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    Aira Idris Aira Idris | 22:00 PM, Sunday, 4 March 2012

    The first episode of Orbit aired on BBC Two, 4th March 9pm, and is now available to watch on iplayer. What did you think?

    In the first episode we travel from July - the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere - to December, and the darkest days of winter. As well as following the seasonal change from summer to winter, the film explores one of the most everyday but significant aspects of our journey around the Sun - the fact that the Earth is spinning on its axis.

    We start just inside the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, on a special day. We wanted to film the day when the Sun set for the first time in more than two months - an evocative moment that captures both the seasonal change from summer to winter, and the importance of the Earth's daily 24 hour cycle.

    Through this film we wanted to find events which highlighted the importance of the Earth's spin. So Helen goes hurricane chasing to show how the Earth's spin sets weather systems rotating.

    Hurricanes was a great way to highlight spin and last years season provided many events to explore - an Atlantic season which some argued was unusual.

    Another way we wanted to explore spin was by visiting a place which has the biggest tides in the world. Kate travels to the Bay of Fundy in Canada to show how tides too are a consequence of the Earth's spin.

    Whilst back home, Helen uses the Earth's spin to explain why Britain's winter weather is so unpredictable and changeable.

    UPDATE 16:00 5th March: We've had a lot of feedback on twitter with a number of viewers asking why Episode One was not available simultaneously on BBC HD.

    comment from #bbcorbit feed

    The HD Channel tries to promote the best of the portfolio of BBC Channels, but invariably, this can at times lead to clashes in simulcasts - this was the case with the 9pm Sunday slot, where they have been simulcasting the BBC 3 series 'Being Human' for some weeks now. 'Orbit' however has been given a peak repeat slot, on Fridays at 21:00 from the 16th March.

    Other comments raised on twitter discussed the set up of having two presenters, and both female at that, which all in all seemed to be well received.

    comment from @bbcorbit twitter

    Not everyone was impressed however with all that Episode one had to offer, and, with such a landmark series as this, that was to be expected.

    comment from @bbcorbit twitter

    comment from @bbcorbit twitter

    So, what did you make of Episode one? Leave a comment on this post.

    (There are a total of three episodes in this series. Episode Two on BBC Two 11th March, 9pm.)

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