Let's explore Nigeria


Uncle Bob has travelled to Nigeria in Africa.

Let’s find out what he saw there!

Watch this short video on 'Exploring Nigeria' from BBC Bitesize Key stage 1 Geography.

Nigeria is a country in Africa. Africa is the second biggest continent in the world.

If you look closely at a map of Africa you will count over 40 countries!

Nigeria is four times the size of the UK and lots of young people and children live there.

Nigeria has some amazing places. There are busy cities, tropical rainforests, and river deltas full of crabs, fish, hippos and butterflies.

Do you remember what we saw in Nigeria?

World words

  • Factory - a building where goods are made or put together.

  • Forest - a large area of land where lots of trees grow.

  • Port - a place on the land close to water where boats or ships can come to load or unload goods or people.

  • Street - a road in a town or a city with buildings down one or both sides.

  • Vegetation - the different types of plants that grow in a certain area.

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