Let's explore Rio de Janeiro

A girl and a boy smiling with their arms in the air

Hi, I’m Freya.

My Uncle Bob has gone to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to surf, play football and dance at the carnival.

Let's explore with him!

People enjoying the sun on a beach in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city in Brazil, the biggest country in South America.

The country of Brazil is nearly as big as the continent of Europe!

The River Amazon flows through Brazil, which is the longest river in the world.

Animals such as jaguars, sloths and piranahs live in the river and the jungle around it.

Lots of people love to visit Rio de Janeiro on their holidays.

Tourists can surf at Copacabana Beach, play football in the sun, walk up Sugarloaf Mountain and join in the Rio Carnival.

Do you remember what we saw in Rio de Janeiro?

Watch this video to see more of Rio de Janeiro!

World words

  • Beach - an area of shells, pebbles or sand found near water.

  • Mountain - an area of land that is higher than 600 metres and usually has a peak.

  • Tourists - people who are travelling away from the place where they live for a holiday.

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