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Danny Baker and the red button

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Brett Spencer | 16:01 UK time, Friday, 4 September 2009

Danny Baker red button screenshot

The new Danny Baker Show begins on Saturday morning, you may have heard the on-air trails or read about it in the press. It will be the usual anarchic mix that Danny always brings with him. Last season Danny was presenting 606 on Tuesday nights and you may have heard that live or via the podcast. Or you may have watched it. That's right, watched it. 606 was available under the red button on digital television. We've been visualising our content for some time now, starting with Mark Kermode, through to our live football and cricket coverage and 606. In June we visualised the whole of the Simon Mayo Show as part of a wider BBC Radio visualisation trial.

But why do this? I believe it adds a new dimension to the radio programme. I understand the argument that it spoils the magic but in a multimedia environment, visualising our radio content provides us with an exciting opportunity. Some of the people who tune in to our 'visual audio' may never have listened to 5 live before. Its also helping us attract a younger listener who doesn't have a DAB or even medium wave on their radios.

We're particular excited about this venture as we've not done anything before that's this long-running: the two-hour show airs weekly until the end of the football season. As with all red button ventures, the new programme requires a lot of departments to come together Tomorrow's broadcast will involve people from 5 live, from the independent companies Campbell Davison, who make the show, and from Delta Tre who help us do all the graphics. BBC Sport's Interactive department are also partners in this and help us get this to air behind the red button and on Sport Online

So by all means listen to the show tomorrow, but if you get the chance flip on BBC1 and press the red button and watch the radio instead. Or go online on this site or on Sport Online where the show will also be available in full colour.

Brett Spencer is Interactive Editor at BBC Radio 5 live


  • Comment number 1.

    That screenshot does look class! The red button added to the show for the last series especially with the texts underneath and results. Are there going to be more texts put on the red button and will you have scrolling fixtures and stats like last time?

  • Comment number 2.

    Danny Baker should best be recognized for having failed Paul Gascoigne, at a time when the footballer desperately need help and compassionate,caring friends about him.Both Baker and Chris Evans were partially complicit in Gascoigne's being dropped from the England squad(together seen eating kebabs day before a match),and eventually Gazza's being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.Baker and Evans both could have acted even fractionally responsibly and suggested long before Gazza hit bottom that he needed help and counseling. Instead all night drinking sessions became the order of the day(s).

    Danny Baker not only failed his friend ,he failed Gazza's teammates,family,and adoring public.

    The BBC should be ashamed at putting this man on the air.I for one certainly won't be listening to his drivel.


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