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Live from Manchester...

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5 live's journey to the North continues with the move of 5 live's late night, weekday output to Manchester. Tony Livesey's new show will begin broadcasting from the BBC's Manchester Oxford Road headquarters on Monday January 11th. It's a major landmark in the planning for 5 live's full move in 2011.

Tony Livesey will take over from Richard Bacon in the first of the station's London-based programmes to make the move North prior to the whole station moving to BBC North's state-of-the-art broadcasting space at Salford Quays in 2011. Stephen Nolan's programmes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays already come from Manchester so now the station's late night strand will come from Manchester seven days a week. The existing unit will be joined by a team of 'early movers' working across the seven-day operation. We'll still be doing what 5 live does best - being at the centre of all the big news, sport and entertainment stories.

Tony has presented lots of 5 live programmes over the last two years. He recently stood in for Nicky on Breakfast with Shelagh. The 5 live audience have responded well to Tony's warm and witty style of broadcasting. His work on Inside Sport and on Sports programmes in the Northwest means that he gets to talk to some of the biggest sports stars in the country.

He'll bring all of that to his new show. Plus he'll be swapping stories with listeners right across the UK. Hope you'll be listening.

Jonathan Aspinwall is Nighttime Editor, BBC Radio 5 live, based in Manchester.


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