The River Forth from source to sea

The origins and course of the River Forth in Scotland.

The River Tweed - wildlife and industry

The River Tweed in Scotland has a range of wildlife and supports the textile industry.

The River Tweed from source to sea

A look at the River Tweed and its course through the Southern Uplands of Scotland.

Tongland Power Station and the River Dee

Tongland Power Station generates hydroelectricity from the power of the River Dee.

Visiting the Isle of Skye

A visit to the Isle of Skye, where places have English and Gaelic names.

Weather and farming in the Southern Uplands of Scotland

The differences in weather conditions and landscapes between Dumfries and Galloway.

Wigtown - Scotland's National Book Town

A look at the town of Wigtown in Scotland.

Wind farms in the Southern Uplands of Scotland

Why high levels of wind in the Southern Uplands make good locations for wind farms.

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