Bromeliad growth in the rainforest

How a bromeliad plant finds sunlight and water in the tropical rainforest.

Explanation - Growing seeds

Children grow seeds and then visit a farm to see radishes grown and harvested.

Healthy plant growth

A description of the requirements for healthy plant growth and a time-lapse sequence.

How cacti survive without water

A look at how cacti are able to survive and grow in the harsh, dry desert environment.

How does fruit grow?

A discussion about the conditions needed by strawberries for healthy growth.

How plants produce seeds

An explanation of how plants are pollinated to produce seeds.

How the changing seasons affects apple trees

How an apple tree survives during the different seasons.

Plants (clip compilation)

A compilation of beautiful images of plants from around the world.

Plants and animals around us (clip compilation)

The UK is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Plants are living things

How plants grow, move and reproduce in the plant house at Kew Gardens.

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