How do you take care of your personal information?

Personal information tells other people who you are and where to find you. Things like your name, address, school and what you look like. You should not share this kind of information with people you don’t know.

If you play games on a website you might be asked to log in. To do this you need to make up a ‘user name’. This name is also personal information.

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Keeping your password secret

Mouse wants to play a game, but has forgotten his password. He asks Hedgehog to tell him her password. What should Hedgehog do?


  • Tell Mouse to ask the website to send him a reminder of his password.
  • Share the game with Mouse. Mouse could play along with hedgehog. That way he gets to play but Hedgehog keeps her password a secret.


  • Tell Mouse her password. Hedgehog’s password is a secret so she shouldn’t share it with Mouse.
  • Ask another friend. Asking another friend is not a good idea. The friend will need to keep their password a secret too.

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How do you take care of your personal information?