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Some big changes to the 5 live schedule

Printed calendars

I'd like to give you the details of some changes we're making to the 5 live programme schedule for the New Year.

We'll have a new weekday line-up between 1000 and 1600 and a different pattern to the schedule. The new sound is:

1000 - 1200 Victoria Derbyshire
1200 - 1400 Gabby Logan
1400 - 1600 Richard Bacon (Monday-Thursday); Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode (Fridays)

In addition to this, Tony Livesey will take over from Richard Bacon in the Monday to Thursday 2230 - 0100 slot. And Kate Silverton will move permanently into the Sunday morning programme running from 0930 to 1100.

There are a number of reasons leading to these changes but the overall aim is to build 5 live's daytime audience and to make sure we are in the strongest possible shape for the move to Salford.

Firstly, I believe a programme schedule based on three two hour shows is likely to make us stronger as a station, giving each programme a tighter feel and allowing us to develop some new approaches. In the mornings, Victoria Derbyshire will continue to bring a mix of exclusive interviews, original journalism, talking points and breaking news and sport. The programme will have an emphasis on getting out and about and will involve the audience at every opportunity.

At lunchtime Gabby Logan will cover all the day's news, sport, politics, business and entertainment news, including substantial interviews with people in the news, reports and stories from all over the UK and full discussion of the day's sports topics. Richard Bacon will offer a wide-ranging mix of interviews, discussion and humour with a focus on what's going on in the world of entertainment and the arts as well as breaking news. At night Tony Livesey will take over from Richard Bacon with a show which combines the serious and light-hearted and gives everyone a chance to get involved.

As we said last month, Simon Mayo is leaving his Monday-Friday show at the end of the year to move to Radio 2. Once again I'd like to thank him for everything he's done in the 1300 - 1600 slot, as well as looking forward to the expanded Friday afternoon film show he'll be presenting on 5 live with Mark Kermode. As part of the planning for the new schedule, it has been really important to put in place a line-up which will take us through the station's move to Salford and beyond.

I've always strongly believed it would be wrong to move the station and simultaneously make major programme changes; I'm delighted we now have in place long-term commitments to 5 live which should be very important in ensuring the success of the move. In the short term, Tony Livesey's late night show will come from Manchester by early February. This will then give us a significant amount of output based in Manchester which will make our move to Salford just over a year later a little more straightforward.

Overall I think we will have a schedule which is exciting and significantly different from what we've offered before. We have a mix of familiar and new voices but all are very experienced and accomplished broadcasters who I believe will be able to take 5 live to even greater success over the next few years.

Adrian Van Klaveren is Controller of BBC Radio 5 live


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  • Comment number 1.

    Shame really, this has made the station weaker. Should have stuck with a three hour afternoon segment BUT it makes switching easier will give GL a try then on Mon > Thu over to Steve Wright on R2 pending Simon Mayo at 5pm. Would have loved Phil Williams to have got afternoons but hey-ho, you're the boss not me.

  • Comment number 2.

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  • Comment number 3.

    It looks like a fantastic schedule. As someone who regularly listens to Bacon in the evenings, I know he can develop a family within an audience, give them something special, as well as deliver outstanding 5live content. Essentially, He's the middle ground, between producers and listeners, bringing both to each other. And that will work much better in daytime.

    Tony Livesey is a fantastic stand in for Noland and also on breakfast - very excited to have him on the schedule permanently.

  • Comment number 4.

    Can Sportsweek be put back to 9:00am?

    Mucking about with such an influential show seems really foolish.

    Moving it by half an hour smacked of a wooly compromise. A programme as good as Sportsweek should have been the last to deserve that sort of treatment.

    Sportsweek will be there long after any Sunday morning programme has been and gone.

    Put it back BBC.

  • Comment number 5.

    Why do we have to put up with Gary Richardson on sports week?
    He is a Radio 4 presenter and does not fit in well in to Five Live.
    He also has an anoying habit of saying "answer me that" at the end of questions to his guests.
    I hope we can also see a replacemnt for Dotton on UAN. There must be better broadcasters than him about!

  • Comment number 6.

    My immediate reaction is who is Tony Livesey? I listen to 5Live every day and I must say I am not familiar with this name. I'd like to have seen Phil Willliams, Anita Anin, Mark Chapman or Aasmah Mir get this gig. Anyway let's just hope Mr Livesey has a better idea of the demographics of his audience than his predecessor.
    Whilst a new schedule was being done it is a shame the weekend 10pm-1am slot was not reviewed. Stephen Nolan is not a good broadcaster and we need someone better. Matthew Bannister would be ideal.
    I am glad the two best programmes Drive and The Weekend news have not been touched, they are both excellent.
    No changes in sport I see. The Colin Murray experiment really hasn't worked, I'd have thought Adrian Van Klaveren would have realised that. A cosy juvenile chat between a Radio 1 DJ, an former Arsenal nobody and an overrated Scot is no way to preview a weekends sport. It would be nice to get 5Live Sport back to being a professional outfit for the whole week. You have the likes of Mark Pougatch and Arlo White, use them! Murray seems to have FOUR programmes on 5Live? How is this possible? Is he the John Barrowman of 5Live?
    Also Gary Richardson's format has had its day too. His style of interviewing is rude and boorish and the regular hacks he has on board are just sycophants.
    There is a lot of good things about 5Live, but some very weak ones too. It's a shame Adrian Van Klaveren did not take this opportunity to address all of them.

  • Comment number 7.

    Bacon can't touch Mayo - I agree with the earlier comment about putting Williams in if Mayo doesn't want to move to the urban blight of Salford (why would he when he lives in the garden of England and is probably relatively free of the chav blight of the urban landscape?!). Williams has stood in ably for Mayo many times and when Bacon recently stood in for VD he was on the whole pretty weak and lack-lustre. And the young and delectable Ms. Mir is about due a chance to show us her mettle - she did well "flying solo" when she did some standing in for VD not so long ago. Still, I suppose you're stuck with whomever is prepared to relocate away from the bright lights of the capital city and centre of national politics and international diplomacy at the end of the day.

    So, will Bacon be formatting the afternoon slot to match his current nocturnal output or will he be trying to match the skill and gravitas and varied and interesting topics of the Mayo slot? Telling that you cut Bacon down to two hours.

    I take it you couldn't get Bannister or Worricker (when he gets back from his globe-trotting) to take a relocation to the north and fill the afternoon slot, then?

    That said, Bacon has grown up a bit since he started on R5L - but when he originally took over from Currie he couldn't match her. At least you've not brought Nolan into the weekday daylight - thankfully!

    Still, we shall see what we shall see. I've just bought a DAB and can get many more signals in my village "dead zone" than I could on AM/FM so there's more choice if I'm driven away from R5L by disliked changes - and not all of it is BBC. If I switch to a commercial station can I have a rebate on my licence fee, please...?

  • Comment number 8.

    Alternatively, you could always recruit some fresh blood local to the Greater Manchester area...

  • Comment number 9.

    Just out of interest, what slot on R2 is Mayo moving to, please, since I can now get R2 free of crackles, pops, whooshes in volume and an annoying background whine...?

  • Comment number 10.

    Really -What has Phil Williams done to upset the powers that be.He made an excellent job of sitting in for Simon recently and should have been given the chance to take the afternoon show on full time.
    As for Tony Livesey,I'll be switching off when he comes on.I'm already totally sick of him name checking himself every time he needs to link into anything and repeating '85058 on the text -let us know' parrot fashion.
    Gabby Logan is a good choice so well done for that but the station will definitely sound down market with Richard Bacon in the afternoons.
    I also agree with the criticism of Garry Richardson.Time for a change there.His interview technique is appalling and he can't put a sentence together without 'umming and arring ' all the way through it.
    Finally Colin Murray is a terrible sports presenter.Bring back Eleanor Oldroyd !

  • Comment number 11.

    I have listened to Phil Williams a few times recently and he has really upped his game, but think that Richard Bacon is a bit lightweight for this show. Time will tell. However who would have said all those years ago that Simon Mayo would turn out to be so excellent in this slot. Good luck back at R2

  • Comment number 12.

    I'm reasonably pleased. I think Gabby Logan will do fine and hopefully the sports hour will be retained on a Friday. I think Richard Bacon is a good presenter who deserves his chance during the daytime. I would have preferred a 3 hour slot or extending the mid afternoon programme to 4.30 or 5pm. (fridays excepted of course). Because do we really need a 3 hour Drive programme repeating the same news as the previous hour?

    Also good to see Tony Livesey getting a regular slot.

    Would agree with average40's comments re 5live sport and Friday Nights. I much prefer Mark Pougatch on a Friday with Gab Marcotti with Steve Claridge or guests like Perry Groves or Pat Nevion popping in now and again. I think Pougatch is a more professional, accomplished presenter.

    However I do like Colin Murray especially on Fighting Talk but with him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday it is a bit much. Would also like to see Eleanor Oldroyd more. I would also like to say the Danny Baker is like a breath of fresh air and I enjoy his show.

  • Comment number 13.


    Shame to see Victoria pegged back to 2 hours, balanced by it being great to have 2 hours of Gabby each day - she's developed into a really talented radio presenter via her Sunday shows.

    Slightly surprised by the choice of Richard for the afternoon, my money was on Phil W. Not that Richard's not up to it but Phil has for a number of years now been the number one choice to stand in for Simon. Maybe that's why he wasn't chosen, Richard deemed more likely to make the slot his own perhaps?

    Two hours of Wittertainment on Fridays will be great, the slot's been slowly taking over the 2-3 hour as well as 3-4 anyway.

    Of course, the move to Salford is still a mistake, how the BBC believes talent is going to relocate to the North-West is beyond me - and I grew up there!

  • Comment number 14.

    gabby logan & bacon no thanks i'm off to talksport

  • Comment number 15.

    Good for Gabby. She comes across well on the radio and I get the feeling would do well with news as well as sport. I don't think Sundays have been a success since the changes, everything seems a bit muddled time wise and the Christian O'Connell thing is a definite turn off.

    Totally agree with the comments about Colin Murray, it is hard to tell the difference between his sports programmes and fighting talk - he seems to be looking for the joke in all his work.

    Also agree with many comments about Phil Williams missing out. He was excellent covering for Simon Mayo last week.

    Finally it is refreshing to see that changes are being made where things weren't working out and fairly quickly too. The Victoria Derbyshire show has lacked a focus which is painfully evident over a 3 hour slot. By losing an hour and giving the news to Gabby there should be a chance for news to have a more prominent daytime profile at midday rather than being drip fed through lifestyle phone ins as is currently the case.

  • Comment number 16.

    Have to agree with a few of the points above. Gaby will be great but unsure about Richard Bacon's ability to hold the audience the way Simon Mayo did. As for the weekends, Colin Murray is pretty awful on the radio, and as for Gary Richardson, I have stopped listening to his program on Sunday mornings as his interview techniques are so repetitive. He asks a question and then comes out with his interprtation of the answer. Happens every time and is boring.

  • Comment number 17.

    Obviously a lot of people care about 5Live, which is very nice to see. Some good comments on this BLOG, constructive criticism and praise where it is due. Why not give us a 5Live Message Board Mr Van Klaveren? Every other Radio station at the Beeb has one; The Archres have 34 at the last count.
    You have a great community, let them communicate.

  • Comment number 18.

    This is a real hodge-podge of changes. Why the recorded show on a Friday with Simon and Mark? If you are going to make a change, do it with some commitment. This feels like Five Live is playing safe and not committing to anything for the long term! How must Richard Bacon feel to land a plum job, only to be told that the last people who did it haven't really left! I bet he's chuffed? It must be nice to be able to afford to run two hour shows in the daytime - I'm not sure they will be any better than three hour shows, which have more room to breath. Where is the new talent? These presenters have been around for years and all work across different parts of the BBC as well? This sounds very safe and mediocre! Five Live has no edge - I will be watching Twitter and Facebook more and more now!

  • Comment number 19.

    Words fail me. Gabby Logan after Victoria Derbyshire? Bonkers. When I was taught about programme scheduling, the phrase light and shade was often used. I don't see it there at all. Apart from anything, it's yet another example of the inner clique getting even more airtime. It's probably more to do with the fact Ms. Logan has a big fat BBC contract and she needs to be given a job to justify it. I am hugely disappointed in Adrian's judgement.

  • Comment number 20.

    what has happened to phil williams,he is my favorate and has been ignored.i can't syand that stupid richard bacon

  • Comment number 21.

    Bacon? I was a radio 4 listener all the time before I started listening to Simon in the afternoon - I certainly won't stay with R5 for Bacon. His late night show has to be one of the most infantile shows anywhere on the BBC (and that includes CBBC!). Don't know who Gaby Logan is, but if she is currently on at the weekend then I guess she is one of the sports nerds so i wont be listening to her either.
    Unfortunately I live in one of the areas with no DAB coverage so I guess its time to upgrade the speakers on my computer and start exploring what else is available in the way of intelligent speech radio

  • Comment number 22.

    I agree with the comment about sportsweek being moved back to its former slot at 9.00. Weekend breakfast feels very awkward stoping at 8.30.
    I am personally glad to see the back of Bacon at 10.30. Pleae could we have a more news-based and intelligent programme, and not "text me in your favourite pizza topping" nonsense we've been getting.
    Oh. and please could we have our message boards back? Thank you .

  • Comment number 23.

    Oh dear. 2 hours of Derbyshire followed by Gabby Logan. Guess I'll have to find another radio station to listen to around that time. I can feel my eyelids getting heavy at the thought of it. Mayo, don't go.

    Don't mind Richard Bacon although he can be a pain in the bum. Out of all of them he could have filled the Mayo slot the best as he does have good knowledge of all subjects. Self-obsessed beyong belief though. Phil Williams is alright but I wish he would stop telling anecdotes during interviews all the time. And he's got a very strange, nervous laugh. Reminds me of Phil Cool doing JR from Dallas.

  • Comment number 24.

    Agree with most of the comments on the board so far:

    Victoria - Not a fan and I agree a two hour show would give it more focus. It seems to be too much about nothing.

    Gabby - Can take or leave... I am hoping this is going to be more news focused like the Midday news used to be. Up against World At One is going to be tough but can still work

    Bacon - Sorry .. Not for me! Phil is a much better broadcaster.

    Tony - Does nothing for me.. Just don't get any warmth listening to him. For Average40 - Tony used to be the Editor of the Sunday Sport ..

    I disagree a bit with the comments about Colin. I like him as a presenter, but I agree he is not heavyweight enough .. No gravitas there unlike the excellent Pougatch. If you need another good sports presenter, you could give George a go... Now he's on the News Channel, I'd give him a higher profile or he'll be off to TV for good!

    I'm not confident that these changes will increase either the reach or the amount of hours people are listening to the station.

    I hope that this will be reviewed in the summer and Adrian Van-Klaveren will be man enough to admit where things are not working.

  • Comment number 25.

    It's a shame that Phil W didn't get Simons spot, but at least we still get him on the weekend mornings. Good that Tony Livesey has a regular spot, he has been on filling a bit more recently and I like to listen to him. Have not listened weekend evenings since Steven Nolan has taken over, I cant stand his confrontational style. Playing devil's advocate is one thing, he takes it to a whole new level! Good that Gabby has a regular spot, really like her. But what has happened to Eleanor Oldroyd on sunday afternoons, bring her back, leave Colin on fighting talk, where he belongs!

  • Comment number 26.

    Noooooooooo! I had really hoped Richard Bacon wouldn't get the afternoon slot. I can't stand his lightweight style and dismissiveness of anything remotely approaching culture or requiring even a little brain power to understand.

  • Comment number 27.

    The great dumbing down of broadcasting continues. On a positive note, Simon Mayo's departure was always going to be a massive loss but I think Richard Bacon has the range of intellect and broadcasting ability to do a great job. But the thought of Gabby Logan four times a week means Five Live will be turned off in my house. And political coverage! It really is a case of using a presenter on a vastly inflated contract with an even more inflated ego. Peter Allen is a serious political journalist who likes football. Mrs. Logan strikes me to be a football journalist who feigns political and social understanding. I wonder how long it will be until we have a Kenny Logan feature at Prime Ministers Questions! Atleast we have been spared Phil Williams. Entirely likeable, but incapable of penetrative interviewing and too chummy in his style.

  • Comment number 28.

    I agree with the comments about Phil-he is great to listen to whichever slot he works on. I enjoy Richard Bacon on the late night slot but not so much during the day when he sounds like he is reining himself in.
    Radio 5 may lose me at 12- Gabby Logan every day! Often on Sundays she is under researched and her dislike for certain guests and topics undisguised,please BBC rethink this one.

  • Comment number 29.

    I am sick of the ubiquitous Colin Murray.

    I am happy about Livesey. I think he is funny and bright, it will be entertaining to have him in that slot.

    Bacon is not really well placed in the afternoon.

    Gabby? No, no, no. I would rather have Silverton every day.

  • Comment number 30.

    My two penneth: I'm gutted to see Simon Mayo go but realize this isn't 5Live's decision and I'm delighted he'll still be around on Friday. He is brilliant with the afternoon slot: handling the news stories with skill and humour but retaining the gravitas necessary for this time of day. In short, he gets the balance just right.

    It will be interesting to see how Richard Bacon does. I'm not a huge fan of his current show but I don't mind it because it's late-night. For the afternoon slot I feel he'll need to mature a bit - talking about the relevant stories and not always about himself! I would have much preferred to see Phil Williams in the slot but we should give Richard a chance - he may well develop into a great broadcaster.

    For the late night, I'm gutted Aasmah Mir wasn't given the opportunity as she really deserves it. I'm also up for drawing the Nolan show to an end - it's getting a little tiresome.

    But then again, what do I know??

  • Comment number 31.

    I knew Richard Bacon (the children's presenter) would get the afternoon slot! Watch the figures go down. I cannot listen to that presenter. He is poor, disinterested and sometimes excrutiating. Sorry... Bacon and Phil Williams - for me the two are indistinguishable; put them back on the kid's channels.

  • Comment number 32.

    How poor
    Richard Bacon is not a good presenter. he has no depth, no charm, no wit, no real knowledge. he is a deeply shallow presenter.

    But as for "Tony" Livesey as a 5 live presenter, that's enough to make me flip. Only some Islington based quangoist luvvy could imagine that this scruffy little oik, who clutters up one of my news channels of an evening (yes, 5Live, I actually LIVE up here and that's what most people think) should be allowed to present on 5Live. I have news for you quangoist southerner, actually he is playing to your ideas of "northern", whereas he is mostly thought of up here as a careerist parody of a northern male who insults his audience by his scruffy appearance.

    I am beginning to despair of this station.

    Print that, I dare you

  • Comment number 33.

    I'm quite surprised by the change to two hour slots but quite like the look of it. For me the Gabby Logan show sounds quite good with politics and hopefully still the Friday sport hour, I think I will be a regular listener while on lunch.

    Whereas 2-4 slots don't appeal to me as much and I can't listen at work then anyway.

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this is a return the original 5 Live schedule Midday with Mair 12-2pm and Ruscoe on Five 2-4pm.

    I am quite surprised to see Gabby Logan joining the daily team though with her sports work on top. I like Gabby but would have perhaps preferred Aasmah Mir to get this slot, I hope she will be the regular stand-in.

    Tony Livesey I'm really pleased about he is ideal for the Late Night Live slot.

    What's happening with Christian O'Connell? His commissioned run is until Christmas so I expected Sundays to go back to normal with Sportsweek at 9am and now Kate Silverton at 10am does this mean Christian will be back in the new year or something new?

  • Comment number 34.

    Gutted that Victoria Derbyshire has been reduced to a two hour slot. It is you own fault that Simon Mayo is leaving and the ratings will plummet when he does. Richard Bacon has nowhere near as much charisma and appeal.
    As for Gabby Logan, we will see, but chopping the shows up into 2 hour slots seems doomed to failure. Some of the best interviews can last nearly an hour and with news, travel etc eating into them.

    Kate Silverton=massive turnoff both on TV and radio. Tony Livesey, who?
    Steve Wight and Jeremy Vine seem to be the real benficiaries here.

  • Comment number 35.

    Thank you Mr Van-Klaveren. I hope Aasmah Mir will present more often, on the new BBC 5live schedule. More long term, I hope she will be given a show of her own on BBC 5live or BBC Radio 4.

  • Comment number 36.

    Bring back the old days. That is what most of the posts really mean - it was a better channel then, without wretched texts and emails every four seconds.

    The things that made the station good to listen to are but a distant memory. Now we have droning stories of the most dire, uninteresting kind that I switched from Woman's Hour to avoid. Snip-snappy vocab that is almost too fast to follow - did you know the intro of Nicky and Shelagh at news at 7am is read at such a pace it is almost impossible to follow? It does slow down after a bit as they could not possibly keep that speed up.

    I am sorry about Aasmah and Phil Williams too but I guess he has the weekend gig.

  • Comment number 37.

    Adrian, did you actually read the 74 comments made against your announcement of Simon's sad departure? Anyone with half a brain can see two things from those who posted: 1. Not Richard Bacon 2. Move Victoria Derbyshire off the network.

    And it's not like there weren't plenty of excellent suggestions.

    So what happened there?

  • Comment number 38.

    Carrie is spot on.

    The breakfast programme has become a joke. I now wont listen and have tuned elsewhere.

    Bye Bye

  • Comment number 39.

    Oh no. Please not Richard Bacon. Allow me to add to the chorus of utter disbelief that he has been moved to a prime afternoon slot. Those who control the 5 live schedule might delude themselves that he is somehow entertaining, but I'm afraid that the reality is that he is smug (irritatingly), far too pleased with himself (unaccountably), and totally out of his depth (obviously). I cringe even now when I recall him a while ago informing his audience, with no apparent irony, that on a broadcast from Sandhurst he had been informed by his hosts that he was 'officer material'. I cringe even more when I think of the toe-curling embarrassment of his live stand-up routine at the Edinburgh Fringe, when he made the mistake of assuming that hubris was a more attractive personal quality than humility. Hey! Making a so-called joke about using cocaine when he was employed as a presenter on a TV programme for kids is really, kinda, y'know, wow, hilarious. And, hey, that audience must have been beside themselves with helpless mirth when he informed them that he was one of only three 'famous' people to come from Mansfield. Way to get 'em, Rich! (The worrying thing is that he had weeks to prepare for what was probably the worst 5 minutes of car crash radio in broadcasting history). Just watch those listening figures plummet.

    What a wasted opportunity not to give an honest, unaffected, natural radio pro like Phil Williams more of a run in the afternoons. And whoever asked why Matthew 'Trevor' Bannister had been overlooked in this new-look schedule, hear, hear! Is he, I wonder, too old, too untrendy, and just too thoroughly good behind the mike for 5 live?

    Who on earth makes these decisions? And as for that insufferable Garry Richardson upstart, just don't get me started . . .

  • Comment number 40.

    I don't want to be one of those people who state that they will never listen to 5live again, but I have to admit my heart did sink when I saw that Richard Bacon was getting Simon Mayo's old slot. Personally I have always found him to be a very weak interviewer and I can't see him getting the best out his guests like Simon can. I would have liked Phil Williams to have the slot, he's done a fine job covering for Simon in his absence and I would have certainly enjoyed listening to him.

    Maybe Richard will prove me wrong and step up to the challenge. Let's hope so.

  • Comment number 41.

    Richard Bacon is not a good broadcaster. He reminds me of a puppy that's desperate to please and doesn't have the depth or intelligence of Simon Mayo. I'm also glad that Phil W didn't get the afternoon. He drove me mad last week asking questions then interrupting before the person had time to answer and not coming back to the question.

    I already switch back to Radio 4 the moment that the phone-in finishes. Now I'll stay there until Drive, sad that Radio 5 has lost its best presenter and programme, though I might switch back to try Gabby. I quite like her on a Sunday & will be interested to see what she can do with a daily show.

    I already listen elsewhere when Gary Richardson is on. His interviewing style is bullying & thus he doesn't get the best out of his interviewees. I hope you'll be keeping Danny Baker & Fighting Talk - the 2 best things on Radio 5 at the moment.

  • Comment number 42.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 43.

    Don't believe the two hour slots will really work - just seems a bit tabloidy rather than something of real substance. Not really too despondant about Logan and Bacon moving into new slots. Both have their limitations but are still listenable. Not able to listen much during the day anyway so no big deal. Am saddened however by the way "tv names" are being used to take over radio broadcasting in certain slots. Also think that for all his excellence in presenting Fighting Talk, Colin Murray should not be at the head of the queue for Sunday Sport - Ellie Oldroyd is the best female broadcaster on Five Live and was doing a fine job. Relieved that Stephen Nolan has not been "promoted" - far and away the worst broadcaster on the station - to my ears he is totally unlistenable. It has been a total relief when Tony Livesey has replaced him at various times, although not sure what he will be like on a regular weekday basis. Would have thought Phil Williams would have been ideal for the weekday evening slot or maybe gone back to a female presenter as the evenings and nights on the station are very male dominated. Don't agree that Garry Richardson should be removed - he has his own style which although somewhat brusque makes a change from some of the more sycothantic interviewers on the station. Dont like the new 11am programme on Sunday mornings - cant remember its name, but it just appears to be total tedium for the most part.

  • Comment number 44.

    Lets be clear here. Youve made changes for changes sake. Im convinced you got bored in your weekly meetings so decided to give them some purpose by reinventing the wheel.
    Adrian VK - Your comments as follows which in part attempt to justify your decision are as vacuous as Gabby Logan's current affairs insight. (Gabby Logan, excellent sports broadcaster)

    "Firstly, I believe a programme schedule based on three two hour shows is likely to make us stronger as a station, giving each programme a tighter feel and allowing us to develop some new approaches."

    Genuinely laughable.

    The solution was simple. A delay in announcements while you considered your choices and then the announcement saying whom would get Simon's job 4 days a week.

    For the record, nobody from within the current realm of broadcasters on 5 lives books would match Simon Mayo in his slot so you would have needed to go shopping.

    Instead your carving up a schedule which worked perfectly well regardless of whether its based in London or Manchester giving inadequate broadcasters time on a network like 5live that they genuinely dont deserve it. (Logan/Bacon)

    I do wonder what Peter Allen and co think about the changes.

    A series of poor decisions.

  • Comment number 45.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 46.

    Thanks for your comments so far. Lots of thoughtful and constructive stuff here. I know that everyone at the station will be reading with interest so keep it coming. And if you have specific questions about the scheduling process, please ask them here and I'll try to get them answered by the people who know.

    Steve Bowbrick, editor, 5 live blog

  • Comment number 47.

    I couldn't give a monkeys who gets the mayo slot but bacon will do me, but can someone explain to me why the Fulham Roma game isn't in five live? Really??

  • Comment number 48.

    Last week Victoria Derbyshire won an award, this week her show gets cut by an hour. Well done BBC show your staff loyalty. These new changes make no sense at all. The station gets more lightweight by the day. Richard Bacon is no match for Simon Mayo. Gabby Logan while being good enough at presenting Gymnastics is no choice for Prime Ministers Questions, especially in the run up to an election!. Asmah Mir was awesome on the lunchtime show and is as good as if not better when she stands in for Victoria so why has she not got a show of her own. Colin Murray is ok on fighting talk but I think he needs time to settle into to the sports brief, it would make more sense for him to be taken off the Sunday show for a while and Elanor Oldroyd given it back. The only good thing about the changes it Drive has not been altered and Peter Alllen can still be the saviour of the datime schedule. PS love the breakfast phone in when Shelagh is on she actually lets the guests talk, where as Mr Campbell gets smugger by the second.

  • Comment number 49.

    Oh dear.. what a disappointment this new schedule is. More dumming down.

    Richard Bacon is a lightweight. Fun in the evening, but not one for a hard hitting interview or breaking news. Poor choice. Dont chase cool. This is a news and current affairs station.

    Colin Murray is ok in small doses. But now he is all over the station. Comedy is fine, in small doses.

    Speaking of comedy and cool. Why Christian O'Connell? His program HAS to go. It is trival and irrelevent. It has no place on 5 Live. The experiment has failed.

    Five Live Sport is great however since the axing of Campbell Davison presenters it is has been going backwards. Still one of the strongest features of the lineup.

    Don't like Tony Livesey at all. Extremely disappointed Aasmah Mir or Phil Williams didn't get Bacon's spot. I listen to breakfast and nights, but his appointment is enough for me to tune out, and losing the night means I wont be waking up to Nicky and Shelegh either. Bad call Adrian. One wonders if the Salford connection influenced this awful decision. Will be checking out LBC.

    In Summary the recent changes -
    1. More Colin Murray - overkill
    2. Christan O'Connell experiment - dumming down
    3. Axing Campbell Davison productions - mistake
    4. Livesey for Bacon - awful
    5. Not recognising talents of Mir and Williams - typical

    Let's hope these changes are revisited soon after their implementation and the station gets back to its roots, the recent months have all been about trivalisation.

  • Comment number 50.

    Is 5Live better today then April 2008 when Van Klaveren replaced Bob Shennan as controller?

  • Comment number 51.

    Bacon has driven me away from Five Live late night. His Partridge imitation with such self-indulgences as his twittering and special half-hour tedium just became too nauseating. I was forced back back to R4 or World Service. Your new man, Livesey, has my best wishes and I will give him a go as long as he never mentions the word "special" after 12.30.
    Mayo is the best around and I will definite not be able to stomach Bacon as a replacement. I feel betrayed here and having to find another channel to put on will disrupt my afternoon routine. It is a terrible blunder to give him this prime slot. (Why not Phil Williams? - or practically anyone -- I'll do it!). Alas, I definitely do not care for the constant intervention of middle of the road music, so Mayo will be be lost to me except as Man Friday.

    1000 - 1200 Victoria Derbyshire (OK but a bit tabloid)
    1200 - 1400 Gabby Logan (good)
    1400 - 1600 Richard Bacon (Monday-Thursday); (Please no!!.)
    Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode (Fridays) (Excellent and thank goodness a Bacon-free afternoon)

  • Comment number 52.

    Perhaps PW doesn't want to go to Salford. As I recall, he went to uni' in Manchester so knows the area...!

  • Comment number 53.


    Interested by the changes... but not really enthusiastic about them.

    1. Cutting Vic's prog to 2 hrs - doesn't really affect me as I don't listen to her show anyway.
    2. Gabby noon til 2pm - total madness!!! Don't get me wrong, Gabby is an excellent presenter BUT asking her to do heavyweight political stuff (PMQs in election year etc.) is putting a square peg in a round hole. Aasmah would have been much more suited to this prog.
    3. Bacon in the afternoon - seems OK to me. I agree Richard's style is a bit juvenile at times, but I've heard him cover for Simon before and I thought he did OK. I feel the same about this as I do about Evans for Wogan at R2... let's just see how he does.

    However, I agree about Colin Murray. He's on far too often, and the Sunday afternoon show is almost impossible to listen to now, as he's getting in the way of the sport. Ellie Oldroyd is one of the finest sports broadcasters anywhere and was doing a brilliant job - can't understand why you felt the need to mess about with it.

    It seems to me you're trying to re-create the station with a similar sound throughout the day. I think that's a mistake. Your remit is to cover two completely different things (news & sport), and I don't think it's possible to try and make it sound consistent. I like the fact that, as Drive finishes, there is that change in the station's output - as one of the other posters already mentioned, there is a case for light and shade. Don't try to do too much!!

  • Comment number 54.

    If the length of the programmes is being cut, presumably the length of the presenter and production teams working day is shorter, too? Are they taking a pay cut accordingly and saving us licence payers a bit of cash? After all, the move to Salford is supposed to be about reducing overheads and saving money. Then again, I imagine a good bulk of it is staying in the Smoke - how many of the presenters established there who are staying on air are not moving? They'll carry on, probably from the same studio they do now, so the Beeb will need to keep the building, infrastructure and support staff in place. So, why move the station at all...?

    We pay for the BBC through the TV tax so there's no reason why these questions shouldn't be answered.

  • Comment number 55.

    Everyone has their own preferences, of course, and losing Simon Mayo is a real body blow to R5, but I can't believe the number of people on here who think that Phil Williams should be given a chance. He is switched off the moment I hear his voice and it was a sad day when he got a permanent morning slot at the weekends as I no longer listen at that time now. So I for one am delighted not to see him appearing in the afternoons as that would probably have been the death knell of R5 for me.

    I do like Richard Bacon - he is no Simon Mayo and he has a long way to go, but he has come on a lot since he started and I think he will grow into it. I am also pleased to see Victoria Derbyshire reduced to 2 hours - fingers crossed now that she decides not to move to Salford. I think Gabby Logan is a bad move. She has improved on Sundays, but she needed to. And she does not have the gravitas or knowledge to deal with the heavyweight political issues each day. Aasmah Mir, and I'm not a great fan (too much of a giggler, like Anita Anand), would have been a better choice.

    Finally, I echo the comments about Eleanor Oldroyd - she was always a good listen on a Sunday and I think moving her out of that slot was a bad move.

  • Comment number 56.


    Thanks, for bring an advocated to the 5 Live audience....

    ~Dennis Junior~

  • Comment number 57.

    It is easy to have a knee jerk reaction to proposed changes but each new programme should be judged after a period of time. I remember when Simon Mayo started on the afternoon and he was slated on the old message boards. The same thing happened with Phil Williams.
    It is all about the adaptability of the broadcaster. A different approach is required depending on time slot. I agree with other contributers about Richard Bacon present show being self satisfied etc but he may grow into new role as Simon Mayo did and similarily with Gabby Logan and Colin Murray. They are too jokey at the moment but as they develop that may/should change.
    The sunday schedule definitely needs change. The solutions programme is hopeless and that extra hour should be given to Kate Silverton but not in a light news v sport way.

  • Comment number 58.

    I understand that Radio 5 must alter its schedules because of the move to Salford and changing audience profiles,but I think replacing Richard Bacon with Tony
    Livesey is a real error. Richard is quick witted and enormously intelligent, and has achieved a good balance of the serious and the entertaining on his show. When Tony Livesey substituted for Stephen Nolan in the past, he seemed ultra light weight, and the balance of Nolan't mostly serious show went in favour of a programme which was mainly about Sport. This is not a personal attack on Mr Livesey. I just think he's really wrong for the late evening slot. Sorry I won't be listening

  • Comment number 59.

    so Simon Mayo leaves and causes such havoc. 3 in 1 Mayo you the man!!
    Tony Livesey? what about Aasmah Mir eh Andy?

  • Comment number 60.

    Adrian i meant

  • Comment number 61.

    "I understand that Radio 5 must alter its schedules because of the move to Salford and changing audience profiles"

    Given it's a national, not regional, station does moving its broadcast base alter its demographic? It could be broadcast from anywhere in the country - it's just that we happen to know that it's been broadcast from London since Day One.

    Another thing that occurs is that, if they continue to carry PMQs then they're still going to have to maintain the London end, as I can't see Gabby heading down the motorway for two hours a week then going back up again.

  • Comment number 62.

    Great to see Richard Bacon moving to daytime. A talented radio presenter.
    The downside to all the changes is that apparently nobody within the BBC hierarchy listens to the drivel that comes from the Victoria Derbyshire program. The content is substandard, and she as a presenter lets down 5 Live. She cannot interview people, only ask questions. She frequently asks questions that have already been directly answered, demonstrating that she doesn't actually listen to anything her guests actually say. How she won that Nick Clarke award is beyond my understanding. Don't the BBC realise that this is a commonly held view amongst 5 live listeners, yet she presents a prime time radio program.

  • Comment number 63.

    Oh dear. I listen to 5 live at least seven hours everyday, and always tune in from noon until at least two o' clock from Monday to Friday. I stopped listening on Sunday mornings as I found Gabby Logan intensely irritating and inane. Now I will be turning off everyday.

  • Comment number 64.

    Nicky Clarke - doesn't he cut hair...?


  • Comment number 65.

    I am absolutely delighted to see the back of Richard Bacon in the late evening slot. Bedtime radio hasn't really been an option for me for months owing to his trivial, self-indulgent prattle. I don't listen in the afternoon so I don't care what he does there. I don't mind Tony Livesey but the person I was hoping for in that slot was Rachel Burden, who brought something of the sparkle of Anita Anand back to this programme. This move to Salford is a joke, though. In an age of global communication, who on earth cares where these programmes come from? As a major reason for the changes, it doesn't stand up.

  • Comment number 66.

    Over the last few months I have switched most of my daytime listening from R4 to R5, but it looks as though I'll be moving back in the New Year, or even find something new. As someone who works from home, the radio is very important to me.

    Mayo is going to be a difficult act to follow, he is a consumate professional. Gabby, giggly, flirty, Logan does nothing for me, whereas Bacon sends me diving for the off switch. Phil Williams and George Riley are fab at the weekend, but not sure whether they would maintain this if over-exposed. How about some 'new blood'?

  • Comment number 67.

    Not sure about Richard Bacon moving to the daytime slot, he's been great listening froom bed! Won't be worrying me anyway as I'll never hear him now or the dreaded Gabby Logan. Tony Livesey will be a great replacement, although I really really wish it was the absolutely awful Stephen Nolan that he was replacing!

  • Comment number 68.

    In summary the only two people who come out of these postings with universal praise are Mr Mayo and Ms Mir. For almost everyone else the negatives outweigh the positives. Having thought about it for 24 hours, I am most concerned about Gabby doing the Midday slot with all that entails - really like her as a broadcaster but this is a step too far. Maybe John Piennar can be used more to help her out on this show as he is always excellent. I think that certain people have been prejudiced against because they are not a "known" name by the general public - few people will know of Williams, Mir and Burden but they will know Bacon, Logan and Murray. It is a great shame the way the radio medium is being discredited by considerations other than who is the best radion presenter. The best broadcasters on Five Live currently are Piennar, Fogherty, Allen, Anand, Sharp and Oldroyd all of whom are fully aware of their responsibilities, are well informed and have an easily listenable style which enables them to discuss both serious news items whilst still able to use subtle humour where appropriate.

  • Comment number 69.

    I'm an avid listener to 5 live and had no idea who occupies which daytime slots. I saw the worrying words "changes to the schedule" and was anxious that the superb sports coverage in the evenings and, joy of joys, on Saturday afternoon, might be about to be altered.

    Like many 5 live listeners, I work in an environment where it is impossible to listen to the radio (there are still alot of citizens working 8-6 in offices, schools etc). Daytime presenters are, for us, largely irrelevant.

    I migrated to 5 live several years ago because the station takes sport seriously. The crown jewels are the live sports events and the fascinating football discussions and programmes. I hope these all-important programmes are never dumbed down.

  • Comment number 70.

    CorporateMan wrote:
    "I migrated to 5 live several years ago because the station takes sport seriously. The crown jewels are the live sports events and the fascinating football discussions and programmes. I hope these all-important programmes are never dumbed down."
    Employing Murray, Baker and Lovejoy says they have been already.

    Davidgreenwalker wrote:
    "Richard (Bacon) is quick witted and enormously intelligent."

  • Comment number 71.

    Many thanks for all the comments so far - very interesting to see what people think and not surprisingly there are lots of different views here. It's not appropriate for me to use this blog as a place to discuss the merits or otherwise of individual presenters though of course I've got huge confidence in our new line-up and I think we'll be able to make 5 live even better over the next few months. One point I would pick up on is the need to give new programmes and new presenters time to bed in - for example, as some have pointed out, it took quite a while for Simon Mayo to become established in the afternoons and the same applied to Fighting Talk on a Saturday morning. A radio station is something which is always changing and we're always learning about what works and what doesn't. I'm not sure why two hours programmes should feel more tabloid - the aim is actually to make programmes feel tighter and give them more focus. And yes we are doing this in a way which doesn't cost us any more - we've moved money around so that we can pay for three two hour shows rather than two three hour programmes.
    On a few factual points. You will be hearing more of Aasmah Mir in the New year. The exciting news is that Anita Anand is pregnant so Aasmah will be co-presenting Drive with Peter Allen whilst Anita is away. Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode's programme on Friday afternoons will be live, not recorded. Over the last few months Simon has quite often done the Friday afternoon show of 5 live and then stood in for Chris Evans on Radio 2 so we know this can work. On the Salford move our Monday-Friday line-up and our core weekend news and sport programmes will all come from Salford from the middle of 2011 - it's a hugely important part of the BBC's plans to shift the balance of what we do and make sure we fully reflect the whole of the UK. The current run of the Christian O'Connell Solution is until Christmas - in the New Year there'll be a different comedy-based show in that slot which we'll be able to tell you more about in a few weeks time.
    Please keep the comments coming - I promise that I read them all with great interest.
    Adrian Van Klaveren
    Controller, Radio 5 live and 5 live Sports Extra

  • Comment number 72.

    I too was hoping Phil Williams would get Mayo's slot. I stopped listening to the late night show when Bacon joined. I listen to 5 Live to be informed, with intelligent debate, and interesting guests. There seems to be a shift towards entertainment, sport and phone in shows.

  • Comment number 73.

    Thanks for replying Adrian. It's good to know you do read the comments. Now about Nolan and Murray.......;-)

  • Comment number 74.

    It didn't take that long for Mayo to become established in the afternoon, Adrian. I seem to remember him handling 9/11 with aplomb better than most journalists would have done. Bit of re-writing of history going on already. The one thing I do know is that 4 hours of Derbyshire and then Logan will not be the most exciting radio on the air.

  • Comment number 75.

    Adrian, what is your vision for 5Live? Is it fast-paced news and analysis? Trival tabloid tittle-tattle? Indepth interviews? Comedy?

    Why doesnt skewing a news station younger mean that it needs to have an overabundance of comedy and lightweight talent?

    Good to hear that you read this blog. I think on balance you'll see a weight of opinion against the Bacon move. And disappointment with Asmah and Phil werent given more of a chance. Good that Mir will replace Anita, like for like replacement.

    Have you listened to 2GB Sydney or Clear Channel's NewstalkZB in New Zealand? Have a listen to breakfast on 2GB and drive on NewstalkZB... may provide some inspiration for this new tighter programming you are talking about.

    Glad to hear the O'Connell experiment is ending. It failed.

  • Comment number 76.

    I think the line up is definitely weaker, I'm inclined to give Richard Bacon time to see if he can fill Simon Mayos' shoes which I doubt and I am another who would have liked to see Phil Williams given a chance in the slot. I doubt very much if I will be listening to five before 2 as Gabby Logan annoys me exemplified by an interview she gave to a member of stop the arms trade during their attempts to take BAE systems to court over bribery allegations. She allowed them to put their point of view across about the wrongs alledged BAE had committed without once tackling them on the underlying position they took. If you are a spokesman for stop the arms trade I would have thought she could have at least asked whether the name of the organisation had a bearing on why they were taking the court action, rather than to let them push the line this was only to stop corruption in business. For me it was shallow and completely lacking the bite that you find from others on five live. Oh well at least there's always the incomparable Drive to wait for.

  • Comment number 77.

    I'm very happy with these new schedules. Especially pleased with Tony Livesey taking over the Richard Bacon spot - I am so looking forward to the end of RBs inane "special half hour" slot.

  • Comment number 78.

    Have just read the re-scheduling of Radio 5 - unbelievable!! Two hour slots is ridiculous, Ms Logan discussing politics and business - words escape me, Richard Bacon well, that is two hours with the radio turned off. Is it possible Radio Five could persuade Julian Worricker and Matthew Bannister to leave the World Service and return to Five. Two excellent presenters who know what they are talking about, on a par with Peter Allan. When S Mayo was away Phil Williams was a welcome relief.
    Aren't we the listeners the licence payers??

  • Comment number 79.

    I'm surprised that the loss of Eamonn Holmes has not been mentioned. Danny Baker is about the worst presenter I have had the misfortune to listen to, at least I listened once and that was the end of that. Fi Glover is available on Radio 4, how great it would be if she came back to Radio 5. The best presenters seem to have abandoned ship - Glover, Holmes, Worriker, Bannister, Garvey et al. I had overlooked the horrors of Ms Logan 'doing politics' in the time of a general election. Her Sunday morning show is a no no.

  • Comment number 80.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 81.

    Like average40 I would like to thank Adrian for replying, its good to know our comments are read. And I agree with him I remember the initial reaction to Simon Mayo's show before he settled into the station.

    Congratulations to Anita and great news to hear Aasmah will be covering on Drive.

    P.S. Just so people know Phil Williams and Rachel Burden are the regulars presenters of Weekend Breakfast.

  • Comment number 82.

    I think Richard Bacon has got stronger and stronger and will be a great addition to the daytime schedule, a million times better than Phil Williams who struggles with anything vaguely intellectual and is a terrible interviewer. Glad to see another woman getting a chance at peak time too although I think there are stronger candidates. Tony L ticks the northener/accent quota box which sadly seems more important than talent to the PC bosses.

    Agree with the get Richardson off comments - I'm a sports junkie but cant stand his pompous, smug manner.

  • Comment number 83.

    I'll miss Richard Bacon in the evenings. I'll still be able to listen to him during the day but it won't be the same without the...you know...shh! I can't say! As for his replacement, Tony Livesey just doesn't do it for me. Having said that, neither does Gabby Logan. She has always struck me as someone who is trying too hard...and never really getting to the nitty gritty. As for Colin Murray... I think he's great for Fighting Talk but as for the rest of the weekend... What have we done to deserve this? He should bring his little Fighting Talk sound effects gizmo to his other shows and have the BOOM TISH! drum sound lined up for every one of his pathetic, laboured 'jokes'. Can we have proper sports presenters back please?

  • Comment number 84.

    Shame to be losing Simon Mayo, I will probably continue to follow him on Radio2. I like to support women in broadcasting but I do not feel Gabby Logan is right for a prime time show of her own. I will wait and see though.

  • Comment number 85.

    Oh thank you for that, Adrian VK, the exiting news that Anita is pregnant! Sorry, but what has this got to do with broadcasting?

    Not so long ago we didn't have to tolerate all this stuff about the presenters personal lives - it's now gone far to far imo. Please, the change I'd like is for this station to return to the professional quality that it once had. There are plenty of other commercial channels that do that stuff!

    But i'll probably be modded as I seem to not be able to have my free speech on 5live blogs!

  • Comment number 86.

    My "five-penneth"!

    Baker yes!
    Gabby yes!
    Bacon no. Williams yes!
    Livesey (who?) no!
    Colin Murray on Fighting Talk yes yes yes. All others programmes no.
    Richardson erm, um, no. Answer that for me.
    More of Aaasmah and Eleanor please.

    Does anyone else miss the 15 mins full sports bulletin at 0530 hrs? Wake up to Money is too long, too depressing and usually manages to ruin my first impressions of the day to come.

    PS Please gag Alan Green and prevent John Murray from getting excited. His ersatz Geordie accent becomes grating and unintelligible when anyone scores a goal.

  • Comment number 87.

    RichieRich6 wrote: "In summary the only two people who come out of these postings with universal praise are Mr Mayo and Ms Mir. For almost everyone else the negatives outweigh the positives" .........not totally true - doing a quick count Phil Williams received 19 positive and 4 negative comments (83% approval - not bad!). Although he does come across as blokey, chummy etc I find him really great to listen to and he has a wonderful dry sense of humour.

    dorset5fan wrote: "I hope we can also see a replacement for Dotton on UAN. there must be better broadcasters than him about!" ..........no way. Dotun is brilliant - very warm personality ( can be a little self indulgent though i.e. Brazilian shirt names for frequent callers to world football phone in - but can forgiven for that when Carroll Thompson, his other half, comes in to sign a few tunes).

    With regard to new schedule I must admit I find Richard Bacon hard work especially the excruciating 'special half hour'. (Does though get a brownie point in my book for signing off with 'Goodnight Great Britain wherever you are' in the style of the 80's American series 'Midnight Caller'). Did though think he was o.k. last night following Question Time. Maybe he will grow into Simon Mayo's shoes.

    With regard to his replacements between 10pm and 1am I would like Tony Livesey to do Mon-Thurs and Phil W Fri-Sun. Phil has a good knowledge of sport and would do well over the weekend. Still find it hard though to get my head around Tony L on 5live. When I listen to him still imagine him on the Sunday Sport deciding which naked or semi-naked women to include in the Sunday edition. Got to say I find Stephen Nolan too confrontial for 10pm to 1am. Prefer to be winding down at that time of night.

    Can't understand why Colin Murray has replaced Eleanor Oldroyd on Sundays - For me she is in a totally different league as a Sports Presenter. Also why do some many people have a pop at Victoria Derbyshire. In my book she is a very professional presenter.

  • Comment number 88.

    Second attempt, hopefully acceptable.
    Very frustrated by these changes..Reading other posts, I'm not the only one. Please reconsider bringing in Phil Williams to one of these new 2 hour slots. I don't feel 3 2hr slots has anything to do with the move to Salford. Thank god for Drive! 5live will probably lose me as a listener during the day until 4pm and I fear many others. I only knew about these radical changes because I happened to want to find some information on the 5live website. Could I ask for these changes to be announced on air and invite listener responses? I would hope the existing 5live audience opinions are important and ought to be listened to.

  • Comment number 89.

    5live is my preferred listening choice but mixed feelings about the changes. Rarely listen to Victoria but n ot my favourite. Missed Aasmah at lunchtime and always thought it was a mistake dropping the show but replacing with Gabby just doesn't seem comparable. Do not think she has the experience to conduct a challenging and delving interview when it comes to politics

    Richard in the evening makes me fall asleep and miss him at the weekends. Find him pleasant to the ear and entertaining and hope he has the know how to handle the post.

    Tony Livesey annoys me at times when he has done breakfast or sat infor Richard and think i will struggle to listen at night. Do not enjoy Stephen Nolan but only because the topic regularly becomes heated and not relaxing

    Thoughjt Phil Williams would be given a greater role. Shame but once Rachel goes on maternity leave who will replace her at weekends?

    Miss Eleanor on a Sunday and appreciate she has a family so may not be the best day for her to work but feel her skills could be utilised to a greater extent. Sorry but Colin Murray is not an adequate replacement.

    For hot topics straight of the news wires 5live is the best so please stop tinkering with it

  • Comment number 90.

    So you have replaced (in part) the one person on Five who knew how to leave any ego he has (Mayo) at the door in order to deliver high quality broadcasting and in depth interviews over a massive range of subjects with one of the biggest egos on radio; Bacon. Bacon's ego knows no bounds, witness the pathetic Edinburgh festival comedy stunt and tonight's party broadcast as two examples of this. His experiences, his friends, his knowledge of a subject etc are so much more important in his eyes and ears than anyone else's. Important questions are dismissed because he does not want to focus on them or more difficult and challenging subjects within a subject.

    Same goes for Livesy, only wants to skim the subject focussing on the sensational and salacious. Not only that but he is as rude and dismissive to callers as Nolan is at the weekends.

    You don't like your listeners very much do you?

  • Comment number 91.

    Adrian Van Klaveren is the man who will destroy BBC Radio 5 live.

    This astonishing reshuffle is the ultimate in dumbing down Five Live. Richard Bacon starts almost every sentence with a sort of stuttering indecisive "I er, er, er, er, well, er" and refuses to let people finish their sentences.

    He has single handedly destroyed the quality of the late evening slot. His "secret half hour" is a rip-off, his ability to grasp serious subjects is minimal and he has turned the show into a nepotistic low quality variety show. Listeners will desert the afternoon show in droves.

    Dotun Adebayo stays in place - the man who forces many to turn to the World service for all night listening on Thursdays - thru Sundays because of his nauseating sensitivity over racial issues, his inability to LISTEN to his guests, his remarkable lack of knowledge on current affairs and his insistence of blowing his own trumpet.

    Gabby Logan isn't a patch on Victoria Derbyshire.

    Tony Livesey is the only saving grace, and then only because he is karginally better than the child he is replacing.

    As I said: Adrian Van Klaveren is the man who will destroy BBC Radio 5 live.

  • Comment number 92.

    It's encouraging that AVK reads the listeners comments. Problem is, will he take any notice? In many respects some may fel Five Live is in a transition period - others might argue decline is a better phrase. The sport has always been its strong point - that is until Colin Murray got involved. He's a shocker. How many times does he get put down by the person being interviewed because he's got his facts wrong? You can almost hear the derision in the voices of those (who are professional commentators in the main) being interviewed.

    As someone commented, there are going to be great slabs of the day when folk will no longer turn to Five Live - personally I cannot listen now until Mayo comes on and having heard Richard Bacon occasionally, I feel he is going to struggle badly with the mix in the afternoon. When out of his depth (frequently) he always resorts to the time honoured 'text us and tell us what you think'.

    Personally I would ban all phone in's on Five Live. They are cheap air fillers and the domain of boorish people. How much better if VD's morning slot had a key note personality interview, contributions from the legions of correspondets the beeb has around the world and daily slots for informed sports commentators. And with no listener input.

  • Comment number 93.

    I have to agree with much of the above. I would have liked Phil Williams to have a greater role during the day, but at least he is on both mornings at the weekend and will presumably still stand in for people during the day. I didn't mind Gaby Logan on a Sunday morning, but for the main lunchtime news and PMQs, surely Kate Silverton would have been better with Gaby staying on Sundays - at the old time too. I miss the first half hour as I am still watching Andrew Marr on BBC1.

    Everything there is to say about Richard Bacon has been said. His programme at night is a disgrace and only fit for infants. I usually find another programme to listen to. Even TalkSport has more serious stuff at that time of night with Ian Collins.

    Are all these people being paid to move to Manchester? As they all only have 2 hour slots, are they just being paid to live in Salford during the week? Sounds like the MPs and their expenses to me. I don't care where the programme comes from and I live in the north. Why do we pay for Stephen Nolan to fly from Belfast anyway? If we have to have him, and I wish we didn't, can't he broadcast from Belfast? The expense of his flights and hotel stays are ridiculous when he has on occasion broadcast from Belfast at night. We can't tell where it is coming from by listening anyway.

    I only wish you had taken the opportunity to get rid of the lightweight Victoria Derbyshire. I used to like Anita Arnand in the 10 p.m. slot, but find her intensely irritating on Drive with Peter Allen. She dumbs it down no end. I agree she knows her stuff and copes well on the Daily Politics with Andrew Neil, but she behaves so silly and girly sometimes.

    I have only heard Tony Livesey a couple of times and thought him a bit rough and ready, but will reserve judgement.

  • Comment number 94.

    I am very disappointed indeed by these changes. It was a body blow when Simon Mayo announced he was leaving - a waste of his talents on Radio 2, IMO. But to replace him with Richard Bacon is the worst of all possible choices and I was dreading this. Bacon is smug and inarticulate (all this 'errr-ing' at the start of every sentence) and self-obsessed (broadcasting with all his mates from his HOUSE?!). His interviewing technique is non-existent and I'm afraid I can't listen to him, so will be turning over or off at 2pm.

    The idea of Gaby Logan discussing politics makes me laugh. Thank goodness the excellent John Pienaar will be there to bail her out.

    And really, why on earth do we still have to listen to Gary Richardson - the true Alan Partridge of the airwaves, with his disingenuous and bullying interview style.

    The only thing I shall be looking forward to is the two-hour Mayo and Kermode show on Fridays. The rest of the week I'll be looking around for more stimulating presenters on other radio stations. A shame as I've been a loyal R5L listener for years.

  • Comment number 95.

    Questions requiring answers:

    1. Why does Stephen Nolan fly to Manchester when there are studios in Northern Ireland? And doesn't his abrasive style grate?
    2. Why can't shows be networked from studios from around the country (like weekend evenings from Manchester) rather then spending licensee fee money on moving everyone north?
    3. Will presenters cutting their on-air hours also have their salaries cut?
    4. Does 5Live do any tracking research on listener preferences? Do you pay any attention?
    5. Why does 5Live need two comedy shows on the weekend? Fighting Talk and the Christian O'Connell mistake?
    6. How and when will the new lineup be judged a success?
    7. Was the Livesey appointment made on geographical grounds? While Aasmah Mir and Phil Williams were overlooked?
    8. Is 5Live a serious news and current affairs station or a lightweight tabloid news and entertainment station?
    9. Why were Lovejoy, Izzy Clarke et. al. dumped?
    10. Will 5Live management engage its audience more often and change? BBC Four's controller was on 5Live a few months ago. Adrian needs to front up on Mayo's show (safer as he's leaving the station) and hear from listeners live.

  • Comment number 96.

    Interesting to read this morning about Radio 4's massive ratings boost. Is this at the expense of Five Live? Surely it must be. If the Today programme puts on 500,000 extra listeners what does that say say about the lightweight offering of Campbell and co with their tabloidy offerings, glib remarks and texts and e-mails?

    I think AVK, as the previous correspondent siggests, needs to front up with Mayo and answer real questions from real people. Otherwise his legacy will be the man who sank the ship.

  • Comment number 97.

    I had also come on here to comment on the Radio 4 increased ratings, which I am sure must be due to people switching over from 5Live. Has there been an intentional dumbing down of 5Live, as it seems to me there has been. I have never rated Victoria Derbyshire, but since she started at 10 a.m. the content is more tabloid in nature. To appoint Richard Bacon to Simon Mayo's slot is the ultimate in dumbing down. Do we know what 5Live's ratings are?

  • Comment number 98.

    Guardian fpublished some RAJARS figures yeterday which show Five Lives listenres DOWN but it's audience share UP.

    I'm relieved that Bacon's bumbling egotistical banter is equally loathed by so many.

  • Comment number 99.

    Glad to read that many other 5live listeners share my views.
    Firstly I like Phil Williams, Rachel Burden and Aasmah Mir and they should be regulars. I only listen to Simon Mayo when Phil is on - go figure!
    I dislike Steven Nolan, turn him off straight away. Richard Bacon has improved but has a long way to go and I am not sure that he will improve in this slot. Gabby Logan not keen and do prefer Kate Silverton.
    I get very irritated with the constant dumbing down which has been happening over the past few years. Worricker, Saggers, Garvey gone; Oldroyd sidelined for giggling girls and snide blokey blokes. I used to like Gab Marcotti but find him grating with Spooney on 606.
    Also do we need these supposed comedy shows, especially when some of the comments are not suitable for the time slot eg midday?
    My only shining light Eammon Holmes gone!

  • Comment number 100.

    I stopped listening to late night 5 live when Bacon and Nolan came on the scene. I can't stand either of them. Bacon is IMO childish in the extreme, a very poor interviewer and far too full of himself. Nolan constantly interrupts and is irritating in the extreme.

    Daytime morning radio 5live is turning into woman's hour with often trite and petty phone in subjects and a totally out of it's depth music review with the contributors trying desperately to be 'hip and trendy'. Music should be on music stations NOT a news and sports station.

    And as an aside, can your sports reporters please stop adding 'ers' to any sports persons name - it's pathetic.


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