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The BNP make news in West London and in Hull

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Brett Spencer | 19:06 UK time, Thursday, 22 October 2009

Richard Bacon and anti-BNP protesters in Hull

It's a strange thing, sitting in BBC Humberside watching events at Television Centre.

But we've not been without drama here. A protest formed outside BBC Humberside, although it was small and wasn't anything like the scenes going on elsewhere. Richard Bacon who was having a pizza nearby had to be escorted into the office (pictured), but not before he stopped for a chat with protesters and invited a few on to tonight's programme. But then the rain came again and the protest evaporated very quickly.

Simon Mayo is currently chairing our Olympic debate with Lord Coe and others in the Ferens Art Gallery, you can watch the live stream on the website.

There's a change in the schedule tonight. Richard Bacon will be on air from 2200 and then you will be able to hear the whole of Question Time live after 2200. Richard will then debate the issues with a panel and with you the listeners from 2330.

There's a lot more tomorrow, Shelagh Fogarty live from Hull at 1000 and then Dr M. and Dr K. from the Vue Cinema after 1300. Anyone know the weather forecast?

Brett Spencer is BBC Radio 5's Interactive Editor


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