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In photos: September Equinox 2011

Aira Idris Aira Idris | 14:00 UK time, Friday, 23 September 2011

Distance travelled ~ 683'292'800 km

We recently launched our September Equinox photo challenge with the question: How can you reflect the equinox in a photo?

A few people on Twitter suggested taking a snapshot of all points of the world at exactly 09:04 UTC and sending us a photo of them merged into one; which we just loved the sound of - but - we hadn't given you enough time. Surely to coordinate such a masterpiece 'alone', you would need to be everywhere at once (superman style stuff). Or have a camera positioned and ready at all points of the world, set to click simultaneously at 09.04 UTC (i'm certain they couldn't have meant a lone project). Well because we're a reasonable bunch over here at 23 Degrees, one location was definitely enough. And here's our top photos, enjoy. Roll on Autumn.


Reflections: A lone tree reflects upon the summer months past

Above image captured by Colin Dixon, titled Reflections, on 20 September, Big Moor in Derbyshire Peak District.

autumn sunshine through forest trees

Autumn sunshine through Forest trees

Above image captured by Claire McCartney, 10 September, Quebec. "As we walked through the woods the most amazing perfume of earth and sweetened leaves wafted past. And the sun seemed to drop down to kiss the mellow rusted orange of autumn in."


On the move: A flock of birds in the Summer sky

This image was captured by John Parish 18 September, Suffolk, UK titled Starlings. "I was at my grandsons birthday party and was distracted by this amazing flock of starlings . They are great to watch so I had to take a few photos!".

sunset on rail road tracks

Last sunset of summer: Rail road tracks ablaze

Image captured by Jim Larson, Meridian, Idaho. Sunset over railroad tracks.



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