1960’s Britain

A study of historical sources provides an insight into changing attitudes in the 1960s.

Beginnings of the NHS

Memories of the arrival of the NHS in 1948, as people queued up to register with doctors.

Chamberlain's attempts to keep the peace through appeasement

An examination of Chamberlain's motivation for appeasement and Hitler's response.

Churchill and the general election of 1945

The reasons why Churchill lost the 1945 general election.

Description of an early computer

A description of the computer used to assist with vote counting during the 1955 general election.

Hitler's reoccupation of the Rhineland

The German reoccupation of the Rhineland and its background.

Introduction of the National Health Service

Brief review of the effects of the introduction of the National Health Service in Scotland

Protests against the Vietnam War

A news report about the Grosvenor Square demonstration in London against the Vietnam War.

The 1960s fashion revolution

A report about the revolution in fashion during the 1960s.

The class system in 1914 Britain

The class system in Britain in 1914 highlights an unequal distribution of wealth.