How chocolate is made shiny

Jimmy Doherty visits a chocolate factory to discover how they make chocolate so shiny.

How is ice-cream kept soft in freezing conditions?

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How is sugar refined?

Jimmy Doherty discovers how sugar is refined.

How pre-cooked rice is made safe to eat

Jimmy Doherty finds out how pre-cooked rice is made safe to eat and bacteria free.

How square ham is produced

Jimmy Doherty makes his own square ham in a food factory he has created in his barn.

How yoghurt is made

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Manufacturing chocolate mini rolls

Jimmy Doherty discovers how they roll chocolate mini rolls without the cracks.

Peanuts - from farm to packet

Jimmy Doherty finds out how to stop imposters ending up in packets of peanuts.

Reduced use of pesticides for growing raspberries

Jimmy Doherty meets a raspberry grower who wants to reduce the pesticides he uses.

Why keep broccoli chilled?

Why temperature plays such an important role in increasing the shelf life of broccoli.