Blaenavon Ironworks

Visit to Blaenavon Ironworks looking at its history.

Causes of the miners' strike 1984-1985

How the causes of the 1984 coal miners' strike were understood in Blaengarw.

Coal mining - early techniques

History of coal mining in Blaenavon - outcrop mining, coal races, bell pits, drift mines.

David Davies and the Welsh coal industry

Eddie Butler describes the contribution of David Davies to the south Wales coal industry.

Different religions in Tiger Bay 1968

Multicultural nature of Tiger Bay in 1968, as slum housing was cleared.

Interpretations of the abolition of slavery

A museum in Hull claims William Wilberforce was the key to abolition.

NHS segment during the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

Extract on the birth of the NHS from the London Olympics opening ceremony.

The decline of the Welsh coal industry in 1927

A pit closes causing suffering and community cohesion.

The Lady's Not for Turning

A look at the first part of Margaret Thatcher's reign as Prime Minister.

World War Two rationing in Wales

Memories of rationing in the Second World War in Wales.

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