James Barry

Find out about James Barry, the first female-born doctor in the UK.

Alexander Graham Bell

Find out about Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone.

Kate Cranston

Kate Cranston was a successful businesswoman who created a chain of stylish tea rooms.

Lady Florence Dixie

Find out about Lady Florence Dixie who campaigned for women's rights and helped develop women's football.

Williamina Fleming

Find out how Williamina Fleming moved from being a maid to becoming an astronomer who studied and mapped over 10,000 stars.

Joseph Lister

Find out how Joseph Lister made medicine safer and became known as the 'father of modern surgery'.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Find out about architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the buildings and Glasgow Style he created.

James Clerk Maxwell

Find out about James Clerk Maxwell who took the world's first colour photograph and whose discoveries about electromagnetism have shaped modern technology.

Robert Owen

Find out about Robert Owen and how he improved living and working conditions at New Lanark.

Robert Stevenson and the Lighthouse Stevensons

Find out about Robert Stevenson and his family who designed many of the lighthouses around Scotland's coast.

Eliza Wigham

Find out more about Eliza Wigham who campaigned for an end to slavery.

How Scotland changed during the Victorian era

Learn how Scotland and life for Scottish people changed during the Victorian era.

Industrial Revolution in Scotland

Find out what the Industrial Revolution was and the changes it brought to technology, industry, engineering and transport.

Highland Clearances

Find out why the Highland Clearances happened and what the people involved did next.

Home life in Victorian Scotland

Find out about life for a servant in a wealthy town house and the different types of homes where people lived in Victorian Scotland.

School in Victorian Scotland

Find out about how different a Victorian school was to the learning and teaching that we have today.

Work in Victorian Scotland

Find out about work in a jute factory in Victorian Dundee.

Holidays and leisure in Victorian Scotland

Find out how Victorians in Scotland spent their free time and their holidays.

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