Plants and water

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How do plants make food?

Plants need water to make their own food. This is called photosynthesis. It happens in plant leaves. Plants also need carbon dioxide from air and sunlight to make their food.

Watch: How the plants make food

Learn how the roots and stem carry water.

Water's journey through the plant

Plants absorb water from the soil through their roots. Plant roots have tiny hairs on them so they can absorb as much water as possible.

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Test your knowledge of how water travels in plants with the activities below.

Activity 1: Plants and water quiz

Activity 2: Grow a bean

You will need: a seed, paper towels, tall glass, water.

  1. Take a tall glass and wrap some paper towels into a cylinder and place inside.
  2. Fill up the bottom quarter of the glass with water.
  3. Place a bean between the paper towels and the inside of the glass.
  4. Make sure it is above the water and doesn’t fall into it.
  5. Put it on a windowsill for a week or so. You should see the roots with their tiny hairs growing downwards and the shoot growing upwards.