Let's explore the UK

Hi, I’m Freya.

My Uncle Bob has been all over the UK to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Let’s find out what he has seen!

Watch this short video on 'Exploring the UK' with Freya and her friends from BBC Bitesize - Key stage 1 Geography

In the UK, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are very familiar with the four seasons.

Spring is the start of the year. It is when the temperature increases and things start to grow again after the cold days of winter.

After spring comes summer. This is usually the warmest season. It is when crops grow and we expect the sunniest weather.

Then comes autumn and the temperature starts to cool down again.

Winter is the coldest, darkest time of the year.

Sara standing next to a photo of Belfast

This is Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.

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Do you know all the countries in the UK?

Can you remember the capital city of each country in the UK?

World words

These are some words we use to describe the landscape and waters around us.

  • Cliff - a high area of rocky land with a very steep side.

  • House - a building where people live.

  • Lake or Loch - an area of water surrounded by land.

  • Village - a small group of houses usually found in or near the countryside.

  • Weather - how wet, windy, hot, cloudy or sunny it is.