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The strikes on 5live: from Swindon to....?

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 23:50 UK time, Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Public sector workers picket outside the Royal Infirmary Hospital on November 30, 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. More than 2 million public sector workers are staging a nationwide strike over cuts to their public sector pensions. The strike began at midnight leading to the closure of most state schools, disruption to rail and tunnel services, delays at border areas inside airports and ferry terminals and the postponement of thousands of non-emergency hospital operations. The TUC has said it is the biggest stoppage in more than 30 years, with hundreds of marches and rallies due to take place in cities and towns across the UK.
5 live has the most comprehensive coverage of the public sector strikes you will find anywhere. Reporters all over the UK and your views, on air and online. Telling your stories, wherever you are - and getting the broadest range of voices on the radio you'll hear anywhere.
As I type this it is ten to midnight and I've just arrived in Swindon in Wiltshire. I have spent the day reporting from Falmouth in Cornwall, one of the towns 5live has 'adopted' to track its economic fortunes. It's quite a slog up the A30 and M5!

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The Chancellor's Autumn Statement on 5live

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 23:03 UK time, Monday, 28 November 2011

On Tuesday lunchtime, the Chancellor George Osborne will deliver what's known as his Autumn Statement.

Gloriously vacuous Westminster language, which translates into vaguely fluent human as an economic state of the country address. A sort of mini budget, ish.

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Feeling the Pinch: a poll for 5live and what you've told us

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 07:38 UK time, Monday, 28 November 2011

A couple of weeks ago we started our Feeling the Pinch series on 5live. We asked you what you've been doing, if anything, to save money given the economic gloom.

I reported from Leicester, Hinckley, Wolverhampton and Birmingham. From a mum on the school run in rural Leicestershire to a whistle factory in the West Midlands, we attempted to reflect what, in practical terms, the blizzard of pessimism means.

We also - alongside BBC Breakfast television and the BBC News website - commissioned the polling organisation Comres to conduct a poll along similar lines, and also tap into the country's views on Wednesday's public sector strikes.

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Moneyball - A 5 live Sport Special

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Jonathan Legard | 10:28 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bradd Pitt in Moneyball

Brad Pitt as Billy Beane in Moneyball

Moneyball. If you hadn't seen the posters with Brad Pitt looking out at you, there's every reason for you to think that it was the title of a forthcoming James Bond movie. Or a trick shot in pool. Or a clever pitch in baseball. Actually tonight's programme on 5 live contains elements of all three. It's the film of a book, rooted in baseball, embracing a philosophy which initially was written off as a bad joke. But it changed the way sport is played. All over the world.

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Call the cop

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 15:19 UK time, Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Where else on national radio could you pick up the phone and have a chat with the UK's most senior policeman?

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan-Howe, was on with Victoria this morning.

An hour of conversation, with questions via text and calls from you.

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Tony Livesey's guide to the 5 live studios

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Will Cooper Will Cooper | 13:10 UK time, Thursday, 17 November 2011

Our move to Salford is now very nearly complete and within the next few weeks all our shows, with a couple of exceptions, will be coming from the new studios here in MediaCityUK.

Some of you have asked us about the new studios and how they work, so here's Tony Livesey to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

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 Will Cooper is a senior content producer at 5 live.

Feeling the Pinch: Inflation and the cost of staying in business

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 19:44 UK time, Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"The journey to a more balanced world economy will be long and arduous."

The words of the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King.

I guess it is the economic equivalent of a weatherman telling us it is going to rain every day for the next six months, but hey, it may only be cloudy on Wednesday 18th July 2012.

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Feeling the Pinch: young, out of work, and running out of hope

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 14:51 UK time, Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Youths entering a job centre


Sitting inside the Wulfrun Shopping Centre in Wolverhampton, it's not just the economic climate that feels decidedly chilly. Clutching steaming mugs of tea and coffee, shoppers grabbing a cuppa keep their coats on. A woman at the next table even has her woolly hat on.

We're here to meet Saxon. He is what the statisticians call a 'NEET' - a young person not in education, employment or training.

Saxon is 22. He's chatty, articulate and fed up. And he's one in a million.

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Celebrate Sport - your chance to be in the 5 live audience

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Jonathan Wall Jonathan Wall | 14:55 UK time, Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mediacityuk studios
We have been working with the Sports Personality team since early in the summer. They were keen to mark the BBC’s arrival in Salford with much more than just the television show on the night. They wanted a range of live broadcast shows and our help in creating off air activities to make sure the “Celebrate Sport” event could be enjoyed by thousands, rather than hundreds of people.

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Weekend Breakfast from Afghanistan

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Anna Foster | 13:53 UK time, Monday, 14 November 2011

Poppy wreath at Camp Bastion on Remembrance Sunday

I said yes as soon as they asked me. 5 live wanted to do something special for Remembrance Weekend, and the chance to join the men and women paying tribute on the frontline in Afghanistan was too special to miss. I was full of anticipation as I packed my things and clambered about the huge C17 transport plane that would deliver me to my home for the next week - Camp Bastion.

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Tongue-tied: interviewing Gene Simmons

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Jamie Stangroom | 11:16 UK time, Friday, 11 November 2011

Gene Simmons of Kiss 


Kiss bassist Gene Simmons brought his unpainted face and massive tongue to London this week to host the ‘Classic Rock Awards 2011’.


And before he appeared on The One Show, I was granted 20 minutes with the tongued god himself in the programmes ‘Green Room’; a room that isn’t actually green, just in case you were wondering.


Upon arrival I found Gene struggling to pin a poppy to his suit jacket; it upset me to see such a giant of rock have his mood taken down by a tiny paper flower, like the Incredible Hulk struggling to contain a tiny yet pretty enemy.


Whilst the struggle continued, the interview began…


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The student demo - the police's perspective

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Chris Mason Chris Mason | 18:42 UK time, Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Police at the student fees protest march in London 

At demonstrations, we always hear from the demonstrators. Of course we do, it'd be odd if we didn't. But covering the riots in London over the summer, and the student demonstrations of the last year, I have been struck by the challenges the police face. And more than once they've been criticised for being outnumbered and outwitted.

So this time I asked if I could shadow them for the day. It was an insight into the multidimensional game of chess they play, on the streets, during a big event where there could be trouble.

How many officers should be deployed? Is it counterproductive to be perceived to have too many? At what point should roads be closed - causing gridlock? At what point should demonstrators be arrested? Is it better to be seen to be no nonsense and aggressive, or friendly? Is it wise to say in advance that if things get violent rubber bullets could be used?

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The 5 live torch relay

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Will Cooper Will Cooper | 12:58 UK time, Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The 5 live torch at Bow Street, Wales

To mark the announcement of the London 2012 torch relay route, 5 live tasked reporters Mark Hutchings and Andrew Fletcher to relay our very own torch from Cardiff to the 5 live studios in Salford. On the way they visited places on next year's official Olympic torch route to see whether locals were getting excited ahead of London 2012.

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Peter Allen & the Radio Academy Hall of Fame

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Nigel Smith Nigel Smith | 16:26 UK time, Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Last night at an illustrious dinner in Manchester Peter Allen was inducted into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame (along with his former colleague Jane Garvey as well as Andy Peebles and Sir Jimmy Young).

The sound quality isn't great but I thought you might like to hear Peter's acceptance speech.

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The Radio Academy Hall of Fame recognises "those legendary voices who make and have made an outstanding contribution to the sound of British radio and to British cultural life" and everyone at 5 live is obviously delighted that Peter's been honoured.

What are your favourite moments from Peter's 5 live career?

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Thanks to Heather Davies for recording the speech on her phone!

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