the difference between the end donation to Sports Relief from one of these guys above and Anonymous Joe who relied on coincidence for donations and if he was lucky, got £11.76 flung into to the bucket beside his bath of baked beans?

    John Bishop is amazing. I will not argue otherwise. But are you also suggesting that unless you are taking on a monumental challenge such as his, or David Walliams, Eddie Izzard etc you should just not bother? By which logic, the thousands of people signed up to the Sports Relief mile, should just not bother either - because frankly it's not enough of a challenge to impress the armchair critics of this world.

  • Comment number 8.

    This piece has been ammeneded, Thor. Originally there was no mention of voting, T&Cs etc - only "look at photos of Rachel tackling...

  • Comment number 9.

    Tor your post is brillant, whatever the topic of the blog post there always seems to be a handful of posters who post their usual cynical, negative, depressing missives, its getting boring and tedious, i had hoped when this Blog started that eventually we would have high numbers participating with healthy debates, but no we are stuck with a group of posters who insist on posting negative jibberish on every blog, no doubt putting potential posters of, not to dissimilar to the 5live Station Messageboard, where a clique got together and that was the begginning of the end.

    What is the point of this Blog?

    It is just attracting the usual mutterings that you can find on any Messageboard, people who enjoy 5lives output hardly ever post on this Blog, so this is hardly a place for constructive balanced debate, it just seems the reasons given for the closure of the 5live station board are being replicated on the 5live Blog, so again it begs the Question what is the point of this Blog, especially in the light of the recent wide-ranging review by the BBC Trust, which stated 5live does not have to provide a Blog or Messageboard.

  • Comment number 10.

    Welcome2theMachine: the blog always included information about T&Cs as it prerequisite for any posts about BBC voting.

    What's new is the audio clip from Breakfast the other morning.

  • Comment number 11.

    Yeah well said Fed ( post 9 ) but you cannot accuse me of not loving 5live.I mean what right have these posters got in being cynical and negative and having an opinion.I think that it is disgusting,I mean how dare they ?All I want to read about is how wonderful 5live is and rightly so.You have only to read the recent BBC Trust report from listeners to realise that out of 9,000 who contributed to the audience research, the majority thought 5live was marvellous and there was no bad comments included at all.I listen to 5live 24 hours a day and have no reason not to believe all I hear or what they report or say.These 5live haters don't deserve blogs or message boards.Well done 5live and keep up the good wok !!!!!

  • Comment number 12.

    I note Will you have not addressed any of my points,

  • Comment number 13.

    Thank you for your comments Ginger.I have always felt that it wouldn't take much skill or imagination from 5live management to produce a 15 minute listener feedback programme to be scheduled once a week, on this station, where people could be objective.Out of all the broadcast hours on 5live I am sure a place could be found somewhere.I am pretty sure that this will never come about due to the management, presenters and certain posters being highly sensitive to any criticism of the station at all.Btw I am all for charitable activities but some of us prefer to go about it quietly, without notice and are well capable of doing it without the ' inspiration ' ' of 5live presenters.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Fedster. You're right - 5 live doesn't have to have a blog. But, as said in the description at the top, it's designed to give an insight into how the network works and provide more context to some of our reporting.

    Not everyone's going to like everything we put on here - just like not everyone's going to like every second of the radio output (likewise with BBC One, Radio 4, etc) - but we think it shows the breadth of the 5 live output.

    On the subject of negative comments - and as said before - as long as they don't break the house rules they'll not be removed the third-party moderators.

  • Comment number 15.

    Thats very fair and welcome comment, Will. I am sure it does disappoint many us who take time to contribute in a constructive manner to be insulted by some who only see it as ' negative jibberish '.I welcome all types of comments, which makes the 5live blogs all the more enjoyable and broadens the mind no end.Can't see why anyone should get so upset about it.

  • Comment number 16.

    The third-party BBC moderators aren't neutral in this:rather ordained with the same decrees - the BBC before public interest

  • Comment number 17.

    Thanks Fedster, and quite agree with (and in fact I'm evidence of) your point re putting potential readers off. Yesterday was the first time I've read an article on this site and the following comments worked as a very effective deterrent for ever returning. Not sure about you but I really do not want to spend my time (be it cyber or otherwise) in the company of those who classify;

    "if you are a ' star of the media ' or think yourself worthy of being called somekind of a ' celeb ' then the whole world and his wife has to know about it.I suppose their ego's demand nothing less."

    ...as a constructive criticism of someone raising money for charity.

    As Arnie never said: I wont be back.

  • Comment number 18.

    Just as well... the BBC are quite proficient enough of patting themselves on the back on the rare occasions they do their job.

    Until recently (& maybe still - who's to know) the presenters of these charity-fests were paid. Charity and the BBC mean only, yes please.

  • Comment number 19.

    What a pity that another sensitive soul who only appreciates ' bbc/5live communal back slapping ' has chosen to flounce off into the sunset and on his way completely misses the point.

  • Comment number 20.

    "Not everyone's going to like everything we put on here - just like not everyone's going to like every second of the radio output (likewise with BBC One, Radio 4, etc) - but we think it shows the breadth of the 5 live output"

    I fail to see the difference between the 5live Blog and the 5live Station board which was closed because of low numbers, and Posters posting subjective gripes about the network, there must be less regular users on this Blog, compared to the old Station Board, and the subjective gripes are just posted in a more organised fashion on this Blog.

    Where are the Listeners who enjoy listening to 5live?

    Why is this Blog only attracting a handful of comments on every post.

    I think i am going to stick to the 5live Facebook Page, at least that doesn't feel like a Library, and at least the likes of Will Shindler and Nigel Smith post new threads on regular occasions on the Facebook Page, unlike this Blog which i dont think is top priority.

  • Comment number 21.

    I don't really understand why I and others should be slammed for having a view which does not fit in with the party line. As it happens, I am just as entitled to a view as anyone else and in the past I have given as much praise as I have criticism. I do not think it at all wonderful that BT has taken this chunk out of the price of a call. On other occasions they waive their fee and I would like to bet they will want to look marvellous on the night itself when they give a hulking great cheque to the presenter which in fact is YOUR money from these votes!!

    I too think this page is a waste of effort. Nothing of interest is posted on the blogs, which of themselves are neglected by most people, in fact Chris the political reporter is the one person in the New Age of 5Live who takes the time to respond.

    I am pretty certain that the party people of 5Live who somehow think it is fantastic to ask the most stupid questions for people to text in their silly answers in order to bulk out their programme time, have made me realise the station is really not wanting to be taken seriously on the news front. I know Victoria is doing the Rathband interview today, however having heard the PM one yesterday done by Eddie Mair (long lost 5Live gem) I don't even need to tune it to that.

    I don't like being insulted about my point of view which is as valid as anyone else's, about public broadcasting and content of programmes. It is true posters have faded away over the last couple of years, leaving a rump of two extremes. However, the "I love 5Live it can do no wrong" rump is one that just slags off people who are trying to get across a point of view which of course could be construed as negative if they look at it superficially, but just as easily could be seen as constructive feedback.

  • Comment number 22.

    Carrie i agree the hosts should post stuff which is of more interesting and relevant, however i think you will find the 5live Facebook page is where all the action is at, recently topics such as:

    Today's Your Call... Should your race matter when it comes to adoption?
    New F1 summariser unveiled for 5 live
    NME is 60 today

    Each topic attracting 50+ comments

  • Comment number 23.

    Hi Carrie & Fedster.

    There is a slight difference between the 5 live blog and the old message board (which came and went before my time). This is designed - like elsewhere on BBC blogs - to add more depth and context around reporting, as well as highlight upcoming programmes. The comments facility obviously lets you talk about the posts, but it's not designed to be a message board as such - comments are encouraged to be on the subject of the article that's been posted.

    Carrie: you're absolutely right that everyone's opinion is valid; no-one should be insulted on here. Comments there are offensive, off-topic etc are unwelcome and face removal, as is made clear in the house rules (which are all pretty straightforward). Healthy, constructive debate is welcomed, and so people shouldn't be put off from posting on here.

    On the subject of Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/5live) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/, these platforms are clearly growing in importance for all media organisations, but again they serve slightly different purposes the main 5 live site and this blog.

    Whatever the platform, I hope you're able to get the most out of 5 live and feel part of the debate.

  • Comment number 24.

    Will thanks for the reply, out of interest do the same Hosts, who manage this Blog and post new threads, also post threads on the 5live Facebook Page? Or is that done by a different team?

  • Comment number 25.

    It's the same team, for the most part. Occasionally programme teams post directly on Facebook (likewise Twitter) but it's mainly us in the interactive team, who edit this.

    Facebook lets people comment directly about clips or respond to calls-to-action. If we did that on the blog, given how many clips are uploaded daily, it would look pretty messy and uncoordinated. As said, this is where were can add more colour to our pieces.

  • Comment number 26.

    Thanks Will.

  • Comment number 27.

    Frankly the reason I do not post on Facebook is that I do not want my identity on any remarks I may make. I can't be bothered to set up a new name etc.

  • Comment number 28.

    Why on earth is Radio Four's Feedback programme discussing 5Live Phone ins? This is exactly the sort of programme that would attract 5Live listeners if it was tucked in to the schedule. Well at least I heard what Nolan and Vicky had to say. Those 5Live slaves missed it.

  • Comment number 29.

    Hmmm so the BBC Football Website is broacasting live commentary of Everton v Spurs via BBC Radio London, why have 5live not got the Rights to this Game in that case? Seems a strange 1, especially given that talkSPORT are also covering the game live, i thought the 5.30 package was won by talkSPORT?

    Any ideas?

    David Shield and his old sparring partner Walsall_Chris usually have the answers to this kind of stuff, so guys...............................

  • Comment number 30.

    The BBC has lost the rights to the late Saturday evening game at 5.30pm and the early Sunday kick-off, at 1.30pm, both of which will be broadcast by TalkSport.


    Yet BBC Radio London are broadcasting the 5.30 kick of between Everton v Spurs which is being beamed across the UK via the BBC Website, love to read a Blog on such things, and all the nitty gritty that goes on regarding Sport rights.

    Any chance of such a Blog,Will?

  • Comment number 31.

    Perhaps if the BBC hadn't wasted so much crazy money buying up tv/radio presenters and putting top tier management on obscene wages, then they might have been more competitive in bidding for and having more access too top flight football games and actually broadcasting them on their natural home of 5live.


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