Talking about clothing in Spanish using the verb ‘llevar’ and colours

Saying what you wear

In Spanish, you use the verb llevar to say what we are wearing.

  • Llevo una camisa - I wear/I am wearing a shirt
  • Llevamos zapatos - We wear/We are wearing shoes

Here is the verb llevar:

llevoI am wearing
tú llevasyou are wearing (s)
él/ella llevahe/she is wearing
nosotros llevamoswe are wearing
vosotros lleváisyou are wearing (pl)
ellos/ellas llevanthey are wearing

Items of clothing

Like all other nouns in Spanish, items of clothing are either masculine or feminine (un or una). They can also be singular or plural just like they are in English, for example shoes or socks.

Here are some useful items of clothing in Spanish:

un vestidoa dress
un abrigoa coat
una faldaa skirt
una camisaa shirt
una camisetaa t-shirt
una bufandascarf
una chaquetaa jacket
una corbataa tie
una gorraa cap
unos pantalonestrousers
unos pantalones cortosshorts
unos zapatosshoes
unos vaquerosjeans
unos calcetinessocks
una botasboots
unas zapatillas de deportetrainers
unas gafasglasses

Describing clothes

To describe clothes in Spanish, we use adjectives. As with other adjectives, we put the colour after the thing that it is describing, for example:

  • una camisa blanca - a white shirt
  • una falda negra - a black skirt
Unas zapatillas de deporte amarillas y azules

Make sure the colour (adjective) agrees with the item of clothing (noun) that it is describing. Look at the table below:

Masculine singular (un)Feminine singular (una)Masculine plural (unos)Feminine plural (unas)English

Notice that some colours only change spelling when they are plural.


These sentences use the verb llevar, the item of clothing and the colour:

  • Llevo una camiseta roja - I wear a red t-shirt.
  • Mi hermano lleva unos pantalones negros - My brother wears black trousers.
  • Las chicas llevan una falda gris - The girls wear a grey skirt.
  • Pedro lleva una chaqueta amarilla - Pedro wears a yellow jacket.
  • Llevamos zapatos blancos - We wear white shoes.


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