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Shelagh's leaving Breakfast (but she's staying at 5 live)

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Adrian Van-Klaveren Adrian Van-Klaveren | 09:21 UK time, Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Shelagh Fogarty

If you were listening to 5 live this morning, you will have heard that we've got some important changes to our presenter line-up from next May.

When Gabby Logan leaves her lunchtime programme in the spring, I am very pleased to say that Shelagh Fogarty will take over the 12-2 slot each weekday.

Shelagh's done an outstanding job on Breakfast for the last seven years, playing a pivotal role in helping the programme win many awards.

Her on-air relationship with Nicky has been magical and it's not a partnership that any 5 live Controller would break up lightly - but this is a big opportunity for Shelagh.

From next May she will bring her own individual magic to lunchtimes, covering all of the day's news, sport and business as well as Prime Minister's Questions each Wednesday.

We'll use the next four months to think about any changes we want to make to the programme, so do let us know what you think about what it should include and how it should sound.

The next part of the jigsaw will obviously be who will be joining Nicky on Breakfast. I'll be bringing you news on that in the New Year. In the meantime it's a good time to reflect on how special they have made 5 live Breakfast.

As Shelagh herself says:"I'm in the lucky position of leaving a job I love to start one I'm really excited about. Nicky says he forgives me but I don't believe him!! Hopefully he and I can still do programmes together in the future one way or another. I learnt a huge amount just by sitting next to him, and I'll miss him."

And Nicky's tweet sums it up well: "Shelagh is a fantastic broadcaster, special person and amazing friend. I will miss her so much as I know you will. The search is on."


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  • Comment number 1.

    Congratulations to Shelagh. I'm sure she will handle subjects such as PMQs admirably.

    Install Phil Williams into the slot that follows (2 - 4pm) and I may start listening to 5 Live in the afternoons again....

  • Comment number 2.

    This is a huge disappointment - I enjoy the sharpness and quality of your wit and intellect and the wonderful banter that eminates from the radio between you and Nicky. You will be missed by many, many listeners! Please, please, please do not replace Shelagh with Rachel Burden. I no longer listen to Saturday/Sunday fivelive because I find Rachel's voice so irritating, I have to turn the radio up louder to hear her lower tones and then suddenly we have a screaching noise when Rachel becomes excited about a topic. This is a sad day for Fivelive breakfast.

  • Comment number 3.

    I am so upset about Shelagh leaving the Breakfast Programme - she is a wonderful broadcaster and I always think what a lovely friend she would make! I know that she will make a great success of the lunchtime programme but early mornings will not be the same without her.

    I totally agree with Sarnia's comment that Phil Williams should be presenting the 2-4 pm slot. I do not understand why he is so under-used. He really does deserve to have his own show. Since Richard Bacon started in the afternoon slot I have refused to have it on - he is hopeless and shouts all the time. He ends up giving me a headache. Please move him somewhere else if you can, preferably to another BBC station!!!

  • Comment number 4.

    Very good news for those pf us wholike the news prested by a proper journalist. Hopefully it will also signal the end of the awful George Reilly and his contant interjections and interfering

  • Comment number 5.

    Congratulations Shelagh. I was shocked when you said you're leaving Breakfast but relieved when it was only to a different slot. I'll miss your banter with Nicky but you will flourish. Your sense of humour and class are a rare mix.
    Oh & I disagree with the earlier post who didn't like Rachel Burden's voice!

    Here come the Girls...

  • Comment number 6.

    I couldn't agree more with the previous two comments, since the loss of Simon Mayo I only listen to Breakfast, Drive and evening sports, now I'll be back to listening to 12-2pm and if Phil Williams is installed 2-4pm that takes care of the afternoon's listening; please, no Rachel Burden on the breakfast show, Phil Williams is the saviour of Weekend breakfast, Rachel Burden speaks and behaves like a schoolgirl, patronises her interview subject even before they've spoken and cuts across answers, not only of the interviewee but also her colleagues. I can't say Gabby Logan has been a roaring success, she can't control a panel discussion and has the irritating habit of taking over the subjects answer when they're half way through!

    Standards have definitely dropped with the loss of Simon Mayo but the BBC is on the right track with Shelagh on 12-2pm, all that's needed now is Colin Murray added to the daytime roster.

  • Comment number 7.

    Absolutely spot on!!
    Phil Williams is superb unlike Richard 'Let's talk about how great I am' Bacon

  • Comment number 8.

    Firstly, I am a huge fan of BBC Radio Five Live. It's my favourite radio station, bar none. I must say I will miss the greatest double act on radio now that the 'Nicky and Sheila Show' is splitting up, though thankfully Sheila will still be with the station, and I'll look forward to having her on in her new slot. Good luck to Gabby in whatever she decides to persue now. However the one person I'd like to see completely gone from the station is Richard Bacon. I always, but always turn the radio either over or off when he comes on. I really can not stand, what I perceive as, anyway, the guy's laddish and arrogant style. But Nicky Campbell is without doubt, for me anyway, the King of radio! He's extremely sharpe, informative genuinely caring for people and his dry humour suits me perfectly! Whatever you do, BBC, don't ever let him go, will you?! :-)

  • Comment number 9.

    Oh, for God's sake!

    I can switch her off for, for example, Today on Radio Four during Breakfast, but there's not much else on during the day that is as 'immediate' as R5L's programmes.

    And, Nicky, you're wrong, I WON'T miss her (during Breakfast) - I find her too idiotic and sychophantic and her constant giggling at nothing funny at all is the most annoying thing on radio (in my very humble opinion). And PMQs will be so bloody annoying - in fact, the R5L coverage of PMQs has decendend into farce since Mayo jumped ship. I'll be switching to BBC2 for live coverage of this from Spring onwards.

    The middday slot is only becoming available because Gabby Logan is moving on to other things. She's a 'proper' professional broadcaster, capable of dealing in depth with many subjects. All SF has done is Breakfast and doesn't have the natural authority required to carry this slot - apart from anything else, she's already told us too much about herself, with her stories of her "Anty This" and "Anty That" and the idiotic influence of her extended family ...

    Yours, fed up with being forced to pay for this sort of self-justifying careerism,


  • Comment number 10.

    I have to echo most of the previous comments. I listen to R5 mainly from 12pm onwards, but have heard Shelagh occasionally and am excited about what she can do with the Midday show. Similarly, if Richard Bacon were replaced with Phil Williams, listening would be even better and I would be less inclined to extend walking my dogs for as long as possible to avoid the 2-4 pm slot.

  • Comment number 11.

    Get Mayo back!

  • Comment number 12.

    What a brilliant laugh it's been hearing Shelagh and Nicky. I'd never want to listen to or watch anything else in the mornings. Of course, it hasn't just been about laughs. They both get to the stories and allow guests to speak, which is more than some 5live presenters do at times. I hope I get a chance to listen to Shelagh's new show, although it won't be a convenient time for most of us.

    As for Shelagh's replacement, I'm going to cast my vote for Rachel Burden. She has done an excellent job standing in for Gabby.

  • Comment number 13.

    Not a Foggy fan I'm afraid.

  • Comment number 14.

    Its sad that Shelagh is going,its a shame it was'nt Mr Campbell,who's in the same class as Alan Green,plain irritating.

  • Comment number 15.

    Anyone I talk to about 5Live always says how much they love Foggy. Luckily, I work from home, so I won't miss Shelagh at lunchtime.

    Oh, and I thought I was all alone with my dislike of Richard Bacon. Good to know there are others! How did he ever get anywhere by being so tedious?

  • Comment number 16.

    Nor a Richard Bacon fan.

    Prefer Rachel Burden or Asmah Mir. They could also keep Nicky Campbell's rampant ego in check!

  • Comment number 17.

    I am very sorry that Shelagh is moving on, I work full time so rarely catch the midday slot live. I agree that Rachel should please please please not be given the morning slot, and also that Phil Williams must surely have his own show and if that means getting rid of Richard Bacon that would be brilliant. However could this be the time to move Nicky on too? An entirely new team would be a nice change. I seem to be alone in finding Nicky so smug and self satisifed, thinking he is so funny when in fact I find him irritating. The only thing that saves him in my eyes is the way he loves his dog!!!! I think Shelagh will be great wherever she goes and who can blame her for not wanting to carry onn getting up at 3.30am and live a normal life. I love 5 live the only peopel I cannot listen to ever are Richard Bacon and Stephen Nolan.

  • Comment number 18.

    Shelagh is a brilliant broadcaster who I've enjoyed listening to for years on five live.
    There was a great chemistry between herself and Nicky and she will be difficult to replace.
    Best of Luck Shelagh!

  • Comment number 19.

    by the way where is Danny Baker I miss him SO much!!

  • Comment number 20.

    Shelagh, really pleased for you but gutted you won't be on the morning show from May.

    My drives in to work won't be the same.

    Great banter between you and NC. You keep him in check :-)

  • Comment number 21.

    Really pleased to see Shelagh coming to lunchtime. Enjoy listening to her on the way to work with Nicky. Stopped listening at lunchtime as I find Gabby very irritating, so now can start listening at lunchtime again. Again, as per other comments, a good afternoon would be had with bringing in Phil Williams.

  • Comment number 22.

    Great news for the lunchtime show. Gabby is decent enough but her over reliance on George Riley does her no favours. He's laddish and desperate to butt in at even the slightest opportunity - a proper broadcaster wouldn't allow it so expect to see his role curtailed when Fogarty arrives.

    On Logan herself - just another example of a "name" getting the job over a skilled and experienced radio broadcaster. It happens all over the BBC and it stinks.

    Also, any chance of moving Bacon back to his natural home in the late evening? He was as good there as he's poor in the afternoon.

    Oh, and another vote for the excellent Rachel Burden to team up with Nicky in the morning!

  • Comment number 23.

    Good luck Shelagh! Nicky is awesome, look forward to the announcement of his next side-kick. Completely agree about Richard 'If I was made of my surname I'd eat myself' Bacon - the guy is intolerable, biggest ego on the radio. I couldn't listen when he was on in the evening and I can't listen in the afternoon now, I usually end up changing to Radio Scotland, or Four, or World Service - even Talk Radio, sheesh! On a more positive note I've been enjoying Tony Livesey lately, nice comfortable way, I always enjoyed Mathew Bannister for that quality too.

  • Comment number 24.

    Like most of you I was so pleased to see the back of Richard Bacon on the late night show with that rediculously tedious "Special Half Hour". Please don't bring him back not that Tony Livesey is much better. Livesey has an irritating habit of having a section between the news and sport involving some absurd and time wasting texts. Whist I am on the subject why are we having a gradual increase in the involvement of newsreaders in the reradingb out of the aforesaid texts. LEt them stick to their own job.

    Finally I think Rachael Burden is a joy and will not hear a word against her!

  • Comment number 25.

    I agree about the George comments. Nothing against George himself, but it feels like schoolroom banter from which the listener is excluded. This works well with Shelagh/Nicky and Aasmah/Peter because they are both listener-facing. Gabby having sideways conversations with a half-engaged George just seems rude.

    I'm going to speak up for Richard. He is extraordinary in my opinion. Loved his evening show. Maybe he did that slightly better to be honest, but I love him whatever he does.

  • Comment number 26.

    Brilliant news. I like Shelagh's down to earth commonsense and her political knowledge. She deserves her own programme. I much prefer her on the first hour of the Breakfast programme on her own, to when Nicky joins her. I am only sorry we have to put up with Gaby Logan until May. I thought she was going in the New Year. Please can Richard Bacon be moved too. I was in the car today listening to Gaby Logan simply to hear any news and as soon as RB came on, he was as daft as ever and I had to turn off. I agree that Phil Williams should have his own slot and I was impressed with Adrian Goldberg when he stood in for Stephen Nolan last weekend. It's a pity about Rachel Burden's voice, but I can put up with her if necessary. I wish Aasmar Mir could be given a different slot though. I can hardly listen to Drive now because of her silliness and the way she treats Peter Allan as a naughty boy. She used to be quite sensible when she did the lunchtime news.

    I would hope that Shelagh's programme could include a full run down of the day's news in depth. I think she will be good covering PMQs, as she did one day a week on the Daily Politics for a few months.

  • Comment number 27.

    Congratulations Shelagh but you will be a very hard act to follow. Nicky Campbell is notoriously difficult to work with and it is a mark of your excellence that you clearly have his full admiration and respect. Something not easily earned but fully deserved. I am afraid I quite agree that Rachel Burden is certainly not the answer. Bring back Jane Garvey or Fi Glover! They would just about be able to keep Mr Campbell under control. Phil Williams for Victoria Darbyshire would improve matters enormously. That just leaves Richard Bacon, Stephen Nolan and Alan Green to be dealt with...................

  • Comment number 28.

    Congrats to Sheelagh.

    Half of last year's changes undone, half still to go. Totally agree with Sarnia, Mike Yardley and others - Phil Williams would be a far less infuriating listen than Bacon. He was always a good stand in for Mayo and others.

    You know the Help bit of nonsense on Bacon's show? "Richard, Help, there has been a total lack of grown up and interesting conversation on Monday to Thursday afternoons on Five Live for almost a year now - what can i do about it?" (I'm yet to be helped!)

  • Comment number 29.

    I have never posted on a blog before ever... until today. Sorry to hear Shelagh is leaving the Breakfast Show but dare I hope my Christmas wish of 5 Live going back to interesting journalism will come true? Gone will be the irritating Gabby and her ridiculous playground chat with George which just excludes me as a listener. I gave up listening to Richard Bacon months ago - trash radio. Please give Phil Williams his shot at the Richard Bacon slot - Phil is all things to all people - interesting, funny and always prepared even when thrown in at the deep end. How many postings about Richard Bacon/Phil Williams will it take before someone starts to listen to what the listeniners want?

  • Comment number 30.

    Shelagh will be much better in the News hour/ PMQ's than that inciped Logan. Total waste of space (she'd be better going to ITV's Daybreak) Her replacement hmmmm
    Difficult. First choice would be Rachael Burden. But that would spoil my Saturday listening as she and Phil Williams. are perfect together.
    Mentioned before is giving Phil the afternoon slot instead of (and how I agree with JB nos 23) Richard "lets have a guest in then talk about ME" Bacon.
    But then what to do about Saturday Breakfast. May I suggest Colin Patterson and Dalya Raphael.

  • Comment number 31.

    A couple of months ago the person who runs 5 was on the radio and wanted people's feedback. I wrote to say I just didn't think that the 12-2 and 2-4 slots were working, so I'm glad to see that there is an attempt to sort things out.

    I only get to hear sheila fogerty for a few minutes but she seems ok. Let's see what she does. I for one would like something more that sports in the lunchtime slot!

    Like some others I really like Rachel Burden when she has stood in for Victoria Darbyshire. She has an ability to communicate with the audience and her guests, thus making her programmes interesting and engaging.

    I'd love the 2-4 slot to be addressed though as I hate the idea of presenters constantly talking about what is on TV, what has been on TV and what is going to be on TV as if it real mattered. If I wanted to know about TV I'd watch the damned thing!

  • Comment number 32.

    Shelagh has been great partnering with Nicky on the breakfast show - sorry to see her go, but will now catch her 12-2. No probem at all with Rachel B taking over, although a pity it would break up that nice weekend early morning partnership with Phil W. Not Asmah Mir or Victoria D please. Agree with the negative comments re the post excellent-Mayo afternoon show. It's been truly awful, it hasn't worked at all, the current low point for day-time 5Live - amateurish, inane. A long-time 7 day a week 5 Live listener, I now retune during that slot, until it's time for the first class Drive show.

  • Comment number 33.

    Thanks for all your comments. I know that Shelagh has been chuffed by all the kind words she's received today. It's interesting to see a range of views about our other presenters too.

    In response to peony22 - Danny Baker is not working at 5 live at the moment while he receives treatment for cancer. You can read more about Danny's illness in this blog post.

  • Comment number 34.

    I'm glad Shelagh is staying on 5Live and look forward to hearing more of her.

    Personally, I don't share the general ire about Richard Bacon (or, indeed, Gabby Logan). I like Phil Williams but for people to criticise Bacon for talking about himself and then recommend Williams is the height of hypocrisy. I can't remember the last interview he did without talking about his childhood or experiences - I am just not interested in what his dad thinks! Overall, Phil's a bit bland. Yes, Richard's a bit of a twit from time to time but that's ok, I enjoy it - it's part of his appeal. He was certainly handed a poisoned chalice in replacing Simon Mayo.

  • Comment number 35.

    Hurrah for Shelagh! A proper broadcaster for lunchtimes, although will miss you in the morning.

    Can the powers that be please sort out the 2-4 slot. Richard Bacon is so self obsessed and shouts all the time. He never lets a guest express on opinion unless he agrees with it. COME BACK SIMON MAYO!!

  • Comment number 36.

    Since I prefer Shelagh when she's on her own (6-7am), I'm sure she'll make a great job of the midday show. The solo slot seems to have re-invigorated her. Rachel Burdon (the obvious replacement?) is a bit inconsistent - great one minute, but burbling on the next. Breakfast needs a bit more cutting edge, in my opinion. I'm a bit surprised by the Phil Williams love-fest among previous commenters. He can be teriffic - but the one thing that gets my goat is a presenter who clearly thinks they are funny, and Phil can be one of those. I was a big Bacon fan in the evenings, but feel Richard and his strange plunging neckline sweaters aren't as comfortable in the afternoons. Interesting how an announcement about Breakfast results in a mass movement for changing another slot.

  • Comment number 37.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 38.

    Well, you got quite a response to this blog entry, Nigel - obviously as a consequence of posting a link to it. And...there seems to be a number of genuine, new/first-time posters, with as you say, a range of views; although one view seems consistent (re the 2-4pm slot) and I truly hope that that viewpoint makes an impact and that further change will be considered!

  • Comment number 39.

    I posted a comment this morning about Shelagh moving from the breakfast show. I also asked if Richard Bacon could be taken off the 2 - 4pm slot. As Mr Van-Klaveren will see if he reads the comments which followed mine, the majority of people seem to agree that Richard Bacon is simply not up to the job and causes nothing but irritation. I do hope that Mr Van-Klaveren will take on board what is being said (we cannot all be wrong!) and that Phil Williams will be given a chance to have his own show - preferably in the 2-4 pm slot.

  • Comment number 40.

    OK BBC here's a summary:

    1. 6-7am was compulsory listening because of Shelagh
    2. Great news Shelagh is going to 12-2pm
    3. No way Rachel Burden gets the breakfast slot
    4. Gabby Logan will not be missed...transfer to ITV might be a good move
    5. Richard Bacon has got to go...to where..who cares but it needs to accommodate his king size ego!
    6. Phil Williams gets the 2-4pm slot
    7. Tony Livesey stays in the late night slot

    Adopt this strategy and its another Sony Award next year; pity about Simon Mayo to Radio 2 but suspect he didn't fancy moving to Manchester.

  • Comment number 41.

    Well said Sarnia.

    I'm one of the long term listeners to 5 live and first (now second) time contributors. I have been disappointed y the amendment to the schedules following Mayo's defection (Thank goodness for Wittertainment)

    Bacon's had a year to bed in, and I'm not sure if he has enough depth to cover the enormous range of topics that the show should cover, from entertainment, politics, major news stories (don't forget 5 Live's role as a rollong news and sport network) sports coverage, foreign affairs, literature and the arts, technology.................

    Enough of the Fluff please and a bit more grit.

    If you're interested, take a look at the foto on p206 top left of the Xmas Radio Times. It says everything, but then I read it twice.

  • Comment number 42.

    Logan was paid a lot of money to rarely turn-up, so then you had to pay someone else
    to fill-in. Bacon was a mistake from the start but the BBC are always reluctant to admit mistakes and so will spin and trail endlessly until his contract's up. How about someone new @ breakfast instead of another shuffle

  • Comment number 43.

    1 can we cut out the 'i've got a book/dvd can i come on the radio for 45 minutes' iam sure ten minutes would do them.

    2 can we take ideas for programmes from the new scientist/national geographic and not the daily mail/heat.

    3 less audience interaction, if you are discussing a topic get someone on who has knowledge about the topic not dave from blackburns view on things.

  • Comment number 44.

    Good on Shelagh... she's much more capable of a serious interview and coping with PMQs then Gabby.

    All we need now is Richard Bacon to be shuffled off to BBC3/ITV4 full-time to undo the damage of last schedule change -- changes which saw the ratings of this once great station plunge... recording the greatest fall in audience share in the last ratings period for 5 years (21 surveys).

  • Comment number 45.

    Glad to see so many people agree with me about Richard Bacon, his arrogant style is a five live low only matched by Eamonn Holmes' disastrous tenure on Saturday mornings. Please BBC, he is bringing down your usually high standard of presenting! Now, here's a curveball, replace him with Pat Murphy. This witty, erudite man is criminally under-used on the station and I am sure he would make a marvellous presenter of his own show. Come on BBC, give The Murphmeister the promotion and profile he deserves.

  • Comment number 46.

    waking up Shelagh (and Nicky) has been lovely! will miss you but good to know that you are not far.

  • Comment number 47.

    @ andashark

    The point is that if the interviewee is at least interesting, a decent interviewer should be able to make 45 minustes sound good. Mayo accomplished it for 9 years or so.

    If the interviewee is only content at giving his own opinion and not listen to answers that are given, this leads to the levels of dissatisfaction demonstrated on this thread. Check out podcast of RB interviewing Kermode two weeks ago, or Armando Iannucci, the Lennon afternoon etc

    Poor Sheelagh's news does seem to have been hijacked somewhat.

  • Comment number 48.

    Well, I think some of the slots are too short. What happened to the 3-hour slots? 5 live's style suits longer programme slots. 10-1 followed by 1-4 sounds much better. Maybe extending the double-handed format.

    Just a note in support of Richard. Whatever you do with him, please don't lose him. Maybe find him a more suitable slot.

  • Comment number 49.

    Agree with you, Ric (comment no. 41) As you say, it's been a year and IMO the presenter and the slot are mis-matched. It doesn't take a lot of know-how to grasp that his 'style' and persona appeals to a different demographic than actually does/did (in my case) listen mid-afternoon.

    //If you're interested, take a look at the foto on p206 top left of the Xmas Radio Times. It says everything, but then I read it twice.//


  • Comment number 50.

    You're right Ric, we've forgotten about Shelagh. Well, if The Bacon is to be perservered with, why not give Shelagh a "sidekick"? Gabby had George, so let's see how Shelagh & Pat Murphy do as a double act! I'm a Pat Murphy fan, can you tell? Shelagh sparked well off Nicky so I'm sure The Murphmeister would be an even better foil for her.

  • Comment number 51.

    Very sad to hear that Shelagh is leaving, I don't get to listen to lunchtime radio that often, but I will make a bigger effort to listen now - wasn't too fond of Gabby. Fi Glover would get my vote to partner Nicky, but it was Shelagh that made that programme for me, mornings just won't be the same. Hope the lunchtime show won't be too serious we need the Foggy sense of humour to continue. Against popular opinion I enjoy Richard Bacon's show.

  • Comment number 52.

    Like others, I rarely am in a position to listen to lunchtime radio, and I will deeply miss Sheila's bright and intelligent wit and humorous input and her style of interviewing, she is a ray of light in the bleakness of early morning preparations for work! No disrespect but
    Rachael Burden is a pale imitation.

  • Comment number 53.

    Tafkaj wrote:
    Oh, for God's sake!

    I can switch her off for, for example, Today on Radio Four during Breakfast, but there's not much else on during the day that is as 'immediate' as R5L's programmes.

    And, Nicky, you're wrong, I WON'T miss her (during Breakfast) - I find her too idiotic and sychophantic and her constant giggling at nothing funny at all is the most annoying thing on radio (in my very humble opinion). And PMQs will be so bloody annoying - in fact, the R5L coverage of PMQs has decendend into farce since Mayo jumped ship. I'll be switching to BBC2 for live coverage of this from Spring onwards.

    The middday slot is only becoming available because Gabby Logan is moving on to other things. She's a 'proper' professional broadcaster, capable of dealing in depth with many subjects. All SF has done is Breakfast and doesn't have the natural authority required to carry this slot - apart from anything else, she's already told us too much about herself, with her stories of her "Anty This" and "Anty That" and the idiotic influence of her extended family ...

    Yours, fed up with being forced to pay for this sort of self-justifying careerism,


    I couldn't agree more with Takkaj, the ludicrous split show is farcical with a shift system on presenters especially when NC appears unannounced and joins in the conversation, interviewees are often bewildered as he rarely introduces himself makes it a bizarre listen.
    Can they not manage a 4 hour show between them others do on their own very often.
    I now listen to other presenters with sharp tongues who can manage to present on their own or with guests at least keeping it fresh each day.

    SF is a lightweight on politics, maybe better than Gabby but not difficult that, but she doesn't know anywhere near as much as she thinks she does.
    I'll be glad to see[hear] the back of her at breakfast,as I rarely can listen to lunchtime anyway so I won't have to put up with her.
    If they can shift NC as well I might listen in again at breakfast instead of tuning into another show based in London. I find both of them smug and self-satisfied.

    Rachel has a great voice but maybe weekends is good for her, Frances Finn who stood in for Nolan is a perfect presenter and a hidden gem from Nottingham.

    I just don't get the fascination and adoration on here with Phil Williams, when dealing with any sport other than football he's completely lost,
    (last time i mentioned an interview he did on a motorsport event it was pulled on here even though true and i met the interviewee who confirmed it too)
    so I won't go further but to say he's not as funny as he likes to think he is either....

    Adrian Goldberg...no! just shouty shouty presenting just less than Nolan that's all. Can we have someone in a more Matthew Bannister style in the evenings please.....
    Actually Bacon I enjoyed on evenings and maybe that's where he's suited, light hearted fluffy entertainment is ideal to fall asleep to and he should be moved back there.

    Overall, at least with X Factor finished I no longer have to hear drivel about it from all the 5live staff, I don't watch it and correct me if i'm wrong isn't an ITV programme and direct competition for the BBC dancing programme? Why is it slavishly promoted endlessly on this station that used to be about news and current affairs and interesting debate.....

    so long Foggy, and why isn't it FOGGARTY anyway instead of telling us it's FOWGERTY , it's say it's been fun but actually it's been cringworthy and awful....

    not a fan (obviously)

  • Comment number 54.

    Well this is good news and I hope finally the start of a new direction for 5live.The Logan/Reilly ' interaction ' and Logan as a broadcaster was some of the most puerile and irritating radio I think I have ever heard.All 5live has to do now is focus on sorting out new presenters for Derbyshire and Bacon and I might come back and listen.
    Great to hear the views of the good people who have contributed to this blog and perhaps Nigel would like to apologise to the ' regulars ' who have taken the time to contribute to these blogs for months with many of the same views and the only reaction to our opinions/criticisms were that they were considered either ' hostile ' or blaming us for putting off new posters who were apparently reluctant to ' join in ' ( see Richard Bacon/John Lennon blog post 22 ).

  • Comment number 55.

    @ ric

    if you read the start of the blog avk asks for input.

  • Comment number 56.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 57.

    RachelBurden for breakfast weekdays. Dont bring in a so-called big name from TV as often it just doesnt work. Maybe its time for a full change. Whoever it is doesnt need to be excitable and giggly or self-promoting as some presenters can be. A serious journalist who can also deal with the lighthearted. Rachel Burden? Just toned down a touch? The only presenter who I turn off is Nolan: shock jock wannabee. Tony Livesey was vey good in brakfast slot. Call off the salford move and get Mayo back somehwere. And I agree about the TV reviews: I dont watch it so why do I need to be updated? Its a news show but are YV shows the news in this way?

  • Comment number 58.

    Each to their own, but I can't believe the clamour on here for Phil Williams. He is the one person that immediately causes the radio to be switched off in our household. So self centred (me and my mates did this, my mate thought that etc - we really don't care) and blokey. Him and George Riley is my nightmare combination. Richard Bacon is OK. He's no Simon Mayo and I miss his broadcasting hugely so it was going to be difficult for anyone to follow him.

    Am very please to see Gabby Logan going. I thought she was out of her depth and tended to resort to sport as her comfort zone. PMQs has been especially excrutiating. That and her flirty and puerile behaviour with the aforementioned George Riley. I do hope Shelagh Fogarty will slap him back down where he belongs.

    I can't believe Shelagh Fogarty os leaving Breakfast. She makes morning listening a pleasure and is clearly an excellent journalist. Plus she keeps the Campbell ego in check which is no mean feat. They are a superb partnership and I can't quite imagine either of them without the other (I'm not up early enough to hear the 6-7 slot!). But I wish her the very best of luck on the lunchtime programme and hope Nicky secures a good replacement (preferably not Rachel Burden as she is too lightweight for me and please not a giggler - Aasmah Mir provides way more than the daily giggle quota for me).

  • Comment number 59.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 60.

    Ah, sad news that Shelagh is leaving Breakfast. Will hugely miss the dynamic with Nicky Campbell. Both excellent broadcasters but there's definitely something special with the chemistry between them. I've no doubt that Shelagh will be excellent at lunchtimes and hopefully the right 'replacement' can be found to complement / correct / curb / encourage / spar with Nicky in the mornings.

    Thanks for such a great run Shelagh & Nicky.

  • Comment number 61.

    That's great that Shelagh's moving on to front the lunchtime slot. I enjoy listening to the 6AM to 7AM slot and she is totally a pleasure to listen to. How much better she'll be when I'm actually awake! Rachel Burden gets my vote for Shelagh's replacement! Great voice and a great personality! The only other change would be to get rid of Bacon! Something echoed elsewhere on the blog! He has no opinions, apart from his overinflated opinion of himself and constantly fawns over his guests like the worst kind of sycophant! I listen for a bit, but have to turn off and listen to podcasts of other stuff! Let Phil Williams have his own show for heavens sake! Good luck Shelagh! Looking forward to sharing my lunch with you!

  • Comment number 62.

    Good point Jonny Red at 45! Pat Murphy would be great and is criminally underused on 5live!

  • Comment number 63.

    My comment on this has been removed by the mods probably because I have commented on 5 live moving to Salford (heavens we shouldn't be critical on that move after all we pay the liscence fee) or I was uncomplimentary about a 5Live presenter on in the afternoon. So I say what a loss Shelagh will be to breakfast but a gain to the afternoons which would be greatly boosted by Phil Williams after her. Take that as you will

  • Comment number 64.

    Positive move. Shelagh will be excellent.

    P.S It appears that Bacon is unconcerned with the majority opinion. According to his twitter today ''there's nothing wrong with winding up blogger & forum types. You're bland if you don't''

  • Comment number 65.

    Let's see if this gets on shall we? Unfortunately 5 Live has suffered from the very "Trendy" move to Salford due to an idea that if they stay in London they will not be wholly balanced for they rest of the nation. Under the Labour Govt influence the vastly overpaid leaders of the BEEB decided that we should all move about (without moving themselves). Thus we lost Mayo to R2 (Cos he wouldn't move ) and got a sub standard afternoon schedule. (I only listen to wittertainment on a friday rest of the week a commercial sport channel ). I shall miss SF on breakfast as I think she kept NC in check but she may may make me start to listen to Five Live again in afts as long as as they get rid of Bacon and bring in Phil Williams in his place.

  • Comment number 66.

    Will miss Shelagh, love her solo slot from 6-7. Best of luck to her, pity I won't be able to listen in the afternoons. Now can we move Nicky off somewhere too - he is really irritating. Bring in someone who listens to what the guest are saying, and doesn't just argue, or try to do a radio Paxman. It's breakfast, I want to be informed of what's happening. Get this change right 5 live, otherwise its even more Chris Evans in my house. Re: Bacon - thankfully he's gone from the evenings, and I don't get to listen to him in the afternoons. Oh and don't you dare fiddle with Drive.

  • Comment number 67.

    I would just like to say how much I will miss Shelagh on Breakfast. I enjoy the banter and relationship between her and Nicky very much each morning and always ensure my radio comes on at 6am so I can maximise my listening time before work!

    Nicky and Shelagh's partnership converted me after many years of listening to another sports based radio station and I have not looked back since! I wish her luck with her new show which I know will be a great listen, I am just sorry I will be at work when it's on.

    Thanks for everything Shelagh and good luck with your new show next year.

  • Comment number 68.

    Delighted for Shelagh, very sad for me! She will be really missed on Breakfast - all the backchat between her & Nicky makes the show such a success.. There will be nothing to wake up for now...sleep till 12?!
    What a lot of grumps bloggers are! I find Rachel very easy and amusing & the Saturday morning early show is great. Bacon's ok too. My gripe is the inane laughter that we get later on Saturday - but of course - that's for football fans!!

  • Comment number 69.

    Ca't see that it's a bad thing as I'm no fan of hers. Not that it'll make much difeerence as I listen to The Today Programme and never

  • Comment number 70.

    Ha.Ha. Rachel (40 a day voice) Burden to replace the inane Fogarty. At least i'll keep me listening to The Today Programme on Radio 4.

  • Comment number 71.

    Mornings won't be the same, I often find myself giggling as I drive to work with the banter of Sgeelagh and Nickki. Rachel Burden is great, agree about Richard Bacon can't listen to Tony Livesey - it was great to hear so much of the great Ian Paine over the summer bring him back somewhere.

  • Comment number 72.

    Sorry about my error strewn missive yesterday - 'hit the wrong button' syndrome!

    With SF moving on it is surely a great opportunity to overhaul the daytime chedule, starting with breakfast. Matthew Bannister has the gravitas and authority to handle this. Confess I'm sure with who though but NC is getting a bit wearysome and past his sell by date in my view.

    Cut down the length of the dreadful phone in show from 10am and eliminate the 9am slot completely. Replace it with a debate (not involving listeners) but with good, informed guests.

    I think the suggestion that Pat Murphy could anchor a slot somewhere is brilliant. Maybe a 6.00pm hour slot on sport?

    Not sure I support the clamour for Phil Williams to replace Bacon. But he is better than Murray who continues to defy the odds and hang onto to the Sunday pm sport despite Eleanor Oldroyd being a vastly superior presenter.

    And let's all look forward to the return of the Candy man. Hope you are on the road to recovery Dan!

  • Comment number 73.

    Buried among the posts here was a mention of Frances Finn.

    I think she deserves to be firmly on the radar as a potential replacement for Shelagh.

    She was a very good replacement for Shouty Nolan a few months ago and can conduct a serious interview as well as the light and shade necessary in the Lite genre of 5Live Mr Controller seems so fond of.

  • Comment number 74.

    @ Ryanw ....Frances Finn...that was me posting ( amongst my anti NC , Fogarty , Phil Williams , Nolan rant anyway -
    yes she is a solid interesting presenter who allows guests to speak and is very capable with no discernible ego unlike pretty much all of the others above...

    I am a very occasional twitter user but congratulated her on show and she replied back genuinely pleased at the reactions to her(personally biased & agenda for me she is a biker so I might even get more bike sport on there instead of endless football discussions...) I digress but 5live bills as a sport station when in reality it's a football station with a bit of cricket & rugby every now and then -public service should cover other areas)

    Anyway that's what I don't get - plenty of decent presenters around who don't need to be flown over & put up at our expense who don't shout or actually when becomes controversial backs down.

    My birth family is Irish and Fogarty is not pronounced foe...it's an affectation of postcard Shelagh puts on to make her appear cosmopolitan unless talking about the north when she reverts to scouse like tone.
    I remember an interview with Alan Duncan where she floundered completely and he asked her if she was a serious journalist?

    No she isn't , Gabby Logan is hopeless and is style over substance & more nepotism but Shelagh is just dreadful...the "banter" between her & NC is excruciating ....

    I won't be listening as I rarely dip into 5live apart from wittertainment now ....
    I'm the demographic too but there's nothing for me here now....

    Too much football/strictly/ etc. Just not of any interest...
    BBC London is better and otherwise it's a london commercial non-sport talk station now -
    even with adverts its less cringing than most of 5lived output...

  • Comment number 75.

    daft iPhone predictive text - for postcard I meant to say poshness ! LOL!

  • Comment number 76.

    JackStumps (post 72) agree with you:

    //With SF moving on it is surely a great opportunity to overhaul the daytime chedule, starting with breakfast. Matthew Bannister has the gravitas and authority to handle this. Confess I'm sure with who though but NC is getting a bit wearysome and past his sell by date in my view.

    Cut down the length of the dreadful phone in show from 10am and eliminate the 9am slot completely. Replace it with a debate (not involving listeners) but with good, informed guests.//

    Spot on.

    //Not sure I support the clamour for Phil Williams to replace Bacon. But he is better than Murray who continues to defy the odds and hang onto to the Sunday pm sport despite Eleanor Oldroyd being a vastly superior presenter.//

    I know I mentioned Phil Williams (back in post no. 1) but I did so because before Bacon took over, PW used to regularly deputise in that slot and of the two he is preferable (but certainly not perfect). Concur with you re the lamentable under-use of Eleanor Oldroyd.

    Now - give HER the 2-4pm slot - perfect!

    Best wishes to Danny Baker too.

  • Comment number 77.

    Oh dear! I listen to Shelagh on my way home from work. Campbell is ok I suppose but Shelagh is in charge! I look forward to her show later in the morning though - that'll be good.
    As for a permanent replacement on Breakfast ..... Rachel I hope.

  • Comment number 78.

    Open up a blog, and it will eventually deteriorate into an excuse for the grumps to queue up to provide us with a list of presenters they don't like. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY at 5 live would cause me to turn off my radio. I might turn off when some of them wax lyrical about X-Factor for 15 minutes, or maybe the Oscars, (you know who you are). I have some lively tweets with Stephen when he gets emotional and teary-eyed about something stupid, and tell him to pull himself together, but I still listen. Nobody here does their job badly and I for one appreciate the hard work they put into providing a first-class service 24 hours a day. It's a service that no other radio station on Earth comes anywhere near replicating. It's not Radio 4, and nor should it be. Those who want their news delivered in a posh plummy voice by a presenter wearing a dinner-jacket should look elsewhere.

    Shelagh is one of a handful of presenters who are at the top of her game, and almost universally appreciated. I can always feel Nicky's genuine warmth toward Shelagh, and I have no doubt he is going to miss her. I hope Nicky carries on in this slot, and whoever replaces Shelagh would need to be able to strike up a good working relationship with him. Some are good on their own, others are good as part of a team. Whoever it is, I will continue listening.

  • Comment number 79.

    The end of a great double-act but what an opportunity for Shelagh!

    I listen to Five Live A LOT! Ask my wife!

    As regards the other comments...
    The two most underated presenters on Five Live are Phil Williams and Tony Livesey.

    I used to be a Richard Bacon Fan (The Special Half Hour etc) when he did the 2200-0100 slot, but since he got promoted to daytime, he has become so hard-work and sychophantic to listen to. Maybe his style better suited until after the watershed.

    I like Phil Williams, but I think like Tony Livesey - his regional accent goes against him.

    Tony Livesey does a great show three nights a week at 2200, he is well worth your time.

    Poorest Five Live Presenter - Danny Baker (Radio then gets turned off)

  • Comment number 80.

    Please do not replace her with Rachel Burden with the smokers voice which is extremely irritating to the point that I have to switch off. Where have BBC standards gone, she just does not have a voice for radio.
    Also no Phil Williams with his dull boring Brummie accent, we suffered for years with Chiles so come BBC get more proffessional.

  • Comment number 81.

    I loathed Breakfast when Shelagh and Nicky first started their partnership; it was zoo radio at it's worst. However as their relationship has developed I have found that I sneak back from Radio 4 more and more in the morning. Shelagh keeps Nicky in check...and goodness knows he needs it sometimes! I wish her all the best for the lunchtime slot.

    Rachel would be a good replacement. The more I hear her the more I like her but then I always have.

    Phil Williams has improved on his blokey style over the last 12 months and is far less 'matey' that he used to be but he just doesn't have what it takes for the 2-4 slot. We don't need a paler version of Bacon, which is what he is. Bring back Mayo or alternatively bring someone completely new in, such as Frances Finn and allow them time to develop. An unpopular suggestion for most on these boards would be to get Colin Murray off sport and give him the weekday afternoons. He was a good stand in for Mayo, always seemed to have done his homework on books/guests etc and left the blokey ego at the door.

    Love Livesey in the evenings. Don't take him away! Would go so far as to say that he's the best since the fabulous Fi!

  • Comment number 82.

    'That just leaves Richard Bacon, Stephen Nolan and Alan Green to be dealt with...................'

    couldn't disagree with this more. These 3 are very unique broadcasters and provide a lot of interest when listening. Richard Bacon I think was better suited to the 10-1am slot which Tony Livesy is doing an excellent job at now - however, he is still working well at 2pm.

    I can see why you may not find listening to Stephen Nolan comfortable, but he is really very good.

    And Alan Green is superb and would be a huge loss to football coverage on the radio - someone who doesn't sit on the fence, hide behind clichés and reflect the neutral, formulaic response of the footballers themselves.

    As for those who have mentioned axing Vic Derbyshire - that would be awful, she is probably the only show i listen to daily on 5live!

  • Comment number 83.

    ...after that praise, I must add that I'd like to see Chris Addison moved off the station, his show is appalling and he shows a clear disregard for broadcasting and listeners - only last week he refereed to a clip of Rob Sharp (from up all night) as a clip from one of 5 live's news readers and then continued to make digs at Robs articulation.

  • Comment number 84.

    I think that just about covers it. To summarise all of the above,

    1 SF promotion to Lunch is good
    2 RBurden to replace her, breaking up the Weekend breakfast show, so
    3 PW to afternoons
    4 Leaving VD in her fab morning show (maybe one shouldn't use initials in some cases, sorry)

    So where does that leave Bacon? I think ITV4 should do it. His tweet yesteday was interesting, "being attacked on blogs is just about the most essential part of being a broadcaster. If you don't, you're bland" and did him no favours. That's fine if you're provoking with challenging and mature debate. If you're winding people up with innane and infantile banter, then that's something totally different. As Fionn said earlier, he's ignoring the majority view.

    If there's a strong view in favour of Bacon, BBC, why not start a discussion board / blog on here and have a proper, informed debate from both sides. on this particular discussion, we've seen a couple of "Bacon's OK" but that's as positive as itgets for him.

    Take heed 5Live.

  • Comment number 85.

    Clearly Simon Mayo is tough act to follow. Too tough for Richard Bacon, even though I was a fan of his late-night show. Gaby Logan, Chris Addison and Colin Murray are irritating too. On the upside, Frances Finn and Adrian Goldberg have done a good job recently, Livesey's a good fit for the late show and the Drive, Sport and Up All Night presenters remain excellent.

    Shelagh's good, just unable to ask a concise question.

  • Comment number 86.

    There was a time on 5live when the content and news coverage of the programme took preference over who presented it.What a shame that this has been put in reverse by recent controllers and more emphasis is now directed at shoring up the ego's of the broadcaster.Quite frankly all I want is for the news to be reported in a fair minded way and whoever is actually doing the presenting ( as long as they are doing a good job ) should be irrelevant.Making presenters out to be in somekind of ' celeb ' status just doesn't work for me.

  • Comment number 87.

    I am also very sorry Shelagh is leaving breakfast. I really enjoy the show with NC/SF. Please do NOT give the weekday show to Rachel"I love Rugby" Burden. Its bad enough having to miss Weekend breakfast.
    Delighted Gabby Logan is leaving(Why exaactly was she given the 12-2 slot anyway?)
    And as for Richard(Dickie Pig) Bacon................. Dear God if he represents the cream of talent we are all goint to Hell in a handcart.
    I personaly would love to see Ranvir Singh get the weekday breakfast slot.
    I miss eing able to listen to 5 live when ever I feel like it. Can we now have less of the egos and more decent presenters please?

  • Comment number 88.

    I would definately advise the 5live controller to take a listen to parts of the broadcasts that took place when Campbell,Derbyshire,Bacon etc. decided to support the strike action a little while ago and Rachel Hodges and Ian Payne stood in.It was all so concise and with no annoying and overly loud jingles.Beautiful radio and no massive ego's on display.

  • Comment number 89.

    I have read all the comments supposedly 'summarising' what everyone seems to think about the 5 live line-up and I feel I need to put my two pence in...
    Phil Williams is just another one of the new breed of smug presenters 5 live seems to have embraced. He should not get his own show. To do so would just make his self-centred rhetoric even more painful. He seems to have gone to every big show or sporting event and needs to make sure everyone knows about it - "I'm going to watch Take That tonight", "Yesterday I was at Twickenham" - So what?!
    Shelagh is excellent and will be missed from the Breakfast slot. Drive is excellent, as is Victoria Derbyshire, Mark Pougatch and Mark Chapman. Richard Bacon is much better suited to a late evening slot.
    I am also so fed up with everyone lauding over how great Simon Mayo is. Arrogant in the extreme, and this Wittertainment business is a practice in the art of self indulgence. It is the only 5 live show I switch off (apart from Gethin Jones, obviously).

  • Comment number 90.

    Who would be station controller? Not me.

    There are many people who posted as though only their view should prevail. Yet there are many conflicting views on particular presenters. Even dearest Shelagh doesn't get universal support on here. The controller can't please all the people some of the time, let alone all of time. There are some reasonably consistant views, like Richard should be in a different slot, but much of that comes from the comparison with his predecessor, which isn't really fair. We are just going to have to learn to be a little more open-minded and warm-hearted to those who don't quite fit our particular idea of what a presenter should be. We should embrace the differences between them. Otherwise, we will end up with the kind of stereotypical presenter we can hear on any "best music mix" commercial station in any part of the country at any time of day.

  • Comment number 91.

    As you whitewash over the problems @ 5-Lite (leanne) and discount everyone elses thoughts and input - perhaps we should all only take any notice of yours. I know Klav will.

  • Comment number 92.

    @ Welcome2theMachine

    Well I AM accepting the views posted by others, and pointing out that none of us will ever be totally happy, no matter what the station controller does. I am saying he can't win. :)

  • Comment number 93.

    Which people in your opinion Leanne "posted as though only their view should prevail"?. I don't see any evidence of that here. Just various posters posting their views - which is, after all, the purpose of the blog.

  • Comment number 94.

    Good appointment I think.

    I would be happy to see Rachel Burden as Shelagh's replacement on Breakfast with Dalya Raphael getting weekends (that said I would be happy with Dalya through the week but that seems unlikely).

    Question for Adrian though, will Gabby Logan still appear on Five Live at all? I think she was slightly out of her depth on a daily daytime show but would like to hear her doing some sports stuff, something like presenting Wimbledon maybe?

    Also if we are playing fantasy controller Ian Payne to be the new Sunday Sport on 5 presenter from next season for me. I am sure Colin will leave to consentrate on MOTD2 and Payney would be perfect to regain a regular slot.

  • Comment number 95.

    So sad Shelagh is leaving, she and Nicky won me away from Radio 4 in the mornings and I haven't looked back. I will miss the banter and the warm intelligence, all good things must come to an end. The very best of luck Shelagh.

  • Comment number 96.

    I would like to wish Shelagh well in her new role. I used to enjoy the breakfast show until I felt it became too much of a NC/SF lovefest. But Shelagh hopefully will get a grip on the twelve til two slot which has died a death in the hands of lightweight Logan.
    Also Shelagh will hopefully be a big contrast to Richard ( let's talk about me,me ,me) Bacon and can demonstrate some radio skills which perhaps he might learn from.
    Just one question the header says that this section is reactively moderated and yet the post before me says it is awaiting moderation?

  • Comment number 97.

    So your listeners are telling you that Bacon is irritating/inadequate and an insult to their intelligence. If he can't overcome these shortcomings it's only fair BBC save him and us further embarassment by replacing him with a presenter who is fit for purpose.

    Why do respondents suggest Campbell's self satisfied smugness and overweaning ego should be addressed by placing a co-presenter who can act as a foil? Perhaps his bullying behaviour in the past towrads Fi Glover and Victoria Derbyshire accounts for his nauseously mutual sychophancy with Fogharty, as an act of reparation. If he's the problem solve it by getting rid of him rather than merely accommodating him with another foil.

    Replacements in the shape of Ian Payne for the afternoon slot and Julian Worriker for the Breakfast Show would replace the current egomaniacs with professional presenters.

  • Comment number 98.

    Five Live Breakfast has been part of my life for some years now and, to be honest, I was rather apprehensive when Shelagh took over from Victoria D a while back.
    It took no time at all to realise that the good Shelagh was a breath of fresh air and I now find myself addicted to her style whilst wondering how on earth I thought Victoria to be so good.
    Although I have not met either I regard both Nicky and Shelagh as my radio friends and will miss their special chemistry each weekday morning.
    Of course I realise that all good things must come to an end and whilst I'm excited by Shelagh's promotion to the new slot (if that's what it is) I am, however, anxious over her replacement.
    Others on this blog have shared my concerns that Rachel Burden may get the nod to sit alongside Nicky but, if this is in the mind of those who make such decisions, I urge them to think again.
    To coin a much used phrase Rachel's voice "does my head in". Her dark chocolate voice is just about acceptable but her squeaky, indecipherable, almost shouting, excitement tones are so irritating and off putting. Sorry Rachel but I'm amazed you have remained on air for so long.

  • Comment number 99.

    So the Five Live breakfast 'love-in' will come to an end. Shelagh and Nicky to be split up...about time. Shelagh will need to learn about how to ask a question in her new slot. Please drop the multi-question, opinion-loaded questions you usually ask. When you have a guest or a caller, let them say something rather than hog the time for yourself. You have grown into quite an ego. I used to quite like you but I'm afraid you got rather smug.
    Sorry to be so negative...good luck on new show in April.

  • Comment number 100.

    Only get to listen to BF occasionally, and initially, used to enjoy the banter between Nicky and Sheila , but have found it to become quite tiresome, but i do think SF will be a improvement on Gabby logan. Don't mind Gabby, but don't think she is suited to radio (5live). Personally, i would like to see Nicky replace (swap with ) VD. I agree with Sarnia about replacing the phone in with a debate,and have well informed guests, and NC would be perfect to host this. Have to agree with the majority of comments about the Richard Bacon show ( in association with Heat magazine ). This slot has become a joke !!!! Any chance of Mayo coming back ? (don't think Phil Williams is the answer ).


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