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Can you live on £10 a week? Day 3

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Michelle Dignan | 10:49 UK time, Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thank you for all your help. I cooked my whole chicken yesterday and had the first lot of meat from it last night. I bought some pasta (30p) and made a sauce from tinned tomatoes, half an onion and a few mushrooms. I added my chicken to this and it was a very tasty meal.

The only thing was that my mum threw a spanner in the works. She asked me to pick up my brother from school and feed him his tea. I didn't plan to feed anyone else out of my £10, but after some bartering with my mum, she agreed to give me two eggs in exchange for giving the 14 year old his evening meal I thought that was a fair deal! He shared my chicken and tomato sauce pasta dish with me - and it wasn't as saucy as I would normally like it, but it was still nice.

Because of my inherited eggs, I got slightly excited and went and bough pancake mix and a pint of milk, totalling 75p. I had been dreading hearing everyone's pancake stories in work, knowing I wouldn't have had any, but thankfully I didn't miss out on pancake. I just simply added sugar to them and they were a brilliant treat. The milk was a luxury I shouldn't have bought, but it was great to have as it meant I could have milk with my porridge this morning rather than just water.

After the extra veg I bought, I now have just over £1 left. My breakfasts and lunches are sorted, it's the just the evening meals really. I have plenty of pasta left, so that is an option. I also have baked potatoes and, of course, the chicken. I plan to make a soup either this evening or tomorrow. I'm thinking of using my remaining money to get as much fruit as I can as that seems to be what I am lacking. I only have one banana and one apple left.

Thank you for your continuing help...



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