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London Calling: BMX Racing with Shanaze Reade

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Andy Dill | 10:48 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2012


GB BMX rider Shanaze Reade surges through the air


By Steve Parry:

At Beijing 2008, Britain's gold-medal favourite Shanaze Reade crashed out of her Olympic BMX final. "In a matter of seconds my Olympic dream was over," she told me.

She even thought of quitting the sport afterwards. "I didn't want to do BMX. But then I saw my grandad come home from work miserable and realised I never felt that from BMX. "But if I was to say I got over it quickly, then I'd be lying."

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Beyond Disability: Adventures of A Blue Badger

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Will Cooper Will Cooper | 09:40 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nikki arrives at Maidenhead station

By Nikki Fox:

My name’s Nikki Fox and I’m the presenter of 5 live’s Adventures of a Blue Badger. I was born with muscular dystrophy, which means my muscles are all much weaker than they should be. As a result, by my mid-20s I had to start using a mobility scooter to get around. I now look like a young version of Madge from Benidorm with much more hair and less of a tan - and I’m actually disabled!

In Blue Badger I set out to see what it’s really like to be disabled in the UK in 2012. I think it’s pretty darn good, but just in case I’m slightly delusional (let’s bear in mind that as a wobbling disabled child that couldn’t climb stairs, I told everyone that I was going to be a prima ballerina) I thought I’d better check it out with a few other disabled people. So, off I scooted to meet the great and the good of the disabled world.

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5 live Formula 1: Why does it always rain on me?

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Jennie Gow | 10:13 UK time, Monday, 26 March 2012

McLaren-Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain powers his car through the rain during Formula One's Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang on March 25, 2012. (Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images)

There are some times in life when you wonder if you have your own little dark cloud that follows you around...well, I think I might really have one; every time I go to an F1 race the heavens open and a deluge of water proceeds to fall from the sky.

My first Grand Prix in Canada in June 2011 was one of the wettest races ever. However, the race this weekend in Malaysia wasn’t far off those conditions.

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5 live Formula 1: from Melbourne to Malaysia

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Jennie Gow | 08:01 UK time, Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lewis Hamilton talks to 5 live report Jennie Gow

My first job as the BBC’s new 5 live F1 pit lane reporter for 2012 was to head to Woking for the official launch of the new McLaren MP4-27. Sat with the assembled media and special guests, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton pulled the cover off one of the most beautiful formula one cars of the modern era. Its silver paintwork gleamed and sparkled and had the prettiest nose I have ever seen. OK that might be a little bit of an exaggeration but at least it wasn’t an ugly platypus style appendage that only a mother (or designer) could love.

The F1 season was almost upon us and only time would tell whether there was style and substance to this new car.

Fast forward to March 18th and as both McLaren’s are on the front row of the grid I think we have our answer!

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5 live Sport special: Rangers - What Next?

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Andy Dill | 13:29 UK time, Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Glasgow Rangers' Ibrox stadium


By Steve Houghton:

With Rangers in administration and its future shrouded in uncertainty, 250 supporters gathered at the Pearce Institute in Govan on Monday to debate what's next for their club - a club with one of the richest histories in British football.

The two hour programme, hosted by 5 Live Sport's Mark Chapman, heard from former players including Andy Goram and Mark Hateley, politicians such as former Scottish first minister Henry McLeish, as well as journalists and fans' representatives.

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5 live Formula 1: the new season

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Andy Dill | 10:19 UK time, Thursday, 15 March 2012

5 live's F1 line-up: Jaime Alguersuari, James Allen and Jennie Gow


By Simon Crosse:

The 2012 Formula 1 season gets underway in Australia this weekend. It’ll be the longest season ever with twenty races to cover between now and the end of November and 5 live will be at every one.

The new-look 5 live team have arrived in Australia for the first race in Melbourne and it was straight to work for the blurry-eyed reporter Jennie Gow, who snapped up the chance of an invite to the Red Bull Launch held on the beach.

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5 live Drive: Unemployment Blogs - March

Jo Meek | 15:28 UK time, Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Drive is following the fortunes of a group of young jobseekers who come from areas hit hardest by the economic downturn. Each of them is facing different barriers to finding work, but all are determined to find ways to change their lives for the better.

This month the group discuss meeting their mentors for the first time and their next steps.

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5 live at the Cheltenham Festival

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Andy Dill | 11:43 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cheltenham race course


One of sport’s great occasions – The Cheltenham Festival – gets underway today and both 5 live and sports extra will have extensive coverage throughout the four days of racing.

John Inverdale and our expert team will guide you through with commentary on the first four races each day, culminating in the Gold Cup, the most prestigious of them all, on Friday afternoon.

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Up All Night?

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Oliver Dearden | 15:55 UK time, Friday, 9 March 2012

By Chris Wands

the joys of parenting



It always surprises me how well I remember this, despite the tiredness, frustration and inability to understand what the hell was wrong. It was 4:15 on a Monday morning, and was the first time that I'd been in charge overnight as until then he'd only been breast-fed. His nappy was fine, he didn't seem to need winded but he hadn't wanted his bottle at the usual time and for two hours the wee man just wouldn't stop crying. Then, for no reason as far as I could understand, he changed his mind, drank his bottle and went to sleep.

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Can you live on £10 a week?

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Michelle Dignan | 14:47 UK time, Wednesday, 7 March 2012


So my challenge was to live on £10 for a working week. Thanks for all the suggestions as to what I could buy and cook on a small budget. As I reached the end of the week I certainly didn’t feel hungry; in fact I had food left over!

However, I did become a bit bored with the food I was eating. My breakfast every day was porridge and my lunches were two pieces of wholemeal bread with a slice of ham. The most exciting eating time was my evening meal, but because I was making my whole chicken last in various ways, I ate it on so many occasions that I thought I might turn into one by the end.

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The Sport Relief Radio Assault challenge

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Will Cooper Will Cooper | 10:17 UK time, Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Radio 2's Matt Williams, 5 live's Rachel Burden, Radio 3's Tom Service and Radio 4's Jane Garvey

Radio 2's Matt Williams, 5 live's Rachel Burden, Radio 3's Tom Service and Radio 4's Jane Garvey

Last Friday 5 live’s Rachel Burden took on six other BBC Radio presenters in the Sport Relief Radio Assault challenge.

The Sport Relief seven were timed along a wet, muddy one-mile course all in the name of charity – and a bit of healthy inter-radio network competition, of course.

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