Ahmed's adventure involves several armies, a rickety bridge and a lesson in apostrophes.

Constructing sentences

Close textual analysis reveals how sentences can be consciously constructed for effect.

Exploration of language at word and sentence level

Trevor McDonald explains why an extract from 'Out of India' has an impact on him.

How fake news is presented

Tina Daheley looks into the difficulty of determining the trustworthiness of online news.

How persuasive techniques can have an effect in a range of texts

Singer Jem explores persuasive writing devices and the effect of these in her writing.

How stories are adapted for a young audience

An insight into the making of CBBC’s Newsround.

How to draft and redraft writing to improve vocabulary and structure

Rapper Double S models how he redrafts to improve vocabulary, grammar and structure.

How to write a news report

Journalist Tina Daheley looks at how English language is used when writing news stories.

How varying sentence structure creates different effects in a poem

Singer Jem explains how she considers sentence type and structure when writing a song.


An exploration of how punctuation is essential for the reader/speaker/listener.

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