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Still not raining

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Brett Spencer | 16:00 UK time, Thursday, 22 October 2009

DAB radio in the 5 live igloo in Hull

Simon Mayo's show has just finished. There was a terrific interview with John Prescott to open with. The former deputy PM said that he didn't think the BNP should be isolated, they should be allowed on Question Time and their odious views exposed.

But it's going to be a long day for Simon. There was a horrible moment earlier when we heard that Peter Allen had been in a car accident on the M1. The good news is that Peter is absolutely fine but he has not joined us in Hull this afternoon. So the Olympics debate with Lord Coe will be hosted by Simon Mayo, we're squeezing everything we can out of him before he goes to Radio 2.

That debate gets underway at 1815 after Anita Anand hosts Drive with Colin Patterson. Then later tonight Richard Bacon, who has just arrived in the office, will follow up the BNP story after Question Time has aired. It's very strange to be in a building in Hull watching scenes from outside Television Centre in London.

You can watch the Coe debate live on the website, although Simon would like to point out that he's also on the BBC2 Culture Show with Mark Kermode at 1900...

Oh and did I say? It hasn't rained all day...

Brett Spencer is BBC Radio 5's Interactive Editor


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