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Adrian Van-Klaveren Adrian Van-Klaveren | 12:13 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010


Note: Adrian is responding to questions sent in by 5 live listeners and readers of this blog. Some of the questions have been combined or grouped together to avoid repetition.

  • Schedules/presenters

1. Are you changing the station's character? Are you trying to appeal to a different audience? Has this changed?

5 live has a unique character, based on both its content (live news, live sport, debate and discussion) and its attitude and tone. These things are always evolving - if they were static, there would come a point where people were criticising the station for not moving on in its sound and content. But I'm certainly not changing the station in any radical way - of course we want to draw in new listeners but every listener we currently have is precious and we don't want to lose anyone.

2. There seems to be much more entertainment on 5 live now. Are you moving away from 5 live's news and sport remit?

No - the core of 5 live is coverage of live news and sport. Entertainment news is an important part of our news coverage - we know that many people are interested in events ranging from the Oscars to the Brits, the latest blockbuster TV series or the celebrity who everyone is talking about. In a broader sense, there's the question of whether 5 live should be entertaining. My answer is yes of course we should. Of course not every story or programme is going to be high in entertainment value because that wouldn't be appropriate given the nature of many news stories. But overall I think part of what people expect from 5 live is to be entertained whether it's casual asides by Peter Allen during Drive or entertainment-based programme formats such as Fighting Talk.

3. The daytime line-up is now filled with 'lightweights' - presenters more comfortable with entertainment or sport than with hard news. Why have you made this change?

I don't think that's fair at all. Our weekday daytime presenters are currently Nicky Campbell, Shelagh Fogarty, Victoria Derbyshire, Gabby Logan, Richard Bacon, Peter Allen and Aasmah Mir. There's a huge amount of broadcasting experience there and a vast range of interests. It's the essence of what 5 live is about - different styles and different views on life. But all of our presenters are comfortable handling breaking news and major developments in sport.

4. If the Q1 RAJARs are down will you rethink the schedule changes?

I think it's really important that we look at the effect of schedule changes over a period of time - certainly a twelve to eighteen month period would be much more appropriate than a single quarter. There are also many factors at play - the sporting calendar, news events, and changes in the competitive market can all have an impact on the RAJAR numbers. So this is a long-term judgment, not something which could be decided on the basis of one quarter's worth of figures whether they go up or down.

5. Why do you fly Stephen Nolan to Manchester to present his show when he could stay in Belfast and present down the line? How much does it cost to transport him and put him up in Manchester?

Let me say firstly that we always try to achieve the highest quality programme at the best value for money. To produce a live, all-speech three hour radio programme involves far more people than just the presenter. Stephen Nolan's production team are all based in Manchester and are part of a seven day a week operation there which is more efficient to organise than a number of small, individual production teams in different parts of the country. Of course there is a cost involving in bringing Stephen to Manchester and we have tried presenting the programme from Belfast on occasions. But editorially there is a danger of leaving a presenter isolated especially in the event of breaking news so on those occasions we have found it necessary to send a member of the production team to Belfast to make this work smoothly, therefore not making any saving. Of course many media presenters have regularly travelled to London to present programmes over the years, incurring costs as they do so.

6. Has 5 live's budget suffered in the recent round of cuts?

Like all parts of the BBC, we have had to find ways of saving money over the last few years. By making ourselves more efficient and controlling costs and spending in certain areas, we have delivered those savings without damaging the quality of the station. The recent BBC Strategy Review has endorsed 5 live's direction so it does not propose any further changes to 5 live's budget as part of the reprioritisation of BBC spending.

  • Social media

7. Have 5 live presenters been told by management to use social media - Twitter and Facebook?

Social media are an important part of communication in 2010 - they can give a direct way of engaging with people and build deeper connections. We use social media in all sorts of ways ranging from placing content such as the 5 live Football Player on Facebook to updating programme information through Twitter. It is up to presenters and individual programmes to identify the best ways of making connections through social media for their output. It's an area which is developing fast and we are still learning about what works and what doesn't.

8. Why are some presenters allowed to send politically partisan tweets on the account they publicise on-air?

We have editorial guidelines for news presenters which include the need to be politically impartial in any public forum. All of our presenters are aware of this guidance and I am not aware of any tweets which have breached this recently.

9. 5 live is now the only national network without a messageboard. Why did you sanction the closure of the messageboard and why have you ignored all requests to reopen it?

When I became Controller of 5 live, the station message board had already closed. What we had were two message boards for discussing news - one UK and one World. These were general discussions and, to be honest, they had very little connection with the station's output. We never talked about them on air and the online discussions felt like they existed in their own world. We closed those two news-related message boards and opened this blog as an effort to find a way of discussing 5 live the station - updating listeners on important developments and answering questions.

  • Sport

10. How will you respond to the loss of two packages of Premier League football?

Obviously we're disappointed by losing the late game on a Saturday and the early match on Sunday. It's worth remembering though that we will still be offering far more Premier League football than any other station as well as the Champions' League, the FA and League Cups, the Europa League, the Championship and the SPL. We are working on our detailed plans for next season including a full Sports Report and 606 on Saturday evenings and some new ideas for football coverage and discussion for Sunday lunchtimes. We'll be able to give more details over the summer.

11. How many 5 live staff are going to the World Cup? Are you sending presenters as well as sports staff?

The World Cup is a huge event for 5 live and we know many of our listeners care passionately about it. We will be presenting many hours of output from South Africa including sports programmes to cover all the main matches as well as 5 live Breakfast and the Saturday morning programme. In total we'll have 48 people including four presenters there for some part of the coverage. Everyone in South Africa for us will be involved in both news and sports coverage.

12. Why don't you delay the move to Salford until after the Olympics? How much more will it cost to cover the Olympics from Salford than from your London base?

Planning the BBC's move to Salford of course began before London was awarded the 2012 Olympics. If we delayed the move, it would mean leaving empty a newly constructed and fitted out building for the best part of a year. That would be vastly more expensive than the cost of bringing people involved in Olympics coverage from Salford to London for just over two weeks. We will keep the core team who are working full-time on planning the Olympics coverage in London rather than move them to Salford.

  • Long-term

13. What are the big challenges for 5 live now? And what are your ambitions for the station?

The biggest challenges 5 live faces are shared with the rest of the radio industry in the UK. For me, the biggest issues are how we keep radio relevant to people of all age groups, interests and backgrounds, how we make the switch to digital in all of its forms, how we keep generating fresh ideas and how to make sure we discover outstanding new presenters.
For 5 live in particular, the move to Salford is a huge landmark in the station's history, giving us the chance to create an even better station; we want to be more distinctive with a wider range of stories and voices. More than that, we want to be a vital part of growing the role of speech radio in the UK. Our mix of news, sport and discussion is ideally suited to a busy, connected, mobile world - we can give people the information they want when they want it, we can bring events vividly to life and we can get everyone involved in what we do. Our ambition is simple - to create great radio which is ambitious, unpredictable and relevant to everyone.

Adrian Van Klaveren is Controller of BBC Radio 5 live and 5 live Sports Extra


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  • Comment number 1.

    50 questions, 8 weeks and only 13 answers.

    Unanswered questions include:

    5. Why is Colin Murray hosting weekend live sport instead of Mark Pougtsch, Eleanor et. al. They are infinetely better. What is the thinking behind this move?
    6. Why did Victoria Derbyshire host the World Cup Draw coverage from South Africa when there were more qualified and talented sports broadcasters available?
    8. How can 5Live not be dumbing down the product when the positioning becomes "news, sport and entertainment". Was Mr Kelner correct when he wrote in the Guardian when he said you are trying the find the land of funny. "The trick will be to reach the promised land of funny without devaluing the news and sport on which the station was founded" - https://www.guardian.co.uk/media/organgrinder/2010/jan/25/chris-evans-martin-kelner
    10. Why not have particular hosts host programmes from local radio station for a week/month _around the country_ to get a taste of the regions, like the trip to Hull last year, instead of the Manchestification of the station we are enduring now? This strikes me as an easier, cheaper and more representative solution.
    12. Is George Riley a sports reporter or a co-host for Gabby Logan?
    13. What is the brief for Logan's show? Have you noticed she falls back in the comfort-zone of sport at every opportunity?
    14. Why did you have three consequecutive mornings on Labour ministers on breakfast w/c 21 January without balancing this with opposition voices?
    15. Why is it possible for Breakfast to blog but for Victoria's programme it is impossible?
    17. What is the role of the blogs editor? How often should they post messages? And are they suppose to encourage participation?
    18. Isn't it poor that you can not 'continue the debate' after the programme now as 5Live Now has no facility to do this and the blogs are being closed?
    20. You say that the blogs are read, by why are the almost never any replies?
    21. If you value the audience wouldnt your team answer their requests more promptly?
    22. How many people at 5Live have web, digital responsibilies?
    25. What is the demographic 5Live is now targeting?
    27. You promised to answer more questions in the new year, it's the second week of February, why has it taken so long?
    32. Is it more cost-effective for third-parties to produce 5Live programming, live Bite Your Legs, and if so, why?
    33. What are the KPIs for third-party producers?
    36. Was it necessary for Vasos Alexander to go to Melbourne for the Australian Open? Couldn't a producer have arranged the interviews, or you hire a freelancer locally?
    37. Do hosts and producers only want correspondence in 140 characters from now on?
    38. Can you understand someone not wanting to be Victoria's friend and should Facebook friendship really be the key contibuting to her programme?
    39. Doesn't 5Live now dumb down contibutions to the programme because it does not reflect the weight of opinion, the range of opinion, or robust opinons, because it is constrained in length and cherry picked by the producer?
    40. Is the station better today then a year ago in your opinion?
    43. Isn't Stephen Nolan's constant Northern Ireland focus inappropriate for a national radio station?
    45. Will Rhod Sharp survive the Mancestification of 5Live?
    46. Why don't you run a podcast schedule on 5Live Sports Extra when you're not running sport on it? Does it always have to be sport?
    47. When the Rajars are released will you publish the cume and share results for each daypart vs. last year so we can see the performance of lack thereof of the new lineup?
    49. Given how few followers Stephen Nolan, Livesey et. al. have on Twitter do you think the mentions (and interest by 5Live hosts) is disproportionate?

  • Comment number 2.

    Hello, Adrian, i left you a couple of questions on your previous blog, could you answer them please,thanks

    Seeing as all the English clubs are out of the Champions League,will 5live be providing live commentary of the Semi Finals, Barca vs Inter is really a tasty match, if you not going to cover the Semis, could you explain why not?

    Are 5live going to be covering the CL and Europa League Finals live?

    Have you got any plans to sign George Galloway seeing as he has been axed by talkSPORT?

  • Comment number 3.

    Sorry forgot to add in my previous post,it seems more and more likely that you are following in the footsteps of talkSPORT, in terms of type of programmes and the general direction both stations are heading, are you an admirer of talkSPORTs output and is that the reason why you seem to be creating similar programmes as them, and also the use of shock jocks seem to be preverlant on both stations.

    In previous years quite a few 5live presenters and staff (Saggers,Gough,Collymore,Moz Dee have moved to talkSPORT) what is the reason for this?

    Is it because the ex staff saw that 5live was dying a painful death, and talkSPORT was vastly improving?

    BTW i am an avid fan of 5live, i think it is great but when i see key staff jumping ship it begs the question why

  • Comment number 4.

    I got the impression that Saggers was pushed rather than jumped, but I could be wrong.

  • Comment number 5.

    Oh dear.

    It was always going to be trouble if the points were put in to groups. It's like being dealt with by a teacher who thinks you are useless and patronises you endlessly.

    I don't accept most of the answers and the ones that are 'accidentally on purpose missing' say more than if they were there answered on the screen in front of me.

    The station is going downhill. No matter how many awards you apply for, (Sony Awards: How to submit your work for consideration) you will not convince me that the station is improving or not losing listeners. Fortunately you will have the World Cup to boost it all this summer. By the way, you don't name who is going of these 48 people - no doubt you have your ticket already Mr AV-K.

    Above, you say :".......opened this blog as an effort to find a way of discussing 5 live the station - updating listeners on important developments and answering questions." Could you keep to this please? Aaron is doing his best.

  • Comment number 6.

    They said on air a couple of weeks ago that the presenters going to the world cup were: Mark Pougatch and Colin Murray (no surprises there), Nicky Campbell (who always seems to get to go to any sporting event), and Danny Baker (who was a bit of a surprise). I assume that there will be the usual assortments of commentators, summarisers, producers, technical people, etc...

    I must admit that AvK's answers were more detailed than I was expecting but I didn't think that the accusations of 'dumbing down' were responded to adequately.

  • Comment number 7.

    Adrian, how can you not say you're employing more lightweights now ?

    I'll name three, Richard Bacon, Gabby Logan and Tony Livesey , That 7 hours of Radio 5 which are now unlistenerable , Tweets , Texts, Football, Celebrities , pointless items like "Text when you last did something embarrassing " Richard Bacon shouting everybody down and talking about himself the whole time, Gabby flirting with George Riley I could go on for pages. !
    The station is a shadow of it's former self .

    It's an insult to your listeners' intelligence.

  • Comment number 8.

    Once upon a time 5Live had Nick Robinson doing the weekday 10pm - 1am slot and on Friday evening Michael Parkinson was discussing sport. Now we have Tony Livesey and Colin Murray.
    Nuff said.

  • Comment number 9.

    So, in a nutshell, everything he has changed is for the good, all his new presenters are a success and everything at Five Live is just hunky dory. Nice job if you can get it AVK - seemingly completely unaccountable to anyone even if you dish out hours of rubbish.

    And the audience? Don't worry about them, they don't matter, we'll just do as we want. There are one or two who irritate with the odd e-mail but mostly they don't complain so everything will be OK.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • Comment number 10.

    Total hogwash !

    How do you expect anyone to believe another word you say !
    To quote someone from a political party that you don't seem to have much room for on your station. 'For the love of god,go ! '

  • Comment number 11.

    I think the most ridiculous response from Mr Controller was the answer about Stephen Nolan.

    This had me laughing out loud -- "Of course many media presenters have regularly travelled to London to present programmes over the years, incurring costs as they do so."

    This is the other-parts-of-the-BBC-waste-your-money-so-we-may-as-well-too defence. Is Mr Controller seriously using this as a justification? Spending £2000 per week chauffeuring talent from the North East/West to London for Match of the Day (and past many television studios) should also stop.

    This part is also curious: "Stephen Nolan's production team are all based in Manchester and are part of a seven day a week operation there which is more efficient to organise than a number of small, individual production teams in different parts of the country."

    Manchester has only had 5Live programming 7 days a week since the new year, and only evenings with Livesey. Prior to that it was only Nolan, and presumably a "small, individual production team in a different part of the country" from London where 5Live was based. Either that or the production team that was there was used for other things through the week. So, what is the difference between that and his Nolan TV show team, or any of the BBC Northern Ireland producers? This argument doesn't stand up either.

    Then we have: "Of course there is a cost involving in bringing Stephen to Manchester and we have tried presenting the programme from Belfast on occasions. But editorially there is a danger of leaving a presenter isolated especially in the event of breaking news so on those occasions we have found it necessary to send a member of the production team to Belfast to make this work smoothly, therefore not making any saving." -- ok, so how big is this "danger"? How often does this happen? Does it happen every week? No.

    I can't believe Mr Controller tried to defend the indefensible.

    I note also no answers on cost, ability or frequency of shows that have been broadcast in Northern Ireland and if those shows where materially affected by being broadcast from Belfast -- where the BBC has producers, empty studios and the host.

    The current setup is an inexcusable waste of our money, small though it may be, it is systematic of a bigger problem.

  • Comment number 12.

    Q9 "These were general discussions and, to be honest, they had very little connection with the station's output."

    Well, that's because the hosts stopped interacting. It was once a case that the VD programme would be accomapnied by a MB thread on the principle topic and incisive posts from that parallel online discussion would be included in the texts and e-mails read out on air. Then that stopped and after an interim period the programme blogs were created and in some instances almost immediately binned. You can't have your cake and eat it...

  • Comment number 13.

    "Sorry forgot to add in my previous post,it seems more and more likely that you are following in the footsteps of talkSPORT"

    I thought that was the point of creating 5Live Xtra or whatever it is called...?

  • Comment number 14.

    As far as I can see there was no serious attempt to deal with listener concerns or enter into a dialogue about them.

    Jackstumps has summed it up perfectly.

  • Comment number 15.

    #11. Yep - bit of a conundrum; doens't Nolan have a production team in Ireland for his BBC Ireland work? This is supposed to be the age of technology - the paperless office, the video conference, the telecommute...

    I recently read that the ever-lovely Aasmah Mir is flown to Glasgow and back one day a week to present a morning show on local BBC up there, as well as her R5L commitments. I've nothing against Aasmah personally - always enjoy hearing her coming out of the speakers - but could they not either find a local presenter or park her in front of a microphone in London? You often hear VD or Mayo saying that one or more of their guests are in their whatever studio, or even on the other side of the Atlantic, and you can only tell because you've been told.

  • Comment number 16.

    Honestly I swear if I hear Colin Murray's voice too much more this weekend I may have to smash my radio. He thinks he's so funny! He thinks he's so smart! He thinks he has a free ticket to the World Cup based on.......oh, dunno, something - but thanks to AV-K, he has!

  • Comment number 17.

    "Honestly I swear if I hear Colin Murray's voice too much more this weekend I may have to smash my radio."

    Alternatively, just retune to a Murray-free tation. Far cheaper in the long run..


  • Comment number 18.

    Last week we had Victoria in Watford and Richard Bacon in Liverpool, this week we've got Victoria hosting her programme from Bromsgrove, and I am sure other hosts on the road in the next few weeks. This makes a TOTAL mockery of the spurious the-host-needs-to-have-their-hand-held-by-their-production-team-on-the-spot argument. I am sure everyone doesnt travel with them. I would suggest there likelihood of breaking news during the day during an election cycle is very much above average, much more so then a lonely mid-winter evening between 10p-1am on a Fri, Sat, Sun. Victoria and Richard are able to cope away from the comforts of the studio and breaking news. Why couldnt Nolan?

    Ah, Tempus, the lovely Miss Mir... so we fly her to Glasgow do we? Is there no end to the money wasting?!

  • Comment number 19.

    I have heard Rhod Sharp say that he doesn't present the programme from London very often, but mostly from the United States, where he lives in Massachusetts, about 25 km north of Boston. Would you know? Oh gosh, breaking news!! Must speak to my producer!! I am so cut off. Not.

  • Comment number 20.

    I think you're on to something here Carrie. Rhod hosts the best show on 5Live and not from London or Manchester. Broadcasting away from the BBC warren he hasn't been captured by the twittering class who insist on the trivial. He never seems to struggle covering the news does he!

  • Comment number 21.

    Yes-about Rhod Sharpe who presents his so called 'up all night' programme from Boston where the time is only mid to late evening.
    How much is that costing in ISDN calls,international calls to his various correspondants and producer fees ?
    I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of Mr Sharpe.He spends far too much time bellyaching about America.Hello ?? We're broadcasting to the UK here and to how many people ? Late night radio in the low thousands at best.
    This is a total waste of money.It would be better to switch over to the far more diverse programming that World Service has to offer at midnight(as sensible Radio 4 does)and save the license fee payer even more added expense.

  • Comment number 22.

    Let's hope carrie made it through the 'Murrayfest' that we have just endured. Friday lunchtime (where Pougatch so outshone him it was unbelievable), Friday evening, Saturday morning and all of Sunday afternoon. Too much AVK.

    You are so misreading the listener's here. Just get shot of him, admit you have made a mistake and move on. I'm sure Radio Belfast can find an obsure corner for him where at least his accent will be understood.

  • Comment number 23.

    As Dr Bean notes, isn't it amazing how Nicky Campbell always blags a free ride to anything sporty? All of a sudden he becomes interested in footie or swimming, or athletics and then has the gall to present programmes in a manner that suggests he's an 'expert'. Of course the main criteria is they must be overseas and preferably about 3 weeks in duration.

    It will be interesting to see if VD or Bacon can somehow hitch a freebie as well.

    So steel yourself folks, the prospects of Colin Murray anchoring World Cup coverage is becoming a reality. What a terrifying prospect.

  • Comment number 24.

    Jackstumps, I did not listen to a programme when he was on air. This involved many sleights of hand and ear, but I managed it! I was at Wembley to watch Villa so did not hear anything he had to say on Saturday at all, I heard one millisecond on Friday and turned over to Radio 4, and yesterday I decided to catch up on cleaning and polishing my guttering, watching some paint dry, and counting clouds.................................

  • Comment number 25.

    Please tell me Murray isn't going to anchor the World Cup coverage!!!!

    That would be an unmitigated disaster.

    Murray isn't even worth mentioning in the same sentence as Pougatch. Mark Pougatch is the a country mile ahead of Murray as a presenter.

    I wasn't going to post about Colin Murray but after reading these posts I couldn't help it.

    I turned on 5Live after watching the Pompey FA game on TV and could only take a minute of his stupid antics and pointless anecdotes before reaching for the off switch.

  • Comment number 26.

    Murray needs elocution and grammar lessons. This constant pronunciation of "-ing" as "-in" drives me mad. He may think he looks good but he sounds utter rubbish.

  • Comment number 27.

    Dear Mr Van-Klaveren:
    Not that I think you give a hoot about what we listerener's thing but nevertheless, I have two comments/questions:

    Is it really necessary to have as many as 48 people at the World Cup? How much will this cost in total including all their expenses and maintenance?

    Is it really necessary to send Colin Murray as well? Really, the man is very annoying and it's infuriating enough listening to him what seems to be 24/7 and every single programme anyway. Please keep the world cup a Murray-free time for us knackered listeners.

  • Comment number 28.

    "Murray needs elocution"

    I read this quickly first time and thought you'd said, "electrocution!" Can't think why...

  • Comment number 29.

    Tbh with you PA71 i personally think 48 is far 2 less considering they are going cover every game live

    Also not all the 48 people are going to stay for the full tournament the only 5live people who are going to stay for the full tournament are Alan Green,Ingham,Taylor,Pougtach and a few technical and production staff

  • Comment number 30.

    Whoever suggested that Richard Bacon is a lightweight presenter is having a laugh. Today he is tackling the heavyweight topic of hair! and talking to important people such as Christopher biggins about wigs. Talk about dumbing down!

  • Comment number 31.

    Also did anyone switch off at the Richard bacon's pretend 80s show a few weeks back. Fair enough having a brief moment of pretending to be in the 1980s but 2 hours of fake interviews and a fake 1980s Help! segment? Why couldn't they have intelligent look back/review of the 80s.

    The show is becoming a bigger vehicle for plugging stuff such as the Kick Ass film. How many interviews has there been on that film in Bacon's and Kermode & Mayo's show. There has been 3 seperate interviews as well as the film review. The same for the new Gervais film with Stephen Merchant on the Bacon show last Thur and Gervais on last Friday and next week the review will be on.

  • Comment number 32.

    Adrian, why is it proving so difficult for you to reply to a few questions raised on this and other blogs?Yes you have answered questions which were put to you 8 weeks, but since then your interaction on here hasd been at best negligible.

    Whats the point of this blog, if all talk amongst ourselves, while BBC people just sitting there adding nothing,its all very well starting blogs, but if you are not going to add nothing, or answer follow up questions, you might as well not blog at all. This particular blog is being used like a messageboard by quite a few posters, and is losing focus, of the original point of the blog which is partly down to you for refusing to engage on regular occasions.

    Before Steve Bowbrick or someone says senior BBC people are very busy people thats why the cannot take part in debates on the blog,that is rubbish Roger Mosey, the BBC's director of London 2012,regulary answers question every few days https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/rogermosey/, and he has a higher profile job than Adrian, so whats the probelm?

  • Comment number 33.

    I wonder of the amount of time taken to answer the few questions and the lack of activity on the blogs is actually because there has been a recognition that too many changes were made all at once and too many inexperienced broadcasters were given high profile slots at the same time.

    Maybe there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on to try to rectify the situation and the silence at present is to avoid dealing with the issue until the changes have had a chance to bed in.

    Why else decide against looking at the Rajars for this period? The sporting calendar is, (I think) largely the same, year in year out, at this time of year (winter olympics excluded, although they did not significantly affect the BBC output) . I know we now have the General Election coverage, but this has only just started so presumably would not affect figures for the first quarter of the year.

  • Comment number 34.

    Thanks for all the comments so far. I've tried to answer the most-asked general questions and to give you a sense of my thinking. A couple of specific questions have come up in the replies. Firstly, on the Champions' League, we are in the process of negotiating the broadcast rights but we are very hopeful we can offer live commentary on the final on May 22nd and on the second leg of the semi-final between Barcelona and Inter Milan. Rights to broadcast the first leg in Italy are likely to prove to be too expensive I'm afraid. We will also of course be offering commentary on Liverpool and Fulham in the Europa League semi-finals and, if they make it, the final.
    On post 33 by prosperosgirl, we don't yet have the RAJAR figures for the first quarter of the year - it's not a case of not looking at them. They are due out on May 13th so I'll blog about them then.
    Adrian Van Klaveren, Controller, Radio 5 live

  • Comment number 35.

    Thanks for the reply Adrian_Van_Klaveren

    Good news that you may be offering live commentary of the second leg of the semi-final between Barcelona and Inter Milan, correct me if i am wrong but i think this will be the first time 5live will have commentary of a non English Champions' League tie,i think it is the correct decison because Barcelona vs Inter Milan is truly a mouthwatring fixture

    As for the commentary team my guess it will be Greeny,Ingham and Lawro,but i would prefer it if John murray got the gig ahead of Greeny

  • Comment number 36.

    Thanks to all for your comments so far. Aaron's going to be looking after the blog day-to-day now but I'll chip in regularly and I made the selection of questions for Adrian to tackle this time. I'm sure I missed out some issues precious to some of you but it just wouldn't have been practical to have Adrian answer all 50 of the questions gathered by ryanw. We'll try to do this more regularly, though, and I'd like to involve other managers/editors - in particular for the sports questions, for instance.

    Meanwhile, although I know some of you are sceptical about the entry procedures, the radio industry people who shortlist the Sony Radio Academy Awards have done their work for this year (here's the shortlist). 5 live has been shortlisted in eight categories, including Station of the Year. Listen to Trevor Dann, director of the Radio Academy (organisers of the event) talking to some of the shortlist, including Adrian Van Klaveren on the Radio Academy podcast.

    Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor

  • Comment number 37.

    Steve, Steve, Steve. The Radio Academy is hardly a neutral to the BBC now is it? Of course it's a fix.

    Patrons of the Radio Academy "charity" include; BBC Audio, BBC News, Radio Five Live (surprise, surprise!!), BBC Trust and BBC World Service.

    Trustees include: Bob Shennan (!!!!!), Andy Parfitt of Radio 1, and Jo Woods of BBC Audio.

    Even I could win a prize if my mates were in charge. Especially when they are among the judges too.

  • Comment number 38.

    Thanks for your reply Adrian. Sorry if I misunderstood your original Rajar point and thanks for letting us know when they will be in.

  • Comment number 39.

    carrie could you be anymore insulting,the fact is you are part of a small yet highly vocal clique who are obsessed with bitching about Five Live presenters and shows on this blog and an external website which i wont name because i dont want to devalue this board

    I am not suprised if potential posters on here are put of posting by the hostile,abusive comments made by the clique

    change the record!!

  • Comment number 40.

    Fedster - did you drop a double into the early evening snifter? Lay off a bit, I thought carrie was spot on. Not a hint of an insult - just a presentation of some harsh but unfortunbate realities.

    On a general note, good to see my reservations about friend Murray are more widely endorsed than I had hoped.

  • Comment number 41.

    Fedster, of course I could be more insulting but I prefer to keep to the facts. The only clique is the one that I point out in message 37.

    May I also point out to you that this very morning I posted a very positive message for Victoria Derbyshire during her programme, which appears in the 5 Live pre-election frenzy blog. See, I can be critical and give praise, all on the same day.

  • Comment number 42.

    Fedster, we are all free to express an opinion. Would you prefer there was only positive reinforncement and PR piffle on these blogs?

    Aren't these blogs for discussion the station. Aren't listeners entitled to have views?

    If you disagree you, like all of us, are entitled say your piece.

    Some of the comments are obviously subjective, others, like most of Carrie's comments are grounded in facts and objective. She's 100% right to call out the radio awards especially when Mr Controller portrays them as some independent voice endorsing his new lightweight lineup.

    The Sony Awards are for the industry by the industry, with a significant number of BBC employees, current and former, programme suppliers vying for BBC money and freelancers who rely on the BBC for work. If you review the RAJAR website you will see that the BBC accounts for over 50% market share nationally and Awards are stacked full of BBC names sitting in judgement. To say it is independent is utterly ridiculous.

  • Comment number 43.

    "carrie could you be anymore insulting,the fact is you are part of a small yet highly vocal clique who are obsessed with bitching about Five Live presenters"

    To be fair, the "bitching" only started when the quality took a noticeable dive...

  • Comment number 44.

    5 live is not dumbing down. Yet the host for election night is going to be Victoria Derbyshire. I suppose iit could be worse and Tony Livesly could be involved

  • Comment number 45.

    Actually, I am just very happy and of course surprised, that Mr Van Klaveren and Bowbrick came back with some sort of replies. Previous experience is that they don't bother at all, maybe not even bother to read our comments.

  • Comment number 46.

    Reference IceMan's comments; If VD is hosting it can we expect Richard Bacon to provide incisive political analysis, Colin Murray out on the hustings adding 'colour' and the all essential listener input, Tony Livesey with the alternative (humourous) viewpoint and to cap it all, Nicky Campbell's ego given full rein when he conducts the first interview 'live and exclusive' with the new PM? Then again ....

  • Comment number 47.

    Apparently, Livesey is hosting a post-leaders debate maon-in with John Pienaar. Pienaar must have the patience of a saint!

  • Comment number 48.

    To be fair to Livesey, he has tackled some subjects with an air of seriousness, he is not always light.

  • Comment number 49.

    Yes Carrie is right, Livesey can do serious ok. Let's just hope it's balanced.

    As for Victoria covering the election the last live event I remember her covering was the World Cup draw and whoever listened to that will remember it was a disaster.

    With all of the BBC's resources is Victoria really the best they could do?

  • Comment number 50.

    Re point 3, it doesn't matter if you think it's fair.

    Gabby Logan and Richard Bacon are so far below an acceptable standard that your judgement is obviously impaired to the extent you are unsuitable for the role you perform. Listening to John Inverdale over the last couple of days illustrates just how poor Logan and Bacon are and it is fair to say your replacement strategy for Simon Mayo is a miserable failure. Colin Murray is another who has no obvious talent for the shows he's given to present on 5 Live, not helped by the fact he has not mastered the English language sufficiently to be given any broadcasting role. If you had an ounce of sense, which you clearly haven't, you would have left the schedule as it is and replaced Simon with Phil Williams, though I must say Inverdale would do the job well enough.

    The pairing of Logan with a sports reporter is painful to witness, as both seem to have had a charisma bypass and the self-obsessed Bacon is completely devoid of wit. There is no reason for him to shout at the audience, especially when he has nothing of any interest to relate to it. If you carry on as you are, you will only retain the audience who are already struggling to find anything to listen to in the afternoon. Your remit is to inform and entertain and the regular presenters you offer us are capable of neither.

  • Comment number 51.

    Dear Adrian and Steve,
    I hope you don't mind me saying what I am about to say and I don't mean to meddle in your decision making, but I'd just like to say that 5Live has lost much of its quality recently due to the reshuffling of presenters. Most of them were doing a perfectly good job and to many of us ordinary listeners the replacements don't offer the same quality. You may disagree because you have made these decisions so all we can do is offer you a listener's perspective on the only platform you have provided.
    If you read through the comments here and on previous topics there are many other listeners who feel the same way so surely there is something to ponder at least.

  • Comment number 52.

    In answer to the criticisms of the Sony Radio Academy Awards, please allow me to point out that commercial radio groups, independent production companies and community stations are also represented on the organising committee, which is chaired by Tim Blackmore, who has no connection to the BBC. None of the committee members sit in judgment of their own programmes or stations and they wouldn't be able to fix the awards even if they wanted to. It's always tempting to look for conspiracies in the nominations but I promise you that, as Chief Exec of the Academy, they're always as much of a surprise to me as they are to everyone else.

  • Comment number 53.

    Yes-Nice one Mr Dann-As a former BBC 'bigwig' of course you're completely impartial too !
    Did your mate Adrian ask you to chip in and lend a bit of support ?
    The fact is that 5live is now a poor shadow of its former self with replacement presenters just not shaping up as so well pointed out by Ally Gory.
    How could anyone possibly think that a previous career in lightweight,flakey sports television presentation would qualify Gabby erm,uh,right,um er Logan for the presentation of a serious political radio show ?
    The same for Bacon who is so far below Simon Mayo in terms of interview technique and intelligence that it's just a plain insult to the loyal audience that he had built for that slot.
    Never mind.Give yourselves another pat on the back,hand out meaningless awards and just carry on as if we don't exist.
    Ignore the Rajars too-They don't matter for the time being do they !
    Give yourself 18 months but your decisions will still be a resounding failure because no-one who has ever enjoyed Simon Mayo and Prime Ministers Questions is ever,ever,ever going to settle for Logan and Bacon.

  • Comment number 54.

    Mr Dann, would this be the same Mr Blackmore "who has no connection to the BBC" who worked for the Corporation for 22 years and then won commercial contracts across all 5 BBC networks in 1992?

    Who is now Group Editorial Director for UBC Media a company who according to its website "is the largest independent radio production company in the UK. In 2006 UBC's production businesses, Unique and Smooth Operations, produced over 600 hours of commissioned programming for the BBC." .. it continues, "The integration of Smooth Operations has progressed well and in the last year the group has seen strong growth in revenues from commissioned programming to the BBC. UBC is well positioned to take advantage of the BBC's plans to increase both its regional output and the amount of independently produced programming it broadcasts."

    See: https://www.radioawards.org/aboutus/committee.php?1 and https://www.ubcmedia.com/view.php?p=4

    Clearly no links to the BBC then. Move on. Nothing to see here.

  • Comment number 55.

    Excellent posts Robbo and Ryan !

  • Comment number 56.

    To be honest, Sony critics, although I have no opinion about the pro- or anti-BBC bias of the Radio Academy, I don't think I can let you get away with some of this scattergun stuff.

    ryanw, for instance, you might just as easily have linked to one of the awards committee members who's never had anything to do with the BBC and whose business competes with the Corporation directly.

    I'm also going to be a bit tougher on the nasty stuff if it carries on - there's absolutely no need for personal insults or accusations here. I'll be moderating repetitive or offensive comments from now on.

    And to finish, you know what I'm going to say: let's try to keep this friendly and on-topic! We've got absolutely no hope of getting more managers and editors involved here while the tone is so unremittingly nasty.

    Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor

  • Comment number 57.

    This is not solely about the Sonys, this "nasty" stuff, (although they are a joke), more about the quality of the station.

  • Comment number 58.

    Mr Bowbrick, your intervention is interesting. I was rebutting the comments by the CEO of the Radio Academy that Mr Blackmore had no association with the BBC. For you to chasen me about that says a lot about the BBC's commitment to transparency and is instructive. I was providing a robust rebutal, and exposing the clear and present partisanship. Is that not allowed?

    What did I say that was inappropriate?

  • Comment number 59.

    In other words Mr Bowbrick-don't criticise any of the presenters.
    The whole point of Ryanw's questions to AVK was to get some kind of coherent response to the deep anger that many of us feel about the revised schedule and the inability of some of the new presenters to fill the void left by the departure of Simon Mayo in particular.
    Is that being 'nasty' ?
    The truth hurts even if you and your paymasters don't want to hear it.
    Are you going to close this thread down too like you have the others ?
    I find it all quite pathetic.

  • Comment number 60.

    Hell hath no fury like a women's scorn... can't wait till Carrie reads posts 52 on... I think it pretty much sums up nicely how some of us feel like way we do.

  • Comment number 61.

    Mr Bowbrick:
    I am a little taken aback by your reply. So to make sure I haven't missed any 'offensive' and 'nasty' comments, I spent some time reading the comments on this pages again but to my frustration I couldn't find any comments that fell in that category. Would you mind pointing out to us any nasty or offensive comments?
    What I do find here is plenty of criticism, mostly directed at presenters. As far as I can see none is abusive or nasty, unless the meanings of words have changed.

    So I ask you again, kindly let us know which criticisms are nasty and offensive so we know where we stand. What is the point of this blog and commenting facility? Are we supposed to come here and say how wonderful we think everything is at 5Live? Are we allowed to express our opinions about how poor or inadequate certain presenters are or not?


  • Comment number 62.

    Steve Bowbrick, I ask you to take careful note of this being an extremely rare opportunity for 5 Live listeners to communicate their immense frustration with changes that have been to the station's output to those responsible and that, even when an opportunity arises, it appears those responsible are not very interested in their listeners' opinions. What nature of comment would you expect in such circumstances?

  • Comment number 63.

    I don't think this thread has got much more time !

    If you think these comments are 'nasty' you should see some of the non BBC message boards as well as comments in the mainstream press.

  • Comment number 64.

    ryanw, I can hardly stop laughing at the official intervention. I think the term is "gotcha" as we have all hit a bit of a raw nerve. Sadly I am away at the moment and posting is a bit difficult, but all I can say is that you were spot on, and the others, in picking how this is all going.

    But Steve Bowbrick, isn't this blog called "Your questions answered", and isn't it still some way shy of that? Also, do you really have to threaten us, yet again, as if we are all naughty kids? the reason you don't get more people posting on here is not because posters are frightened off by the people who blog frequently, it is, I suspect, that it is obvious whatever our opinions, the BBC doesn't give a monkeys, and the BBC gravy train just goes rolling on, award and party after same. No wonder there is so much shock being expressed by BBC staff that Mark Damazer is leaving - none of you can imagine living and working in the real world where critiques of your work, and OBJECTIVE assessments of your output, count more than backslapping.

  • Comment number 65.

    I've got to say your wrong re Colin Murray. Having listened to him over the last 6-7 years I have to say he is a great broadcaster. He has a good way with interviewees and has an approach which tends to bring out the unexpected. He also has a different take on his shows and tends to do stuff not heard elsewhere. Where I do agree is that he shouldnt be presenting a sports program I dont think he works well in this format, perhaps because its a fairly conservative medium and therefore change isnt welcome and perhaps not necessary. I'd really like to hear him do something with the slot that is the travesty that is Gabby Logan.
    Given that Pougatch is been held up as the pinnacle by some, he may be knowledgable about sport but he is a fairly awful broadcaster, I have to turn off because I dont want to be shouted at for a full program, someone show him how to use a mic please. As for ellie I have to be careful when driving since there is a real good chance I will fall asleep listening.

    Just one other thing carrie, jackstumps et al, he's from Northern Ireland its the British Broadcasting corp, get over yourselves, I have no problem understanding him and to keep banging on about his accent is just rude and unnecessary. If you want R.P go to World Service, Murray is no worse than the Cockerny lite of Danny Baker and he is certainly no more uninteligable than Patterson or Aasmah Mir.

  • Comment number 66.

    The cronyism & nepotism at the BBC is well known; as the unaccountabilty and the arrogance -which spreads to all they touch. Perhaps the thousands of BBC "People" - that dictate all stay on message: critics, rivals on the pay-roll etc. and ensure the BBC's priority of survival - less so. But when Stalinist "Newspeak" is used - you know you have a long way to go to find the truth.

  • Comment number 67.

    I think this is just about my most favourite thread of all time on here. I am still laughing at the ridiculous assertion that the Sony Awards chairman has no links to the BBC and the threats to sit us on the naughty step for making an honesty apprisal of the state of the radio station.

  • Comment number 68.

    There have been plenty of 'nasty' comments on previous blogs and on this blog,accusing somepeople of fixing the Sony Awards when you have no real proof and then accusing TrevorDann of lying when again you have no real proof is really cringeworthy to read

    In a previous blog 1 poster wrote "He is a Canadian (no British new talent available Mr Bowbrick?) who looks as if he is about twelve years old" now this was in refrence to the new Blog editor,i find that quote to be bordering on Xenophobia and quite insulting

    Previous blogs are littered with insults like this

    It seems these blogs are full of members of the clique who use to post the same old rubbish on the station board and repeat themselves on here

  • Comment number 69.

    We're all grown-ups. Nobody expects Vicar's tea party decorum here but there are things said here that I know would never be said in a face-to-face setting (I can see half a dozen examples on this blog post alone - I'm sure you can spot them too) and as host of this forum I want it to be a welcoming place that doesn't put off licence fee-payers and BBC staff nervous about being flamed.

    I know you're bored hearing this but I'm ambitious for this forum - I want it to become genuinely influential, a real voice in the debate. If we can keep things civil and on-topic we stand a reasonable chance of achieving that.

    And I also want to keep hearing your ideas for how to improve the blog and for themes you'd like addressed that we haven't got around to yet.

    Steve Bowbrick, blogs editor

  • Comment number 70.

    You are right Steve Bowbrick but have a look at this site, most posters on here reside on this site https://apoliticalparty.org.uk/GavinCorder/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=13d469f547b381b6b6f7015e5ab38533 where they regulary Bitch about presenters day in day out,it seems Bitching is Second nature to them

  • Comment number 71.

    Agree with Steve on this one.

    I have been hesitant about putting an opinion up for the past couple of days as I do not wish to engage in personal comments nor do I want any constructive criticism I might wish to add to imply I am a member of any particular group of people.

    I did not know of this other site Fedster mentions and dislike the implication that I am part of it as a regular poster here. Nor do I like the comments about accents etc which I feel are not relevant to a discussion about a person's ability to do their job.

    This girl is off which is a shame, as the grey comments on this board are showing that the blogs themselves are moving in a the direction of dialogue which is the area where they most needed improving.

    Bye all.

  • Comment number 72.

    Fedster, I haven't accused the Sony awards as being fixed. I've simply said it is wrong to suggest that the panel is independent.

    As for my comments in response to Mr Dann, he said that Mr Blackmore had no links to the BBC. That is not true. I provided sources to back up this claim, no less then his own biography on the Awards site mentions his prior involvement with the BBC, and the company that he works for has considerable involvement BBC interests. In the context of this conversation, and a thread about "accountability" this was, in my opinion, entirely fair to disclose.

    The Sony comments are not the central part of this thread anyway, but it seems that Mr Bowbrick is disappointed that I corrected the record and rebutted Mr Dann's comments. He of course can again post a response too.

    I also don't like the carte blanche critism, in previous threads I have lauded Mark Poutagsch and Rhod Sharp and in this very thread commended Mr Livesey's ability to hold a serious interview. However this isn't and shouldn't be a PR channel for 5Live. This thread, and others, is about "accountability" and the state of the radio station, of course when it has gone through massive change not everyone is going to be happy.

    Fedster, what is this other site you are talking about? I am not on there and I don't know of it. You say "most posters on here reside on this site" .. now who is doing the accusing?

    This should be place for common sense debate, robust discussion, a balance of points of view -- it's great to read Kevin Hunter's contrarian views for example.

    I am just advancing my views, I don't belong to any "group" per se. If people disagree fine, if they disagree that's fine too. All I want is some transparency and those who make the decisions to be held accountable to for them.

  • Comment number 73.

    Ok it wasnt you but carrie said in an earlier post

    "Steve, Steve, Steve. The Radio Academy is hardly a neutral to the BBC now is it? Of course it's a fix"

    Now that is a lie she has no proof it is a fix

    What i was trying to say and i phrased it wrong so aplogies,quite a few posters used to post insults and the general tosh they post on here on the old station board and now they use the above linked site for this,of course they are entitled to do so but i dont know why they are then suprised and angry when BBC staff dont want to interact with them

  • Comment number 74.

    Dear Steve Bowbrick:
    I understand what you are saying and I would like to stay on topic. But the problem is the fact that this is a blog and not a message board. Therefore, we the licence fee payers don't have the control over which topics are openned. So, we make our comments about presenters where it is most appropriate, which is here on this topic.

    Now, if we had a message board where members could create topics then we'd have more chance of staying on topic. We might even get an answer to our query regarding the suitability or competence of various presenters delivering certain programmes.

    Thanks for reading this.

  • Comment number 75.

    hi Adrian, whatever happened to the weekly book review during the day time when Simon Mayo was around. i thought Logan or Bacon was supposed to cover it. what's up with it you don't think its important any more? with Bacon wasting time doing a weekly section for America and unnecessary stuff wouldn't that have been better served reviewing books and leaving the trivial stuff for Livesey at night? seems Bacon wants to transport the late night to daytime

  • Comment number 76.

    Ah so nice to here John Inverdale again in the studio - I can just recall him from years ago. Sadly it made me realise how much the station has gone downhill. Still it was nice to listen again at lunchtime for a few days. If only we could persuade Richard Bacon to go on an extended holiday now .....

    For the benefit of the Mr Bowbrick I'm not a member of any other forum / blog or clique and I've never posted here before and don't intend to again - but I can't find any other way to express my dissatisfaction with the direction the station has taken with the daytime changes of Gabby Logan and Richard Bacon - its three months now and I've stopped listening on a regular basis. Bacon in particular - I used to look forward so a wide range of topics from science to religion to philosophy as well as show biz with interesting guests being interviewed in an intelligent way which challenged the audience without patronising us. I bet listing the afternoon show guests Sep/Oct/Nov and Feb/Mar/Apr would be illuminating.

  • Comment number 77.

    It's been quite a while since I posted on the other place about Five Live. As a listener and licence payer I have every right to my viewpoint.

    I will be more than happy if I am proved wrong when the Sony Awards are announced, Fedster. But please don't call me a liar until after they are awarded, and then you can say, like a civilised person, "carrie you got that completely wrong", and I will agree with you. Till then..............

    I doubt that the reason BBC staff don't interact on here with people who post is because they are surprised and angry though Fedster, I think it is because they know this is a lip service blog and what we think makes not a jot of difference.

  • Comment number 78.

    Accusing people of fixing the Sony Awards is surely defamation,you are basically saying on a public forum that the Sony Awards judges are corrupt,yet you have no evidence to back up these serious allegations

    I think it is highly unfair to accuse people of being corrupt,when you have nothing to prove it,what gives you the right to tarnish the reputation of the Sony Award judges without just cause

    Also it is a bit ironic for you to accuse me of being uncivilised when you insult Five Live staff willy nilly on these blogs

  • Comment number 79.

    Fedster- No one is accusing the Sony panel of 'fixing' the radio awards simply suggesting that some of the judges may be more partial to BBC output than some of the other entrants because of their connections with the corporation.
    By the way-Are you a BBC employee because you seem to be one of the only contributors to this thread who is being aggressively defensive of 5live ?
    The bottom line is that many,many people are unhappy about the recent changes to the station and are tired of being fobbed off with inadequate replies from the management.
    So be it.The ratings will fall-Of that I'm sure and then we'll see who was right.

  • Comment number 80.

    robbo06 said

    "Fedster- No one is accusing the Sony panel of 'fixing' the radio"


    carrie said

    "Steve, Steve, Steve. The Radio Academy is hardly a neutral to the BBC now is it? Of course it's a fix"

  • Comment number 81.

    "The bottom line is that many,many people are unhappy about the recent changes to the station and are tired of being fobbed off with inadequate replies from the management.
    So be it.The ratings will fall-Of that I'm sure and then we'll see who was right"

    Yes but these same arguments about Nolan,Derbyshire etc were made years ago on the Station board when Bob Shennan and then moz Dee were in charge yet nothing has changed since then

    It is not in the intrest of 5live to have presenters whos shows figures are declining year on year,it doesnt make sense so you have to wonder why 3 station controllers have stuck by them for all these years

  • Comment number 82.

    I think that Gabby Logan and Richard Bacon are the presenters in question in the majority of complaints about the output since the changes.
    By the way Fedster,you didn't say-Do you work for the BBC or not ?

  • Comment number 83.

    Don't get so worked up Fedster. I merely said that if I am wrong you can tell me so in a civilised way. I didn't say you were uncivilised.

    A station that has so much money spent on it could surely be expected to have surpassed projected listening curves. I don't get the feeling that has happened on Five Live over the last three station controllers tenures, I think the audience numbers fluctuate according to sport and certain newsworthy issues, then it falls back. For the main news station to have to depend on Olympics and World Cup listening figures is quite poor. For the first few years of this station you could depend on extremely interesting programmes about world affairs, country-wide issues, books, films, sport and news. It has now set in its way as being mostly sport, news takes the form of vox pop phone and text contacts with presenters inviting knee jerk responses to something that has happened. These hardly ever take anything further than that. In the past there were far more correspondents from all over the world, but mostly UK, contributing to a station that completely fitted the bill of news and sport. Now we have gossip and obsessive chatter about soaps and sportsmen.

    Sorry, but the station is not as good as it was. I am not talking about living in the past, but I bet you that John Inverdale's programmes in the past, and the way he presented Gabby's programme last week, are a million times better than the way she presents her programme now, with her faux chit chat with Riley overwhelming everything.

    I would also like to add here that I posted on 5 Live Election Frenzy that Victoria's programme from Bromsgrove was so good, it just goes to show that when she interacts spontaneously with an audience she is really excellent, and I am looking forward to her next live show with the audience. I do not always criticise her and in fact I had a very enjoyable meeting with her a while ago when I was invited to meet her team, having applied for it by an invitation on the website. I was able to actually say to her, and AV-K who was present, both positives and negatives, and I think it was a useful feedback session although clearly one person saying things is not very representative.

  • Comment number 84.

    Sorry i dont mean to be a pedant Carrie, but you keep on saying "if I am wrong you can tell me so in a civilised way. I didn't say you were uncivilised" are you really tring to say if 5live pick up the awards,that the whole thing was fixed?

  • Comment number 85.

    Well I suppose it all comes down to taste and what you look for in news and sport. What I don't look for is flirtatious chit chat and trivia, pathetic jokes and puns, countless texts and calls from people all saying the same thing.

    If you like Breakfast over the Today programme, PM less than Victoria Derbyshire, and the quality of interviewing of Victoria over Eddie Mair, then you are quids in.

    These prizes all get shared around anyway, last year's Nolan is this year's Victoria, or whatever.

  • Comment number 86.

    I have just read "Fedster" from two days ago who is saying that a comment that I made some weeks ago was xenophobic (small x when you spell it big X when you cut and paste) because I pointed out that the new blog editor was not a citizen of the European Union. My gob is somewhat smacked but my point stands. Is there not one person in the whole of Europe with a third class meeja studies degree that could do this job? My comment about his youthful demeanour was nothing more than pure jealousy.

    BTW. You still haven't mentioned your employers identity Fedster.

  • Comment number 87.

    I do not work for the BBC,why do you ask?

    "(small x when you spell it big X when you cut and paste)"

    Yeah and whats your point?

  • Comment number 88.

    Fedster-Sorry but several elementary errors have appeared in your posts.
    If I may be of any assistance then please note that it is...

    Trying and not 'triing'-as per your post number 84 and it's interest and not 'intrest' that you write about in post 81.

    Maybe you'd like to txt 81058 and speak to Tony,Gabby or Richard.CUL8R

  • Comment number 89.

    Very good Robbo,must admit that was quite funny,although i am sure you agree with my wider points

  • Comment number 90.

    Just when you're about to give up on 5Live listening and responding to concerns... today I can reveal there is a glimmer of hope...

    The BBC is wasting (er, sorry investing) money so all 23,000 employees can attend a course, called Listening Skills, which promises to teach them how to listen, why listening is important and how to ask questions.

    Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1266771/Yes-heard-right-BBC-sends-thousands-staff-course-teach-LISTEN.html

  • Comment number 91.

    I have just seen that ryan! I shall wait with baited breath for the definitve answers to all the questions we have posed.

    Funerals next tuesday.

  • Comment number 92.

    This is in addition to that crucial course they have all been told to attend about how to use Facebook.

    How to ask questions. Mmmm. Wonder who will get top marks for "Most improved questioner"?

  • Comment number 93.

    Dear mr Controller(although I have to say that it's only protocol that persuades me to use the term 'dear' when addressing you)
    I would like to draw your attention to the appalling quality of the weekend breakfast show which has been,
    until recently one of the only programmes that I can stomach on your rapidly downward spiralling radio station.
    Phil Williams is fine and really should have been given a chance to move into a more regular slot after Simon Mayo's departure instead of promoting presenters who shout into the microphone and don't listen to what their guests are saying.
    That aside,I am at a complete loss as to why Ranvia Singh has been given the co-presenters position in replacement for Rachael Burdon.
    She,like Gabby Logan appears to be unable to ad lib or even read from a prepared news script without 'umming and ahhing' all the way through.
    I am all in favour of people being promoted but clearly Ms Singh is not up to it and should have been 'broken in' on a late night BBC local radio before being thrust into a national breakfast show with an inportant audience.
    Could you please clarify this point or am I to believe that you don't care about broadcasting standards any more ?
    Really-you wouldn't hear that kind of incompetence even on hospital radio and perish the thought that anyone would be unfortunate enough to be on their sick bed listening to this kind of twaddle !

  • Comment number 94.

    Nolan is in Belfast as there's no flights. How will he cope? Will the programme be worse then normal. Will breaking news be compromised? Will his production team be able to handle using the telephone? Could they use Skype for a video conference? Have they been on the listening course? Hmm.

  • Comment number 95.

    Come on now ryanw, be fair. No-one is listening because the course hasn't started yet. Nolan was in Belfast? Thank goodness there was no breaking news. Also what a relief that the production team there were up to a weekend show. Phew.

  • Comment number 96.

    I don't think a listening course is going to help much here, with so many messages being ignored! It's a reading and typing course that some need to attend :)

  • Comment number 97.

    Phew, I'm glad I found you all again after various other blogs were closed. It's not easy is it? I'm sorry to be repetitive, but I do wish there was a Radio 5 messageboard. I am sure this thread is not the place for every complaint we have, but it's all we have. There must be many more people who wish to comment, but can't find anywhere to do so.

    So Nolan was in Belfast over the weekend. Who knew? He was remarkably quiet about it until the Bishop mentioned it last night. It's not like him to be backward in coming forward. It's a total nonsense that he "needs" to be in Manchester.

    It was wonderful to hear John Inverdale last week in for Gaby Logan. You realise what you are missing, if we didn't already know. I have not listened to Bacon since I was last on this board and mainly listen to Radio 4 instead of VD. I agree with the poster about the co-presenter of the weekend breakfast programme. Is Rachel Burdon not coming back to that slot? She did the weekday breakfast programme for Sheila last week and I thought did it well. Phil Williams should be on far more than he is - replace Bacon with him. I know he is blokey but much more listenable to than Bacon.

    I can't register on the site mentioned above because I don't know the answer to the question which is asked. Can anyone enlighten me please?

  • Comment number 98.

    Yes everyone Nolan was in Belfast and seemed to cover the breaking news of the ash cloud situation well, with interviews from people stranded across Europe. Further evidence to debunk the "he needs to be in Manchester" theory -- it's also worth noting that a producer couldn't be sent from Manchester to hold his hand in Belfast for the same reason. They must have discovered the t e l e p h o n e. Amazing! Wonders will never cease.

  • Comment number 99.

    Adrian you mentioned in an earlier post that you were negotiating the rights for the seond leg of Barca vs Inter, is it possible to confirm whether 5live will be covering the game live next week, because i am sure you will agree,the tie is set up nicely for next week, with Barca really up against it.

    Also who will be part of the commentary team next week, if 5live do indeed cover it live?

  • Comment number 100.

    To save AV-K time, as he is very busy Fedster, I looked it up for you. The answer is yes and I refer you to:




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