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5 live: Weekend Breakfast

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Adrian Van-Klaveren Adrian Van-Klaveren | 09:35 UK time, Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Toast popping out of a toaster with the 5 live logo on it

Hello, I'd like to tell you about a new co-presenter for 5 live Weekend Breakfast from April. As you probably know, Rachel Burden is leaving the programme to present 5 live Breakfast alongside Nicky Campbell .

Joining Phil Williams each weekend morning will be Anna Foster. You probably know Anna best as our regional reporter based in Newcastle and you will have heard her reporting on stories ranging from Raoul Moat to the Cumbrian floods to events at Newcastle United. She's also already presented a number of 5 live programmes including Weekend Breakfast and Drive.

Anna has already proved that she's a great journalist and a warm personality and I think she and Phil will make a great combination each Saturday and Sunday morning. Weekend Breakfast is an important programme for us - it's vital for us in reporting the main news stories of each weekend, setting the agenda for the day's sport and capturing the mood of the weekend. The new line-up starts on Saturday April 23.

Later in the summer, we'll also have two new presenters for our new Sunday morning programme. BBC Political Correspondent Laura Kuenssberg and Manchester-based presenter Sam Walker will present Double Take at 9.30am on Sundays from July. There'll be more details about the programme on this blog nearer the time.

But with Anna, Laura and Sam all joining our weekend line-up, I think we're adding three highly talented female presenters to our team of presenters.

Adrian Van Klaveren is the controller of 5 live.


  • Comment number 1.

    What does Frances Finn need to do to get a full time job on 5Live?

  • Comment number 2.

    Anna had better hurry up and get a twitter account.

    This morning heard one screeching laugh from her predecessor and immediately retuned.

    "Mancs" extending their ruling of the 5Live airways from July on a Sunday. However the inverted commas are because I dislike the fact Sam hated her Midlands life and couldn't get away fast enough to Manchester. But isn't she a music presenter? Thank goodness Laura, who I rate extremely highly, is a Glaswegian. But she will have to dumb down. Alot.

  • Comment number 3.

    I think Anna Foster is a good choice, sure she will do a fine job. Shame that Dalya Raphael has not got a regular slot on the station again.

    I like Laura Kuenssberg so that's a good appointment.

  • Comment number 4.

    Every choice you have made is excellent. The only one that is really really bad is that of Rachel Burden. Have you actually listened to her work? I really did try these last few days to give her a chance on Breakfast but her voice is awful. It is phlegmy and she coughs constantly. She does not have a voice for radio. So I have gone over to Radio four which I am truly sad to do - I used to love listening to Breakfast. How on earth can you hire someone so unsuited to radio? You have such a wealth of talent available it is extraordinary. What about Eleaonr Oldroyd, Dalya Raphael … The BBC seems to listen to people over such silly things as music being too loud on Brian Cox's great programme and ruining it buy turning the volume down but when it comes to something as essential as a good radio voice for a five-day a week breakfast programme you turn a deaf ear.

  • Comment number 5.

    Yeah what does Dalya do these days, is she reading the news?

    I see Fi Glover has left Radio 4 today...

  • Comment number 6.

    I am glad in some ways, mr or ms Lovelistening, that you have made your comment here, because it gives me the chance to tell you what I think of you and your comment.

    In some ways I am glad, but in other ways not glad, because unpleasant as your comment is, you are going to find that I am even more unpleasant, and that is bad for everyone. Therefore it would be better if I kept quiet. However this lets people like you get away with intolerable behaviour. You've done it before, and you've taken a blog on a different subject to come here and do it again. You are asking for it. Come on you say, teach me a lesson.

    I have met many people. I have heard many voices. Never, ever have I heard someone's voice that is so repulsive that I cannot bear to hear it. Never ever furthermore have I heard anyone else say that they find someone's voice so repellant that they cannot listen to it. Never. However, here you are with your story.
    Never have I heard of someone who says that someone's face is so repulsive that they don't want anything to do with that person. You look at the personality, not the face. Voices and accents vary. What is more important is the personality, not the voice.
    What do I think of your personality - intolerant, narrow-minded hearing a voice and not the personality? It is worse than that with you. After all in the 1950s in the days of BBC voices, listeners complained about Wilfred Pickles with a mild Yorkshire accent reading the news.
    People can have views which are seem narrow-minded and intolerant. However, you go out of your way to show everybody what an unpleasant tongue you've got. It would be better if you kept quiet, because in an open society, people would tell you what they think of you.
    I am sorry for the unpleasantness.

  • Comment number 7.

    As lovely as Rachel's personality is, as knowledgeable about sport as she is, even she said live on air the other day that her voice problems often made things difficult - I don't remember the exact words she used. She apologised for all the coughing and crackling of her voice on other occasions. If I could be bothered I would actually tell Imogen to shut this blog and quick, but I know the subject is going to feature for a long time to come on many blogs and articles in the future, because of Rachel's voice reaching more listeners when she goes daily.

    What I am more concerned about is the lack of chemistry that is apparent at the moment between Nicky and Rachel. However I switch over quite quickly when I am up and about, to listen to news and current affairs correctly presented and interviews carried out without referring to song titles or tv programmes every two minutes.

    By the way, you have to be getting on some to actually remember Wilfred Pickles reading the news, and to have heard him. He stopped after the war, not in the 50's.

  • Comment number 8.

    Pressed post instead of preview, apologies.

    Was just about to write about Pickles that it was to his advantage that he had a Yorkshire accent, he broke down lots of barriers by being successful in his own right after the war exactly because of that accent which endeared him to the country. If AV-K thinks that will happen with Rachel, then all well and good, her voice is unforgettable too. I just don't see by plucking an obscure example from historic broadcasting - I did hear Have a Go as a kid, by the way but not wartime news! - has to do with digital radio, which is supposed to give a crystal clear audio experience to listeners.

  • Comment number 9.

    Hope you are listening all you Eleanor Oldroyd fans - she is doing the programme with Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought I was dreaming.

  • Comment number 10.

    Comment no. 9 - that's good to learn, Carrie!

    Comment no. 6 - You are out of order; this is a site to discuss 5 live topics and NOT a site to make personal attacks on posters who happen to have views with which you disagree (lovelistening's comments in post no. 4).

    I also think that Rachel has an unfortunate voice for radio - that is not saying she is unpleasent personally - it's a subjective opinion on the aural quality of her voice shared by quite a few listeners, I suspect.

  • Comment number 11.

    To anyone who is interested, such as Sarnia, there is a reason that I had a go at Lovelistening. This person has made the point that he or she is not one of the regular complainers who hang around this board. If the comments of Lovelistening had been been made by one of these posters then it would be just be background noise, of no particular importance.
    I did make an apology for my unpleasantness, it making my opinion felt.
    I would not apologise for criticising the regular posters. There always so negative.
    As a matter of opinion,I don't think there is anything wrong with Rachel's voice. There are many people well-known in broadcasting who have voices like hers, and we have discussed this before.
    One of the loveliest voices on 5 live is perhaps Lesley Ashmall's who sounds a bit like Dorothy Smith of the 50s children's programme Listen With Mother, which I heard as a child. However, of course Lesley Ashmall's voice has been heavily criticised in the past by the complainers on the old message board, who just love complaining.
    On another point I have heard a recording of Wilfred Pickles reading the news. I was n't listening before the war

  • Comment number 12.

    So - are you saying that in your opinion 'new' posters should not be allowed to voice opinions that may coincide with 'regular' posters views? what a cheek! You think rachel's voice is ok - fine - that is your opinion and I wouldn't dream of having a go at you for holding that view; others obviously differ in their opinions - and everyone's opinion is vaild whether they're a 'regular' poster or a 'new' poster. Unless they're a poster with multiple logins and IDs of course....with the same obsessive axe to grind ....yawn......

  • Comment number 13.

    Sarnia should mind her own business.

    Sarnia is one of the regulars who do such a good job at grumbling at 5live.

  • Comment number 14.

    Oh dear, Coreze there is no need to be so unsavoury.

    Sarnia contributes her hard-earned money in the form taxes to fund the BBC. She has every right to make any comments she likes, within the bounds of good taste and the house rules.

    Fortunately we live in a democracy where freedom of speech is a fundamental right.

    We're all free to agree or disagree. One of the best way to convince people of your point of view is putting a compelling argument and debate your point. Trying to stiffle debate and close down conversation maybe the norm on this blog (which has traditionally been short on posts and is now shorter of comments thanks for the 10-day rule) but it does no-one any favours.

  • Comment number 15.

    The trouble with the regulars is that they are like a guard dog that barks to alert you. You take notice. However, when the dog barks at anything and everything, you don't take notice

    And so it is in th same way with the regular complainers. When they complain about everything, you just don't take any notice.

    There are dogs that like barking and there are some people who like to get together and grumble.

  • Comment number 16.

    You know it's about time to deal with the question posed by the blog, that is what do you think of the new Weekend Breakfast team? There is also mention of two new co-presenters for the Kate Silverton programme.

    Unfortunately I don't know these new presenters. Anna Foster is just a name I've heard, no doubt very good with 5live experience. The other two as replacements for Kate Silverton, well these are not 5live people as far as I know, neither was Kate Silverton, I think I'm right on that., but they will be adding to 5live's strength on political matters Laura Kuensberg for example.

    Good to see female appointments because with so much sport and politics also somewhat male-dominated, 5live could easily be too male and thus too unrepresentative of the population. I know 5live listening has increased. I know the station has had about 70 per cent of listeners who are male. It would be good to reach more female listeners. I don't know how things are progressing there. It may be that female listeners prefer male presenters. As a male listener, my favourite type of presentation is a man and woman as in several programmes such as Drive. Second preference is a female presenter, and last preference is a male presenter.

    Anyway, in general, the new ideas for the weekend on 5live seem good.

  • Comment number 17.

    I’m not a regular on here but I notice Coreze has now become a regular complainer, not about the station but about other posters, hardly productive.

    Is Kate Silverton leaving or just having a break? I’d be sad to see her go.

    Talking about weekend listening, Seven Day Sunday has never been one of 5 Lives better programmes but with the new host Al Murray it is dire. I do hope when it is replaced in May with “At the back end of the week” we will see a dramatic improvement in this so called topical ‘comedy’ slot. Topical comedy on Radio 4 and programmes like Have I got News for You work because they record a lot of material then edit it down, 5 Live topical comedy suffers from being live and interrupted with a wicket from the cricket and travel news etc. and is usually a failure as demonstrated by Chart the Week and Seven Day Sunday.

  • Comment number 18.

    While we are discussing weekend schedules, can I ask, and not for the first time, what effect losing the lunchtime Premier League commentary has had on listening figures and how well the Sunday sports programme works without a live commentary for so much of the afternoon? Will there be any format changes next year regarding this?

    I like Colin Murray, but find that the show is lacking a focus for much of the afternoon and it is often very obvious that the big story is happening elsewhere whilst the chat is continuing.

  • Comment number 19.

    Laura Kunnesburg is a great get. Good to add some spine to the Sunday morning lineup.

  • Comment number 20.

    Re comment NO 13: Personal attacks on posters are hardly productive Coreze/fedster -

    Trolls and WUMs are better left ignored.

  • Comment number 21.

    Respect yourself and respect others.

    You can't respect yourself unless you treat others with respect. Everybody is entitled to their opinions.

    When I came back on these boards I tried to discuss the complaints raised by one of the complainers - one of the regular complainers. However, it was obvious that these complainers just repeat a party political line - party political hacks. They have no argument or theme or philosophy. It is just a social club for them, and to join the club all you have to do is to dislike 5live and make negative comments from time to time.

    Of course critical comments should be welcome. However the regulars have records as long as your arm of denigrating 5live on the 5live boards. It is a social club for the regulars. You cannot take issues up with. them. You cannot discuss with them. They look at my record. I look at theirs.

    Sarnia lives in the Channel Islands, I think. There are several other stations to listen to -I listen to Radio BFM, France Info,France Inter- all French radio stations. There are also several TV news stations.

    If 5live does n''t have what you want, there are other stations- good ones.

    I have to say that Sarnia is not one of the worst regulars. She has some independent ideas. She is not just a party hack trotting out the party line.

    That's my opinion.

  • Comment number 22.

    I feel that Eleanor Oldroyd is massively underused. She may not wish or be able to put more hours in behind the mike though. Concur with the majority opinion stated re: Rachel's voice. My opinion is that it is not a very good voice for radio and I find it difficult listening. If that offends anyone, then well so be it.


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