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Three new shows for the weekend


I wanted to tell you more about three new programmes we've got this weekend on 5 live.

On Sunday night at 7.30 you'll be able to hear Men's Hour for the first time. There's been so much discussion and comment about the programme that you may feel you've already heard it - but this Sunday will be the chance to judge the show on its content, which in the end is what matters. But before Tim Samuels even gets things underway, let me explain what we're trying to do.

Firstly it is worth pointing out it's a one hour programme for six weeks on a Sunday evening. One challenge with slots like this is to do something a bit different which gets us noticed - we're always looking to increase awareness of 5 live because that's the way of attracting new listeners. Men's Hour has certainly been talked about over the last few days so that's a real plus.

Editorially, is there value in trying to understand men's role in the world and to give space to talk about some issues which to be honest do not get aired very often in broadcast media? I think there is as long as we do that in a way which is smart, relevant and thought-provoking - and that's what the programme will aim to do. We'll deal with topics like work, relationships and health. And don't be misled by the title - just as Woman's Hour has almost 40% male listeners, we hope female listeners won't feel they can't listen to Men's Hour. To help prove the point, Woman's Hour presenter Jenni Murray is a guest on the first show and Men's Hour presenter Tim Samuels is a guest this week on Woman's Hour on Radio 4.

Also new this Sunday at 11am is Chart the Week with Richard Bacon. Over the past year we've tried to use the Sunday morning 11am slot to take a different look at the week's events using humour and comedy in a live, topical format. The Christian O'Connell Solution and Seven Day Sunday with Chris Addison have been the first two shows and Seven Day Sunday will return for another run in September. But this summer we're trying a third format with the same aims in mind. It's a simple idea - a panel looks back at the week's top ten most talked-about events. We want it to be sharp, flexible and funny - something perfect for a sunny Sunday morning.

Our new trio of programmes for the weekend is rounded off by Gethin Jones' return to Saturday mornings between 9 and 11. It's Gethin's third summer with us in this slot and the programme will be a mix of familiar features and some fresh ideas with the aim of reflecting the sound of summer - from sport to festivals to music. Hopefully amongst those three shows there's something everyone can enjoy this summer - do give them a listen and see what you think.

Adrian Van-Klaveren is Controller of BBC Radio 5 live


  • Comment number 1.

    I am a great fan of Tim Samuels. He has a great sense of humour. Here's hoping.

    I get the feeling he might be slumming it on your station AV-K.

  • Comment number 2.

    I've never heard of Tim Samuels but whoever he is I fear you've given him the graveyard slot. I would think that audience figures at that time are not great anyway and he'll also be up against Top Gear - not ideal if you're presumably trying to attract male listeners.
    If you've read any of the other blogs you may sense that we're not yet ready for another ration/rasher of Bacon!
    Saturday mornings have been a running sore ever since Chiles left and perhaps here was a chance to introduce something different.

  • Comment number 3.

    This all sounds like utter crap. The delegated idea of someone who thinks Bacon & Murray are cool. Laddism 5 years too late. Chasing ratings, commissioning nobodies - to fill time better used on quality debate

  • Comment number 4.

    I thought Richard Bacon had a lightweight, trival comedy cum entertainment programme Mon-Thurs? Do we really another dose on Sunday? Is there such as thing as too much big personality?

  • Comment number 5.

    SHARP! FLEXIBLE! FUNNY! Is this the same Richard Bacon who has single-handedly ruined weekday afternoons on Radio 5?
    Are we now to be subjected to teenage antics and "celebrity" FUN on a Sunday morning as well?
    What on earth is going on at this station?

  • Comment number 6.

    Please not more Richard Bacon.Has no one at the BBC still not got the message about his woeful presenting skills.Can't understand it myself but there seems to be somekind of controller obsession with this chap.

  • Comment number 7.

    Oh joy even more Bacon !

    I'll be going vegetarian on Sunday morning then !
    Wake up and smell the coffee AVK-Bacon and Murray are ruining 5 live !

  • Comment number 8.

    The Open to obuse.
    Klav and his mates and a couple of dozen other BBC hangers-on will be up there for no apparent reason, Byford obviously, Yentob's cleaner. Bacon went up to see his would be mate - Evans, get a free flight and hotel and Twit all night. Evans likes golf and the BBC will facilitate whatever he likes. Campbell needs to see his second home and mum up the road etc. etc.

  • Comment number 9.

    The Men's Hour sounds interesting, though it has been done before. I think it was on Radio 4 where Tom Robinson did a Men's Hour a few years ago. I also agree with the poster above that it's madness to put it against Top Gear.

    I love Danny Baker and he will be sorely missed in the Saturday morning slot. I didn't like Gethin's show last year but will give it a chance to see what's changed.

    I don't have any comment about Richard Bacon except that that will be another slot where I move away from Radio 5. I heard a little bit of him during Wimbledon fortnight, not realising he was going to be there. 'Text a fact about a Scotsman you know.' Banal and downright embarrassing.

  • Comment number 10.

    Oh goodness, Gethin's programme is bad. He is a useless broadcaster. It is on until 12 for heaven's sake! Your schedule is fast becoming a desert, and I am going to do that right now. (Yes, that is the level of his jokes.)

  • Comment number 11.

    When are 5live going to realise that their much vaunted "rules of chat" trio - Bacon, Logan and Murray (who could forget that excruciating TV ad?) - have not been a success and have alienated many of their core listeners. This policy of going for "names" rather than talented presenters who may be less well known has failed and will continue to fail.

  • Comment number 12.

    Please no, not more Bacon. Listening to John Inverdale recently on Five Live highlights Bacon's shortcomings, Inverdale would be perfect for afternoons.

  • Comment number 13.

    I really hope that Five Live’s ‘Men’s Hour’ gets to grips with the issues that concern men. It is a golden opportunity but, unfortunately, one that is invariably deeply compromised once we start to talk about men, especially in any organised way. Various men’s health magazines have been published, for example, which aim to improve men’s health and lives. Yet, instead of helping us to understand men’s lives and men’s issues better, they end up appealing to and, thus, shoring up men’s existing attitudes. So nothing changes. One recently published manual on men’s health recommends that new dads push the buggy to the pub in order to look after their health better!
    I speak as an ex counsellor specialising in working with men, and the difficult realities about men and their lives have been staring me in the face for years: in actual fact we don’t really see men at all, in spite of their ubiquitous visibility; we don’t yet know how to see them, and our culture invests so heavily in masculinity that we mostly don’t actually want to see them. So men’s inner lives remain hidden from us and are still little understood. In fact men are the mysterious sex, not women, and Radio Five Live has, as I say, a golden opportunity here to help us unravel this mystery. Good luck.

  • Comment number 14.

    Half an hour in to the new Bacon show. Apart from the unfortunate feeling these guys have opinions from the pub that we could hear at any time but not be paid a vast fee to say on air, they just had the cheek to run down Zak Goldsmith for talking over Jon Snow, when they have been doing it to each other since the programme started. this isn't particularly funny stuff, or original, or worthy of a slot lasting an hour. And why isn't the Open on Sports Extra? Some of us are interested in a few of the lower leader board golfers who are on the course now.

  • Comment number 15.

    Like others, I am sorry to see more trivia on 5 Live. There is a place for it - I do enjoy Mr Livsey in the evenings. I also love the short spells of fun on the Drive programme and with Victoria. SHORT SPELLS.
    But, and its a big but, I now no longer listen to 5 Live between the hours of 12 noon and 4pm weekdays. As I long ago chose not to have a television, 5 Live was my ideal station; NEWS & Sport. But the new schedule with Gabby Logan and Richard Bacon are yawningly trivial, silly and boring.
    Is there a link with Very Good Looking People?? Is radio now as focussed on 'hansome' looks as the TV?
    Give me a quick brain and insight anyday! PLEASE don't go further down the commercial road - you have a unique profile at 5 live and it is worth preserving.

  • Comment number 16.

    It was, for the most part, a poor show and not a patch on radio 4's WH. The interview with Alan Johnson was the highlight.

  • Comment number 17.

    Radio professionals will always tell you that it's only a small minority of listeners who contact a station or bother to write in and maybe that's the case.
    However I would estimate that the people who do write on blogs such as this represent a fair cross section of the listeners and there have been very few positive comments about Richard Bacon.
    Who exactly is he supposed to appeal to because he certainly has little support here ?

  • Comment number 18.

    Hello Ann. Nice to see someone new here. Totally agree with your sentiments. Lighthearted asides, a little bit of humour, the odd bit of banter and sillyness is fine, but now on Five Live it's the norm, only occasionally punctuated by news, insightful comments and robust interviews on some programmers.

    Clearly this is the era of the big personality and "accessible" aka dumbed down radio programming.

    Such a great shame.

    We're about due for another rajar ratings post from the Controller no doubt telling us how wonder Mr Bacon, Murray et. al. are.

    I note that Ellie seems to have gone frightfully quiet after our pressing questions about the ratings.

    Anyone surprised?

  • Comment number 19.

    Give her a break ryanw, she has written at least four pieces!! Ahem.

    Didn't hear the Tim Samuels but saw the various crits of it. I won't be bothering to "listen again" I don't think.

    That rubbish relationship between Gabby and George has resurfaced and so as she is back, I have gone. Especially as the newsreader is muscling in as usual.

    Almost nothing left to listen to now.

  • Comment number 20.

    I'd love to see Gabby and George moved to Weekend Breakfast and partnered with Phil Williams. It would just be like some shabby 70's sitcom.
    Rachel Burden has a lot more to offer as she has consistently shown and would do a far better job in the 12-2 slot.

  • Comment number 21.

    I do like Gabby Logan as a sports broadcaster but I agree with Dom #12 hearing John Inverdale covering her show has shown how class he is doing both news and sport shows on the network. Shame we are going to hear less of him now on the network that he is the TV athletics presenter so will not be on at all during the big athletics championships any more, which is a big shame for the olympic coverage on Five Live.

  • Comment number 22.

    Well that was a success then... The Telegraph on Men's Hour ... "Host Tim Samuels hasn’t quite mastered the art of talking to people other than himself, the guests (Hugh Dennis, Andy McNab and a studio doctor) seemed unsure of when to speak, the editorial line aimed at butch but succeeded best when camp.".

    Apparently, the number one event of last week according to Bacon's Chart the Week was "Peter Mandelson’s new book, which none of them appeared to have read but all agreed was a good thing. Listeners experienced a Jedward moment here, as all three journalistic pundits grew incoherent with awe at having seen Lord Mandelson on their way into the BBC that very morning."

    Poor quality programming then.

  • Comment number 23.

    Bacon's programme was, I suspect, broadcast from his kitchen with his two best mates along for a bit of sycophancy. None of them knew what they were talking about, and none of them were listening to what the other said as they were all talking over one another.

    Mess, mess, mess.

  • Comment number 24.

    Made a rare foray into Logan land today. Says it all when a guest, (MP Bill Cash I think) virtually told Logan and a woman journalist off The Express (I didn't know they employed any journalists?) to stop gossiping about kids and gifts for Presidents and get on with the matter in hand i.e: the USA/UK 'special relationship'. Gabby has an attention span of zilch and this was just a further example of why she is totally unsuited to this slot.

  • Comment number 25.

    She's currently being touted as the replacement airhead for Christine Bleakley on the One Show. My joy at this prospect is only tempered by the thought of how much she would earn.

  • Comment number 26.

    I would like to agree with many of the previuos posts in particular.

    "Oh joy even more Bacon !

    I'll be going vegetarian on Sunday morning then !
    Wake up and smell the coffee AVK-Bacon and Murray are ruining 5 live !"

    Richard Bacon is inane and lacking in skills and the exchange when he said "This is the best Wimbledon ever" and when asked by Michael Stich how many he had been to replied "One" was just so low quality.....

  • Comment number 27.

    I suppose it was too much to expect Logan to put in a full week after her lengthy break. Derbyshire also now seems to be routinely doing only four days. I'd be interested to know how her salary compares with a few years ago when she was working 15 hours a week as opposed to 8 now.

  • Comment number 28.

    As usual, everything is so out of date on this blog site that of course this will be off topic. However...........

    Is Five Live becoming the mouthpiece of the Labour party? Attack the Tories by Bacon, Mandelson ad nauseum, Jacquie Smith and her new life, and now Vicky doing the public hustings for the Labour leadership elections. Is the latter entirely appropriate on the station? Is it all a bad dream to the AVK group who are in denial that Labour is out of government and still need their fix of the old golden days of Blair and Brown? I don't remember the Tories or Lib Dems getting this sort of treatment when they were changing their leaders.


  • Comment number 29.

    I couldn't believe we were getting even more Richard Bacon after the dire afternoon programme. So many of us now seem to switch off between 12 and 4. Are there any official figures I wonder. I used to love the station but now I search round the dial for something else to listen to in the afternoons and sadly usually just have silence or ClassicFM.

  • Comment number 30.

    I see that the BBC PR Department is at it again. One of the top NEWS stories of the day on 5Live? The appointment of a new autocue reader on The One Show. Why is this making morning news bulletins? It's not news. It's BBC PR.

    The new programme wouldn't be starting today would it? If you _must_ serve up this pap please don't include it in NEWS bulletins.

  • Comment number 31.

    Amusing to hear Foggity consistently pronouncing Bleakley incorrectly when she's so insistent on her own name not pronounced the same as the superbike racer. Surprised that no-one put her right but then I don't think producers are allowed to correct the "talent". Otherwise we would have less giggling, flirting and other annoying habits.

  • Comment number 32.

    Thank goodness I've found Julian Worricker on Radio 4 at 12 noon with You and Yours and will follow that with the Lunchtime News. To think that Radio 5 Live used to have people of the calibre of Julian.

    Considering the amount of attention Christine Bleakley gets (it was on Sky News as well), you would think everyone knew how to pronounce her name. Still a lot of people who should know better pronounce it wrongly.

  • Comment number 33.

    Bacon only one weeks holiday? Surely he should do us all a favour and have at least five weeks off like Steve ‘love the show’ Wright?


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