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Goodbye to the blog, but keep in touch!

Gemma | 17:47 UK time, Thursday, 20 May 2010


As my blogging heart bleeds I type with hope for the future, as I announce the end of the Breakfast Blog. The blog has seen me through the start of my radio career and been our vouce for some key events that the Breakfast team has experienced.. Some planned and others not. For example the morning after Michel Jackson's unexpected death. The relentless Breakfast tour along with the ridiculous tour bus!, meeting Whoopie, Napa!!! Oh & that 'Duffy' moment too!!! What a joy it has been.....

ARrrr enough of the self indulgent reminiscant twaddle and on to the next one!

The future is ..... drum roll please............ FACEBOOK! It was hurting our feelings that it'd have to take an age to sign in and comment on blog entries, then it would a wee while for us to post up pictures too. It's important that the party continues. So everything that we have here will now be there.. Get in touch and give us a poke please..


Gem Xxx

Winners at The Sony Academy Awards!

Gemma | 12:43 UK time, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

We have allowed ourselves until the end of the week of feeling celebratory about bagging the Silver award for the Best Breakfast Show at the Sony's last night. The Sony's is the equivalent of the Radio Bafta's!?The gold was given to BBC Radio 4's today show.. So we didn't feel to shabby at all! A big look for the entire 1X Breakfast team...(Big hugs to Ruby, Raeph, Janine & Julie, Ryan - we'd be nada without ya)...


Our joy was scuppered with shock when Trevor was awarded the Gold award for being a champion of music & basically a legend of radio! It was so, so so special.. It was at the end of the night and we had no idea until a huge pic of the Nelson came up on one of the multiple screens, then a gospel choir sang to him.. His speech was also very special.. I cried my eyes out. Well done Nels, you deserve it! See our vid.. You can literally see Trev's eys pop out his sockets!

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More Sony info here..

Gem Xx

So, the listeners dared me to wear Gaga style pants, I just couldn't go through with it! Sorry.. But I decided to to go for blue lips as inspired by Beyonce's new video. As brash as wearing a pants? Pretty much..... I still can't even decide what I think of it.. but it was fun! Fans include Fearne Cotton, Lauren Laverne & Huw Stephens.. at least.



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Gemma | 06:40 UK time, Monday, 10 May 2010

So at exactly 6.15am this morning I was standing on a table in the office posing for various photographs in my new pantalones (trousers basically).. and Trev walked in.. Happy to be reunited...

Gem Xx

P.S One line to describe my bottoms today..."They remind of what my nan would wear on the beach in Barbados" Said Ryan from the team.. whilst cracking up about my tropicana pants.


Gemma | 12:42 UK time, Friday, 23 April 2010

westwood_trousers.JPGI have two minutes to write a blog entry before I get picked up to go to Bristol, where I will film for another series of 'Frock Me'... the first one goes out on Sunday btw.. ! Janine (producer /scary big sister/mum) will cause me some damage if I leave the blog without a wee weekend entry.

This week of Brekkie shows has been the usual emotional rollercoaster.. Dizzee got the ball rolling on Monday bringing us his new tune 'Dirtee Disco' exclusively. Westwood's been dropping his bombs with us all week too, coming in everyday to tell us about his heroic missions as part of our 'Local Hero' campaign. On Tuesday I ended up getting roped in & went down to the bank of the River Thames with him and Scott Mills in a pair of toe capped wellington boots and cleared away some mess. Check out the video here! I must say hand on heart I never thought that Westwood would be able to change his dog like ways.. But he's softened up each and every single day, completing his missions with enthusiasm and care.... He didn't even mind when his pants fell down in front of Chipmunk!

I've really got to go now.. argh...

Gem Xx

Gemma Meets Jude Law & Forest Whitaker

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Producer Janine | 09:00 UK time, Friday, 16 April 2010

Repo Man is released in cinemas today, Gemma caught up with Hollywood heavy weights Jude Law & Forest Whitaker to talk about the movie.

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