Adaptation of birdcage plant, puffball and star fungi

How can air be used to disperse seeds and spores?

Cell division by mitosis and meiosis

An explanation of the process of cell division by mitosis and meiosis.

Components of an animal cell

An animal cell is built showing the role of the membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm.

Erections and wet dreams

Professor Robert Winston describes what happens in the body when a man gets an erection.


David Attenborough describes the process of human fertilisation.

Hormones and puberty

Robert Winston explains the dramatic changes that take place in our body during puberty.

Identical twins and cloning

The story of twins separated at birth is used to explain clones and cloning.

Mutations and genetic diseases

An explanation of what mutations are and some of their causes.


Presenter Robert Winston describes the process of ovulation in humans.

Sex chromosomes

An explanation of how the sex chromosomes determine gender.

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